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ZT410 RFID printer

ZT410 RFID printer

Zebra ZebraZT411 Metal resistant RFID printer

Zebra ZebraZT411 Metal resistant RFID printer

Zebra ZebraZT411 Metal resistant RFID printer

Product features:        Especially forRFIDAnti-metal label design;             

Label applicability:    a.Printable paper metal resistant label;

                          b.Printable ordinaryRFIDtag;

                          c.Ordinary bar code labels can be printed;

Recommended daily print volume: 3000Zhang below/everyday

Application scenario:        

       RFIDFixed asset management system label printing;

       Steel structure, heavy machinery, intelligent manufacturing plantRFIDIdentification;

       Need to be compatible with variousRFIDLabel printing use department;

  • Product details
Product characteristics / characteristic
  • 01 The printhead is specifically designed for metal-resistant labels
    Durable and high-quality printing results
  • 02The label path is specially raised
    Suitable for various thickness of domestic anti-metal labels
  • 03Intelligent matrix print antenna
    Wide compatibilityRFIDTag antenna
Customers enjoy the service  / SERVICE

1.furnishRFIDLabel fitting test to avoid customer purchase errors;
2.Provide pre-sales consulting services, recommend suitable models according to customer needs;
3.One roll for printer purchaseRFIDTag test carbon tape;
4.A special set is provided for the purchase of the printerRFIDLabel printing software;
5.Free label format design and underlying code instruction set for printer purchasers;
6.Provide detailed product operation videos for printer purchasers;

Product parameter  / parameter

Use smart matricesRFIDThe antenna. It's so precise20subminiatureRFIDAntenna unit to match variousRFIDTag antenna

Avoid serial label writing during printing


Product parameter Print width(MAX) 4.09inches/104mm
Print resolution 203dpi and 300dpi
RFIDStandard UHF EPC Gen 2 V2/ISO 18000-6C
Print speed(MAX) 14ips/Per second356mm
Printer memory 256MB SDRAM/512M Onboard linear flash memory
Communication interface USB 2.0, high speedRS232Serial,10/100Ethernet,Bluetooth 2.1 USBHost port
Label sensor It has both penetrating and reflective sensors and supports black label
Standard warranty A year

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