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IVES.RFID Fixed assets management system
RFID asset management system

Why did the introduction of a costly fixed asset system end in failure? No matchingRFIDEquipment, too time is not clear, but can not count the assets that are out of reach, asset managers do it and give up. Why buy and useRFIDEquipment, still can not achieve quick inventory operation? Different application scenarios for labels, collection equipment selection are very sophisticated, yesRFIDLack of understanding of the features, inaccurate matching, instead.....

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RFIDAsset management system
  • Why didintroduce the expensive fixed assets system and the implementation ended in failure? There is no matching RFID equipment, it is too time-consuming to return the disk is not clear, but it is impossible to inventory the assets that are out of reach, and the asset manager gives up doing it.
  • Why doespurchase and use RFID equipment, but still cannot achieve fast inventory operation? Different application scenarios for the label, collection equipment selection are very sophisticated, the lack of understanding of RFID characteristics, inaccurate matching, but will increase the workload of human inventory.
  • Why canWise View Yi Sheng team understand the characteristics of RFID? Our team has more than 10 years of research on RFID equipment and technology, and has nearly 20 years of implementation experience in different application scenarios.

IVES· Advantages of RFID fixed asset management systemSimple and easy to use powerful, one keyboard point fixed assets

  • Quick count in
    1 second

    1000㎡ office assets count

  • Remote space

    RFID senses unreachable assets

  • Accurate identification
    of asset location

    Real-time monitoring with location technology

  • Illegal exit

    Real-time supervision of enterprise assets

  • The system design
    is easy to expand

    New requirements New modules are expanded at any time


The management of fixed assets in enterprises faces many difficultiesAccounts, cards, materials do not match, resulting in low utilization efficiency

01The management system is weak, it is not clear where each asset is located, and it is impossible to know how many assets are in a certain area.

02Assets are scattered, supervision is weak, it is difficult to carry out effective inventory operations on all assets in a short period of time.

03Current status cannot be tracked, such as transfer, borrowing, maintenance, etc., and there is no IT system to support the relevant processes.

04Assets lack process tracking management and historical records, such as asset transfer, loan and return, maintenance, scrapping, etc.

05There is no equipment code that corresponds to the asset one by one, and the asset cannot be checked with the accounting after it is moved.

06The scrapping of assets cannot form a scrapping list, and the financial accounts cannot be written off in time.

07The calculation of depreciation is complicated and the accuracy is poor, which leads to the loss of fixed assets.

08The warranty of assets cannot be managed, which seriously affects the efficiency of the use of fixed assets.

RFID system solutionReal-time data management, effectively reduce management costs

  • Full life cycle management of fixed assets Full life cycle management of fixed assetsFrom asset acquisition, acquisition, management, transfer, maintenance, depreciation, borrowing, return to scrap, to achieve the whole process closed-loop management.
    Import and export data in batches for backup.
  • Asset history can be traced, a strong guarantee of asset preservationAsset history can be traced, a strong guarantee of asset preservationAchieve the management goal of "account/card/object/person/location/bar code" consistency.
    And can trace the change process of each asset history, find out the context.
  • A variety of ways to quickly count, comprehensively improve the efficiency of inventoryA variety of ways to quickly count, comprehensively improve the efficiency of inventoryYou can create an inventory sheet and customize the inventory range on both the computer and mobile phones.
    Support multiple people at the same time inventory, inventory results automatically merged.
    Automatically generate inventory report, both fast and accurate, goodbye to manual calculation.
    Online inventory & Flexible options for offline inventory.
  • Rich analysis reports, assets at a glance Rich analysis reports, assets at a glanceHow many assets does the business have? Where is it? Who's using it? Dozens of multidimensional data reports.
    Not only can track the use of each asset, but also can understand the overall status of enterprise assets.
  • Business early warning reminder, real-time control to improve work efficiency Business early warning reminder, real-time control to improve work efficiencyCover all process links of the asset process, provide early warning of maturing assets, loan/return due reminder, etc., assets illegally bring out early warning.
  • Seamless integration with other enterprise systemsSeamless integration with other enterprise systemsAccording to the needs of enterprises to provide a variety of interfaces to seamlessly connect with other systems, truly achieve data sharing, to maintain the consistency of enterprise data information.

All walks of life can be usedSuitable for large, medium, small and micro enterprises


High performance RFID hardware configurationAchieve RFID tag reading accuracy of 99.99%

IVES·Helping You Control the Real Time Flow of Enterprise Asset InformationStock code:900292

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