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IVES KJ8035 80*35 Metal resistant RFID tag

IVES KJ8035 80*35 Metal resistant RFID tag

IVES KJ8035 80*35 Metal resistant RFID tag

Label size (width*high*Thick) :       80mm*35mm*0.75mm

Tag reading distance (2W ERP)* :    

                Metal surface read-write distance can reach3.3meter / 12feet

 * Read and write distance is based on theoretical values in a non-reflective environment, and different mounting surfaces can affect the actual read and write distance

Application scenario:        

       Applicable to fixed assetsRFIDTags;

       Power grid facility managementRFIDIdentification label;

       Heavy machinery, intelligent manufacturing product nameplateRFIDTags;

  • Product details
Product characteristics / characteristic
  • 01 The surface is larger and can hold more information
  • 02Performance quality assurance
    All have been tested for consistency
  • 03High print quality and low price
Customers enjoy the service  / SERVICE

1.Provide purchase consulting services, recommend suitable label products according to customer needs;
2.furnish RFIDLabel fitting test to avoid customer purchase errors;
3.For the purchase of label users to give a free volume of adaptationRFIDTag test carbon tape;
4.A special set is given to users who purchase labelsRFIDLabel printing software;
5.Free label format design and underlying code instruction set for label purchasers;
6.The label installation manual is provided for users who purchase labels;

Product parameter  / parameter

Product parameter Communication protocol EPCGlobal Class1 Gen2  ISO 18000‐6C
Operating frequency 902 ‐ 928 MHz
Tag chip Impinj Monza R6
EPCMemory capacity 96 bit
USERMemory capacity 0 bit
Class of protection IP65
Operating temperature -20°C to +85°C / -31°F to +185°F
Mode of delivery 500zhang/volume

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