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Zebra RFD8500 RFID collector

Zebra RFD8500 RFID collector

Zebra RFD8500 RFID collector

Zebra RFD8500 RFID collector

Zebra RFD8500 RFID collector

Brand:American zebra ZEBRA
System:Apple IOS,Android,Windows
Read range:> 6Meters above (20Above feet)
Advantages and features:It can be adapted to various operating systems of Apple, Android and Microsoft
                   Bluetooth, can be connected to mobile phones, tablets,PDA.
  • Product details
Product characteristics / characteristic
  • Adapt to multiple systemsAndroidAndroid, appleIOS,Windows
  • Connect multiple devicesMobile phone, tablet, bar codePDA
  • Feasableness to doRFIDscannerBluetooth connection
  • Can be used independentlyNo host required, can be stored40000+tags
  • Compact figureEquipment as light as435g
  • Use one machine for two purposes supportRFIDLabel and barcode reading

Choose us · American Zebra brand authorized agent Devote oneself toRFIDTechnical solutions project implementation

  • Enterprise strength
  • • Listed enterprises strong endorsement,Stock Code:900292
  • • 12Deep annual ploughingRFIDTechnology, Founder20+Years of industry experience
  • • 12Win consecutivelyZebraBrand agency qualification
  • • Cumulative service1000+Customers, many for the world brand enterprises
  • Technical capability
  • • Software development team throughCMMI-3System certification
  • • Zebra RFIDSolution provider
  • • Provide barcode&RFIDTechnical project overall installation, deployment, operation and maintenance
  • • Independent innovation research and development, obtained a number of soft&New patent certification

RFD8500-Typical usage scenario

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Function Transformer   Hardcore quality is consistent

RFD8500Adaptive hardware

Can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices

If you want to make your existing equipment can be usedRFIDTechnology, so pick oneRFD8500Well, you can connect all kinds of smart devices via Bluetooth.

  • • For smartphones andPDA
  • • Suitable for all tablets
  • • Applicable paragraphsPC, Laptop or desktop computer (Bluetooth module required)

Compatible with multiple operating systems

familiarRFIDHandheld is Android, if my device is MAC orWindowsThe system? What do we do? withRFD8500It can be solved.

  • Android system

  • AppleIOSSystem
  • MicrosoftWindowsSystem
RFD8500Reading head

RFIDAnd a bar code reader

What if I want to use my phone or tablet to read the bar code?RFD8500I thought about it for you.RFD8500Not only provideRFIDReading head, and can scan one and two dimensional bar code reading head oh.

  • Range scanning(SE4710)  enterprise-classPRZMIntelligent imaging technology to cope with various quality barcodes
  • Independent button  One click can flexibly switch between scanning bar code or scanningRFID
RFD8500Off-line inventory

What if there is no host and network, but it can be stored in the device first

RFD8500Support independent device work, through the batch mode can read data stored in the device, back to the office after connecting to the computer, data can be exported.

  • • Store over40000aRFIDLabel information
  • • store500Barcode information
RFD8500Take stock

It's light and durable

Small equipment, in line with small hands or light type of women to use, easy to carry. At the same time, it has a large capacity battery and dynamic power management technology to meet the entire shift.

  • 4410mAhLarge capacity battery
  • about435Gram, not even a pound
  • DynamicDynamic power technology
RFD8500Code scanning mode

It's like a bar code scannerRFIDHand it?

Yes, adoptHIDPattern, just putRFD8500It becomes a scanning gun that reads and feeds data into the system.


Looking for specific items?

adoptRFD8500Through the search function, you can quickly find your designated items. It is also possible to perform inventory operations. It's a multi-purpose machine

Main configuration parameters

Equipment type Zebra RFD8500
Operating system There is no 
Internal memory Batch mode: Storage exceeds40000aRFIDTag,500barcode
Screen No screen, follow matchingPDAAnd device screen size
Keyboard There is no
RFIDStandard EPC Class 1 Gen 2 ;EPC Gen2 V2
RFIDantenna Zebra Special radio technology  600+tag/seconds
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Bar code reader Two-dimensional scaleSE4710Reading head
Wireless network There is no
Bluetooth 2level
NFC There is no
Class of protection IP52
Operating temperature -10°to 40°/ 14℉ to 104℉
weight 435g
battery 4410mAh
Expansion slot There is no
Keep under warranty A year
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