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iData 95W mobile intelligent terminal

95W mobile intelligent terminal

95W mobile intelligent terminal

95W mobile intelligent terminal

95W mobile intelligent terminal

System:Android 6.0
Weight:255g (Standard cell included)
dimension(LxWxD):152mm x 68mm x 24mm
Scan:One-dimensional laser scanning engine one-dimensional/二维影像扫描引擎
  • Product details
Product characteristics / characteristic

    Better operating experienceBetter operating experience

  • ·Quad-core high-performance processor, running speed is improved
  • ·Industrial capacitive touch screen, high sensitivity, more smooth operation
  • ·Brand newUIInterface design, high performanceGPUThe screen display is better

    Stronger data acquisition Stronger data acquisition

  • ·Not only can one dimension printed on conventional media, or defaced, or covered with plastic film be read/2D barcode, it can also easily read the barcode displayed on the screen of mobile phones and computers
  • ·built-inRFIDRead and write module, more fast, accurate, batch readRFIDtag

    Multiple wireless communications Multiple wireless communications

  • ·Support the whole network4G, support Bluetooth4.0Close data transmission
  • ·supportWi-FiWireless local area network transmission
  • ·selectableNFCFunction module, convenient pairing

    Fast charging technology  Fast charging technology

  • ·Support fast charging scheme, greatly shorten the charging time
  • ·Lithium polymer safe rechargeable battery, standard capacity battery4000mAh, high capacity battery6000mAh,Fully meet the needs of long-term mobile operations
Product parameter / parameter
System configuration
processor 4nuclear1.3 GHz High performance processor
Operating system Android 6.0
Memory (ROM+ RAM) 16GB +2 GB
Expansion slot Micro SDcard
Display screen 3.5Inch HD display
Ultra-high resolution (960x640Pixels)
Touch screen Industrial capacitive screen
Camera (optional) 800Megapixel autofocus bandLEDFill-in light
Scanning glass Corning® Gorilla®Glass (Corning)
Keyboard Anti-wear, internal light transmission industrial keyboard
battery 3.7V 4000mAh Lithium polymer battery (optional6000mAhBattery)
Audio frequency Built-in microphone
Tips Vibration cue/LEDTips/Audio prompt
Vibrating motor Built-in programmable vibration motor
sensor G-sensor(Gravity sensor)
Communication transmission Wireless wide area Network, wireless LAN, Bluetooth,GPS
Peripheral equipment and accessories
Standard fittings Lithium polymer battery, power adapter, strap, hand rope,USBData cable, bottom charging card clip
Optional accessories Single grooveUSBCommunication charging base, quadruple charge (battery charge), protective film, protective cover, waist pack, large capacity lithium polymer

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