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Zebra RFD2000 RFID collector

Zebra RFD2000 RFID collector

Zebra RFD2000 RFID collector

Zebra RFD2000 RFID collector

Zebra RFD2000 RFID collector

Brand:American zebra ZEBRA
Operating system:Android 8.0
Read range:6Meter (m)19.7Feet)
Advantages and features:Circularly polarizedRFIDAntenna, wider reading Angle
                   Lightweight, suitable for Asian hand type
  • Product details
Product characteristics / characteristic
  • Light weightLight to310g
  • Finding functionFind the specified product like radar
  • Split designHost can be removed asPDAUse alone
  • Circularly polarized antennaLabels can be accurately collected in any direction and Angle
  • Compact designErgonomic design, girls can also easily operate
  • Brand quality endorsementAmericazebracorporation50Industry product manufacturing quality

Choose us · American Zebra brand authorized agent Devote oneself toRFIDTechnical solutions project implementation

  • Enterprise strength
  • • Listed enterprises strong endorsement,Stock Code:900292
  • • 12Deep annual ploughingRFIDTechnology, Founder20+Years of industry experience
  • • 12Win consecutivelyZebraBrand agency qualification
  • • Cumulative service1000+Customers, many for the world brand enterprises
  • Technical capability
  • • Software development team throughCMMI-3System certification
  • • Zebra RFIDSolution provider
  • • Provide barcode&RFIDTechnical project overall installation, deployment, operation and maintenance
  • • Independent innovation research and development, obtained a number of soft&New patent certification

RFD2000 RFIDIn hand-Typical usage scenario

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4Item feature configuration Hardcore quality is consistent

Clothing inventory

Lightweight body, comfortable to use

The appearance design follows the ergonomic, in line with the Asian hand type, the girl will not feel tired for a long time.

  • • Light to310g
  • • containPDAThe main engine is only a catty up and down, small and light
Clothing inventory2

Small in stature, but big in belly

Using a circularly polarized antenna, yesRFIDLabels dense clothing, archive scenes, in the number of labels, label placement Angle is inconsistent scene can calmly cope.

  • Circular polarization   RFIDantenna
  • Read per second700+tag
  • Angle
RFD2KBar code reading

Flexible acquisition of two-dimensional code reading head

If the scene exists at the same timeRFIDLabels also have ordinary bar code labels, which can be used for data acquisition by two-dimensional code reading heads. If there is oneRFIDThe label can be used because the chip is damagedRFIDThe barcode information on the label surface is read and recorded to the system

  • Range scanning(SE4710) Zebra PRZMIntelligent imaging technology that can read a variety of challenging barcodes
Finding function

Useful object finding function

What if you want to find exactly the one product you need in a pile of items? UseRFD2000The search function can help you quickly solve.

  • • ZebratheASIC Radio frequency technology provides higher sensitivity, so that you can find items more easily.

Split structure, like deformed steel

disassembleRFIDBehind the hilt, you can be alonePDAUse, easy to carry. Flexible to meet a variety of uses and usage scenarios. Reinstallation is also very quick and easy.

  • Easily dismountable
  • support
    Hot swap
  • Small and flexible
ZebraCompany introduction

Brand manufacturer quality support

ZebraFor the American brand,50Over the years has been committed to the enterprise automatic identification product development and manufacturing, acquisitionMotorola Enterprise SolutionAfter that, there are also many products in the mobile field.

  • • ZebraWith printers, scanning guns, handheld terminals and other products
  • • An extended warranty service is available
ZebraProduct line

There are more products to choose from

Isn't that fun? We have more products to choose from.
RFIDThe project is the overall architecture, do you need other types of products? We can recommend them to our clients.

  • RFIDprinter
  • RFIDstationary
  • RFIDAntenna and tag

Main configuration parameters

Equipment type Zebra RFD2000
Operating system Android 8.0 
CPU High passMSM8937 64position Eight cores,ARM Cortex A53 1.4 GHz 512KB L2Caching, power optimization
Internal memory 2 GB RAM / 16 GB Flash memory
Screen 4.3 inches(800x480)WVGA Color touch screen,Corning Gorilla with air gap glass touch screen
camera 800Megapixel rear
RFIDStandard EPC Class 1 Gen 2;EPC Gen2 V2
RFIDantenna Circularly polarized antenna, 700+tag/Seconds,0dBmto30dBm
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Bar code reader two-dimensionalSE4710Reading head
Wireless network IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/r/h/i.   IPv4,IPv6
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
NFC There is no
Class of protection IP52
Operating temperature -10°to 50°/ 14℉ to 122℉
weight 310g
battery 3160mAh the PowerPrecision battery
Expansion slot single 128G MicroSD Sockets
Keep under warranty A year
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