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IVES.RFID Fixed assets management system
RFID Archive Management System

According to the statistics of the National Archives Administration, by2008The national archives warehouse area is285.610,000 square meters, and the archives are25284.5manmaki;There are also all kinds of audio and video files, electronic files based on disk discs, microfilm files, etc. And every year, the archives warehouse also undertakes a large number of archives into the library storage tasks, most of the archives warehouse is close to saturation...

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Current situation and problems of archives managementCurrent situation and problems

RFIDFile management system
  • Our files will be boxed and sealed. Can you get all the data? We will choose the appropriate label according to your packaging material to bind the identity of the file to ensure that all data can be read.
  • Our files often have expired situations, such as the validity period of the contract has long passed, and we only find that we need to renew the contract in an urgent manner when we need to use it. How to avoid this situation? We will provide early warning of file expiration, according to the identity number of the file can quickly and accurately find the need to renew or destroy the file.
  • Our file access is classified, but administrators often get confused. Our system distinguishes secret level permissions according to the classification of files, illegal access will have early warning, no administrator manual participation in the management of access permissions, safe and reliable.
  • These are features that other companies say they have. What distinguishes you from other companies? We are the gold agent of Zebra, we have our own software development team, our own site construction team and project manager, our team has cooperated for nearly 20 years, can do the overall solution for you, avoid the risk of multiple suppliers in the implementation process of shirking responsibility, bypass various agents, reduce your procurement costs.

Project backgroundProject background

According to the statistics of the State Archives Administration, by the end of 2008, the national archives warehouse area was 2.856 million square meters, and the archives stored were 252.845 million volumes; There are also all kinds of audio and video files, electronic files based on disk discs, microfilm files, etc. And every year, the archives warehouse also undertakes a large number of archives into the library storage tasks, most of the archives warehouse is close to saturation. Therefore, how to make more efficient use of the limited archive warehouse resources, maximize the development of the storage capacity of the existing archive warehouse, and save the construction funds of the archive warehouse has become an urgent problem that archives departments at all levels need to solve. On the other hand, in recent years, with the emergence of file storage centers in various places, the high-density storage of files is directly related to the economic and social effects of the storage centers.

Project construction objective Project construction objectives

  • Radio frequency technology application

  • To realize the intelligent management information of archives

  • Using technology to promote the rapid development of archival system

Automate file management

  • Applying radio frequency technology to the field of high-density intelligent file management, making full use of the advantages of automatic warehouse and many advantages of radio frequency technology, realizing the automation of warehouse information management and the automation of file entry and exit operations, and playing an important role in improving the circulation efficiency of files. The use of automated warehouses in various industries at home and abroad has been fully proved that the use of automated three-dimensional warehouses can produce huge social and economic benefits.

To realize the intelligent management information of archives

  • In accordance with the daily storage, inquiry, borrowing, return, anti-theft and other specific business of archival materials, the file circulation is dynamically managed, and the system uses RFID as an information carrier to collect and monitor data for each link of each file circulation, so as to realize the automation of file business management, thereby replacing the traditional paper workflow. Improve the overall business management ability of archives management, reduce the error rate, realize data sharing, improve the efficiency of archives management, simplify the management process, reduce the labor intensity of personnel, provide a more convenient and effective management mode for archives management, improve the service level, and enhance the comprehensive strength of management.

Using technology to promote the rapid development of archival system

  • At present, the application of radio frequency technology to high-density intelligent archive database is rarely used in the archive system, and the accumulated experience is not much. The combination of radio frequency technology with high-density intelligent archive database can do beneficial exploration for high-density intelligent archive storage in theory and practice, both in theory and in practice, is a leap forward.

IVES· RFID Archive management system advantagesArchives management application

  • A

    Innovative RFID technology

    It has the advantages of convenient reading, high-speed identification, batch identification, strong penetration, large data capacity, long service life and high security.

  • B

    Component software system

    Improve the scalability and tailoring of the system, provide highly flexible business expansion requirements and streamlined business requirements, and the application scope of the software system.

  • C

    The system is deployed in cascading mode

    The independent file system is combined and cascaded to form a set of national file system to realize the integrated query of data and files in the whole system.

  • D

    High security file management

    The use of high-level access control system, video surveillance linkage, environmental monitoring, infrared area protection technology and RFID technology to achieve multiple protection of files.

  • E

    Accurate location retrieval

    Supports multiple retrieval of files, and fast and accurate positioning. Achieve efficient file retrieval, access, improve work efficiency.

  • F

    High efficiency file access

    Based on the technical advantages of RFID (high identification speed, penetration identification, etc.), batch access to files can improve the efficiency of file access.

  • G

    File life cycle management

    Supports the management of the life cycle of files, records the start and end time of the storage of files, and reminds the expired files in time to release file storage space.

  • H

    Integration and linkage

    Support access control, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, perimeter protection, LED announcement display, SMS reminder and other systems integrated linkage.

  • I

    Information publicity

    Through the archive access hall LED announcement display and archive library small LED display, it is convenient for archive enquirer to understand the query situation and improve manageability.

  • J

    SMS reminder

    With illegal takeout reminder, loan/loan expected reminder, loan/loan expiration reminder function.

High-performance RFID hardware configurationAchieve RFID label reading accuracy of 99.99%

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