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SuZhou IVES Solutions Technology Co. , Ltd.

Founded in 2010, IVES is committed to the field of automatic identification of enterprise data collection, processing and communication,also has an experienced and knowledgeable team engaged in application software development, hardware design and system integration technology for many years.IVES has always been technology-oriented, always attached importance to the innovation and research of proprietary technology.This is an innovative enterprise of the Internet of things based on automatic identification and RFID technology.Relying on the strong hardware technology and software development strength accumulated for a long time, the company is committed to enterprise warehousing logistics and production tracking projects, and customized warehousing logistics management system, asset and personnel positioning, product tracking and traceability system in line with different industry applications.

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  • We are different from traditional hardware dealers in that:

    Our own software development team and strength!

  • We are different from ordinary software-only companies in that:

    We know a lot about automatic identification and RFID hardware!

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Corporate vision
Over the past 11 years, Wise View has accumulated many technical service qualifications, which can meet the different application needs of customers,and provide truly exclusive RFID system overall solutions. By combining software programs with hardware products,and recommending appropriate integrated products according to the actual use of customers, we can ensure the smooth and stable operation of the entire system.Through the implementation of the system and services of Zhiguan Yisheng, we provide customers with the collection and collation of operational information and data, and present the required analysis results for customers.
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