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tc20 collector

ZEBRA TC20K barcode collector

ZEBRA TC20 barcode collector

ZEBRA TC20 barcode collector

ZEBRA TC20 barcode collector

Brand:ZEBRA American zebra
Product model:TC20 Full screen touch
Product model:TC20K With keyboard
Operating system:Adroid Oreo 8.1
Featured applications:轻松地以超快速度进行库存盘点
  • Product details
Product characteristics / characteristic
  • 01 Bring what you need
    Smartphone-like simplicity
  • 02Android Operating system
    Easy to read both indoors and out
  • 03Three programmable buttons
    Give feature applications instant access
Parameter introduction / parameter
Operating system Adroid Oreo 8.1
Internal memory/CPU 2GB RAM/16 GB Flash memory/QCOM MSM8937® 64 Bit octad
ARM® Cortex A53 1.4GHz,512KB L2 Caching, power optimization
Keyboard/Display screen figure/4.3 Inch color WVGA(800x480)
LEDBacklight;Corning Gorillaglass
dimension TC20(Full touch) 5.27 Inches (length)x 2.82 Inch (width)x 0.63 Inch (depth)
134 Mm (length)x 73.1 Mm (width)x 16 Mm (depth)
TC20K(with keyboard) 6.45 Inches (length)x 2.82 Inch (width)x 0.63 Inch (depth)
164 Mm (length)x 73.1 Mm (width)x 16 Mm (depth)
Expansion slot single 128GB micro SD slot
Keep under warranty A year

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