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IVES.RFID Fixed assets management system
RFID Warehouse Management System

The view of wisdom is easyRFIDWarehouse management system products or raw materials have a clear identity binding, which can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting and shipping Remote data reading without manual inventory, improve inventory turnover and warehouse utilization.

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RFIDWarehouse management system
  • To what extent can RFID technology be applied in warehouse management? Automatic entry and exit, automatic inventory, automatic data collection, and communication with the enterprise's ERP system data.
    Sitting in the office, you can query real-time inventory data and the entry and exit details of various warehouse products with just one click, optimize the structure of inventory products, save storage costs of inventory products, and accelerate the operation of inventory products occupying funds.
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  • A set of warehouse management systems is quite expensive. Is it more expensive for you to provide an overall solution? Based on your specific situation, we provide various versions of software to meet your budget and usage needs. You can easily have a warehouse management system for $20k.

IVES·Advantages of RFID warehouse management system Automatic inbound and outbound, greatly improving work efficiency

  • One item, one code

    Products or raw materials have clear identity binding

  • Accurate search for goods

    Effectively improving sorting and shipping efficiency and accuracy

  • 1 second quick inventory

    Long distance data reading does not require manual counting

  • Visual monitoring

    Improve inventory turnover and warehouse utilization


Analysis of on-site warehouse management issues in production oriented enterprisesInventory backlog leads to a decrease in cash flow turnover speed of enterprises

  • Data sharing
    Analysis difficulties

  • Low efficiency of manual recording Large workload

  • Unreasonable storage location Serious inventory backlog

  • Actual inventory and book quantity Large differences and increased costs

Difficulties in data sharing and analysis

  • (1) Different departments have different standards for defining basic information such as materials, which leads to a lack of attention when recording.
  • (2) Unable to quickly and accurately obtain material demand, making it difficult for the procurement department to control the upper and lower limits of procurement.
  • (3) Data sharing and low level of informatization often result in information asymmetry, which increases communication costs and reduces work efficiency.
  • (4) At present, the collection of many basic data is still limited to manual recording, making it difficult to conduct accurate and timely statistical analysis.

Manual recording is inefficient and labor-intensive

  • (1) High error rate in manual recording, such as inconsistent quantity filled in, inconsistent material names, etc.
  • (2) Different departments will repeatedly record data, resulting in an increase in labor volume.
  • (3) The data manually recorded by different departments varies greatly and is difficult to trace.
  • (4) Manual recording ultimately requires a high labor cost to statistically analyze warehouse turnover and other data.

Unreasonable storage locations and severe inventory backlog

  • (1) Many enterprises' materials will occupy the main channel, and the main materials will pile up in congested areas, making it difficult to ship out. At the same time, it also increases the security of inbound, outbound, and inventory.
  • (2) The warehouse cannot grasp the inventory status of surplus and unused materials. These leftover materials can also lead to inventory backlog and resource waste.
  • (3) Purchasing based on book inventory may lead to out of stock, resulting in excessive purchasing and accumulating over time, leading to an increasing backlog of inventory.

Large difference in actual inventory and book quantity, resulting in increased costs

  • (1) The manual recording method and non-standard warehouse management have led to a significant difference between the actual inventory and the book inventory quantity. Making warehouse management very chaotic.
  • (2) The increase in backlog inventory reduces the speed of enterprise capital turnover, leading to an increase in production costs.
  • (3) A large amount of repetitive labor and inefficient data sharing have led to an increase in communication costs for enterprises.
  • (4) The increase in communication costs and production costs directly leads to a decrease in profits.

IVES · RFID System Solution Fully covering warehouse material management requirements

  • Perfect storage function moduleComplete warehousing function moduleThe comprehensive pre warehousing and pre outbound functions simplify complex tasks, improve the efficiency of warehousing and accuracy of shipment, reduce the risk of personnel turnover, reduce the risk of customer claims, and enhance customer competitiveness.
  • Multi-warehouse classification managementMulti warehouse classification managementClassify and manage raw materials, auxiliary materials, and finished product warehouses, and flexibly differentiate and integrate them.
    Flexible allocation management between multiple companies and regions.
  • Unlimited hierarchical library location management Unlimited hierarchical storage location managementEach storage location must correspond to a storage area, and each storage location can also be divided into whole material storage locations, zero material storage locations, stocking storage locations, general storage locations, etc. according to the purpose of use, which is conducive to the on-demand allocation and use of storage locations.
  • Visual statistical reportVisual statistical reportInventory reports, inventory reports, inventory reports, etc. can query the detailed data of each node, and can be printed or exported.
  • Intelligent warning reminder Intelligent warning reminderProvide alerts for safety inventory and expired storage time, covering all process stages such as expiration alerts, inventory cycle alerts, and illegal outbound alerts, to improve warehouse turnover and inventory utilization.
  • Seamless connection of variousERPSystem Seamless integration of various ERP systemsThrough many successful cases, fully grasp the seamless integration of ERP system interfaces such as SAP, UFIDA, Dingjie, and Matman. Provide solid and reliable warehouse detail data for enterprise ERP.

High performance RFID hardware configurationAchieve RFID label reading accuracy of 99.99%

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