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IVES.RFID Fixed assets management system
RFID Steel Structure Traceability System

The steel structure has the characteristics of large volume, heavy weight and not easy to move, and the large storage space leads to the need to run several kilometers when looking for the product, which requires a lot of time to find the product. Steel structure is generally one of the main materials of equipment, steel structure production schedule directly affects the delivery of equipment, but the steel structure volume is large, the yard is complicated, the production schedule staff can not timely understand the production progress of steel structure, and the delivery time of equipment is not controlled......

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Current Situation and Problems of Steel Structure Management

RFIDSteel structure management system
  • Our products are all stored in outdoor yards, with a relatively large range, making it quite difficult to find products that need to be shipped out. Do you have any experience in this area? The use of RFID technology to manage the inventory of steel structures is also a typical case that we have implemented frequently. The disorderly stacking poses great difficulties for on-site operators.IVES has designed a set of solutions specifically for such application scenarios and has successfully implemented them in multiple companies.
  • Our steel structures are only semi-finished products, and many of them are still occupying the storage yard due to improper management until scrapped. Do you have any way to avoid this situation? We not only manage the location of your steel structure products in the yard, but also bind each product with its corresponding finished product as a one-to-one or one-to-many identity, ensuring the utilization rate of semi-finished products and product delivery time, improving the flow rate and utilization rate of the yard, and enabling every product to be traceable.
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IVES·Advantages of Steel Structure Management System

Utilizing powerful RFID technology to provide a comprehensive solution for quality management, process control, and workshop scheduling of steel structures
  • Geographic positioning of steel structuresUtilizing RFID technology to geolocate steel structures, allowing management and on-site operators to quickly and accurately locate steel structures.
  • Automatic inventory of raw materials/inventory/productsThe frequency of raw material and inventory inventory inventory can be increased, allowing for a more timely and accurate understanding of inventory conditions.Products under monitoring can be automatically counted and generated into inventory lists without human intervention.
  • Automation of product production managementAfter the completion of steel structure production, the system automatically issues instructions to quickly process the next product.Seamless integration to form Mini ERP: Associate with work orders in the ERP system, timely understand the production progress of products, and have a clear understanding of the overall plan of work orders.
  • Clear understanding of product trendsUsing IoT RFID sensing technology, 1-to-1 identity binding is applied to steel structure products, clearly grasping the entry, retention, and departure times of the product's location.
  • Timely adjustment of product utilization levelTimely adjust the utilization of products based on the retention time and status, reduce the production cost of steel structures, and improve the reuse rate
  • Efficient data query processingCan query the detailed data of each functional node and print or export it.When customers need to know the delivery date of their order accurately, sales personnel respond promptly and accurately through reports.
  • Connect and interact with mainstream data systemsData interaction with ERP systems such as SAP, UFIDA, Dingjie, and Kingdee.
  • System functions can be optimized as neededEasy to expand new functions and modules based on your changing needs.

High performance RFID hardware configurationAchieve RFID tag reading accuracy of 99.99%

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Partial application case sharingVisual management of the entire process of steel structure manufacturing, storage, and transportation