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RFID Gold solution provider Give you a different RFID technology experience

IVES • Service and supportService and support

  • 01 7×24 hours timely response, providing remote services, solutions within 15 minutes, arrival service within 24 hours;
  • 02 Provide standby service;
  • 03 Provide free training including "knowledge training", "technical training", and "system operation training";
  • 04 Regularly track the use of the system through on-site inspection, telephone, E-mail, fax and other ways, timely understand the existing problems, and at any time to solve;
  • 05 Provide consulting or technical support work, and timely provide the discovered and mastered technologies such as equipment operation, fault detection, and troubleshooting methods to the management personnel.

Give you a different RFID technology experienceIVES RFID elite level certification enterprise

Recognition read fastRecognition read fast

Recognition read fast

The use of high-performance ASIC RF technology provides outstanding sensitivity and higher read accuracy, 25% faster read rate and 40% higher accuracy compared to other comparable devices, up to 900 + tag read processing capacity per second.

Recognition read fast

Low costLow cost


RFID system software independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights,low cost to achieve the development of specific industry application needs, RFID hardware products for the brand direct supply, reducing procurement costs, while ensuring genuine quality.

Low cost

Accuracy rate99.99%Accuracy rate99.99%

Accuracy 99.99%

Using a multi-transmit/receive architecture and a wide-angle multistage array antenna with double circular and linear coverage, RFID achieves a maximum receiver sensitivity of -88 dBm, combined with beam steering technology. Achieve high performance RFID tag reading.

Accuracy rate99.99%

High securityHigh security

High security

IVES in-depth grasp of RFID encryption lock and other technologies to avoid customer RFID information tampering.At the same time, our company has passed the ISO27001 standard certification stipulated by the National CNCA Center, which strictly protects the security of customer systems and data.

High security

More than 10 years of deep cultivation of RFID high reliability service guaranteeIVES implements one-stop customization of special programs

Hardware selection recommendation

01Hardware selection recommendation

Provide accurate RFID hardware equipment selection recommendations for specific applications.
Software custom development

02Software custom development

According to the actual application scenario and requirements, the application software is developed.
Integrated installation of hardware and software

03Integrated installation of hardware and software

Field hardware and software installation and debugging, RFID system and third-party data interaction.
RFIDLabel attaching guide

04RFID label attaching guide

RFID label pasting standard training to ensure the accuracy of RFID system data reading.
Operation instruction training

05Operation instruction training

Smart View provides RFID system daily maintenance guidance and operation training.
Periodic system upgrade

06Periodic system upgrade

Perform periodic update iterations of RFID system data.