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The Zebra data collector MC3390R

The Zebra data collector MC3390R

Zebra MC3390XR RFID collector

Zebra MC3390XR RFID collector

Zebra MC3390XR RFID collector

Brand:American zebra ZEBRA
System:Android 10.0Or higher
Read range:> 18.2Meter (m)60Feet)
Advantages and features:Linear polarizationRFIDThe antenna has a longer reading range
                  Qualcomm New GenerationCPU, faster.
  • Product details
Product characteristics / characteristic
  • RFIDRemote reading18.2Mi HaRFIDTag accurate acquisition
  • Computing power High passSD660 2.2GHzOcta-core processor
  • More memory4GInternal memory + 32GFlash memory
  • 900+tag/seconds Fast and smooth batch reading
  • Integrated fuselage design Durable and bearable1.5Meter drop
  • Use one machine for two purposes supportRFIDLabel and barcode reading
Product characteristics

Choose us · American Zebra brand authorized agent Devote oneself toRFIDTechnical solutions project implementation

  • Enterprise strength
  • • Listed enterprises strong endorsement,Stock Code:900292
  • • 12Deep annual ploughingRFIDTechnology, Founder20+Years of industry experience
  • • 12Win consecutivelyZebraBrand agency qualification
  • • Cumulative service1000+Customers, many for the world brand enterprises
  • Technical capability
  • • Software development team throughCMMI-3System certification
  • • Zebra RFIDSolution provider
  • • Provide barcode&RFIDTechnical project overall installation, deployment, operation and maintenance
  • • Independent innovation research and development, obtained a number of soft&New patent certification

MC3390XRequipment-Typical usage scenario

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7Item upgrade configuration Hardcore quality is consistent

Adopt QualcommSD660chip

Adopt QualcommSD660chip

Faster than the previous generation20%No matterAPPOr web side program, can let the user use more quickly and smoothly.

  • • 14nmManufacturing process Lower power consumption
  • • GPUPerformance increase up to30%
  • • Charging technology is faster than the previous generation,15 From zero charge to 50%
Linearly polarized YagiRFIDantenna

Linearly polarized YagiRFIDantenna

For long distances(Can be harvested18.2Meter awayRFIDtag)The number of labels is large(900+tag/seconds)The scene with complex surrounding environment still maintains fast and stable reading.

  • sensitivity
  • speed
  • distance
Flexible acquisition of two-dimensional code reading head

Flexible acquisition of two-dimensional code reading head

On-site presenceRFIDLabels also have ordinary bar code labels, which can be used for data acquisition by two-dimensional code reading heads. If you want to read many high shelvesRFIDThe information of a box of goods in the label can also be accurately read by the remote two-dimensional code reading head of the device.

  • Long sweep(SE4850) Revolutionary depth of field from7.6Centimetre to21.4meter
  • Range scanning(SE4770) Global shutter technology captures far more than91Centimeter bar code
A new generationWI-FItechnology

A new generationWI-FItechnology

The data on the site is transmitted quickly and stably to the background system without being lost halfway, so that the system is more responsive and the program runs more smoothly.

  • • Delivers Ethernet-grade, wired network quality voice and data transfer speeds
  • • WiFi Enhancements for better performance in environments where multiple users access the network
7000mAhLarge capacity battery

7000mAhLarge capacity battery

Can supportRFIDThe equipment works continuously for a long time. What if the battery is dying and you don't need to save your data? Zebra3390XRThe device cannot be powered off instantly when the battery is replaced.

  • Easily dismountable
  • support
    Hot swap
  • Five hours
    Fast charge
Bluetooth Smart connection print directly

Bluetooth Smart connection print directly

What if you need to print after field data collection? Can usePDAThe Bluetooth-connected printer prints directly.

  • • Bluetooth 5.0 (Standard) Twice the speed, four times the range
  • • NFC (Standard)         withNFCReader touch to validate the application
Touch screen input+Physical keyboard input

Touch screen input+Physical keyboard input

Why have a touch screen, but also a physical keyboard?
Low temperature environment can be entered with gloves, secondly, do not need to find and open the soft keyboard, input more convenient, better operating experience.

  • figure
  • Feature/figure
  • alphanumeric

Main configuration parameters

Equipment type Zebra MC3390XR
Operating system Android 10.0Or higher 
CPU Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 660 octa-core ,2.2 GHz
Internal memory 4 GB RAM / 32 GB Flash memory
Screen 4 inches(800x480)WVGA Color touch screen
Corning Gorilla with air gap glass touch screen
Supports dual input mode for finger, gloved finger and stylus
Keyboard alphanumeric(47key)
RFIDStandard EPC Class 1 Gen;EPC Gen2 V2;ISO- 18000 - 63
RFIDantenna Linearly polarized Yagi antenna, 900+tag/Seconds,0dBmto30dBm
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Bar code reader Two-dimensional distanceSE4850Read head, from7.6Centimetre to21.4meter
Wireless network IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/r/k/v2/w/mc2
IPv4,IPv6,2x2 MU-MI-MO
Bluetooth 2Grade, Bluetooth V5.0, useBR/EDRAnd low energy Bluetooth(BLE)support
NFC There are
Class of protection IP54
Operating temperature -20°to 50°/ -4℉ to 122℉
weight 769g
battery 3.6V,7000mAh the PowerPrecision + battery
Expansion slot User available MicroSD Slot, support 32 GB the SDHC Wagada512GBtheSDXC
Keep under warranty A year
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Rich accessory systemThis facilitates flexible device management and configuration expansion

  • Multiple chargingOptions Single slot base*
    Multi-slot base*
    Durable cable charger

    Multiple charging options
  • Shared baseThe same charging base can accommodateMC33Equipment, batteries and moreZebraMobile devices.

    Shared base
  • Multi-slot battery charger4Trough or20Slot battery chargers can be charged simultaneouslyMC33andMC32battery

    Multi-slot battery charger
  • Other accessories

    Other accessories

Full version application software utility

Full version application software utility

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