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Zebra RFD8500 handheld scanning gun, UHF RFID tag reader, PDA handheld terminal

Released Date: May 04,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

zebraRFD8500Handheld scanning gun,UHF RFIDLabel reader,PDAHandheld terminal

To HarvestRFIDLabel or bar code,RFD8500Delivers unmatched performance - workers can capture labels and barcodes faster and easier, improving productivity, operational efficiency and customer service.

Support for adoptionBluetooth2.1Or later for real-time wireless connectivity with your mobile or back-end systems. If a wireless connection is not available, batch mode supports the most500Bar code sum/or40000aRFIDTag. You can synchronize data fromRFD8500Upload to the host device.

 Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

 With the help of a zebraRFD8500A handheld scanning gun, you can specifyZebra As well as being compatible with third-party mobile devices, tablets and smartphones available enterprise-class UHF RFIDSum dimension/2D barcode scanning technology - anytime, anywhere, on demand - is simple, easy and cost-effective. Just will support BluetoothSledPair and connect your mobile device toRFD8500Can constitute a one-handed operationRFIDReader solutions - or put your mobile device in your pocket or holster and use it in a standalone wayRFD8500.

  Rely onzebraRFD8500A handheld scanning gunrightAndrold,IOSAnd the futureWindowsWith support, you can get real investment protection - the one you buy nowRFD8500Sled Will work with the devices you use now and in the future. In terms of performance, whatever your staff is going to collectRFIDLabel or bar code,RFD8500Act as RFIDLabel readerDelivers unmatched performance - workers can capture labels and barcodes faster and easier, improving productivity, operational efficiency and customer service.

  RFD8500(PDAHandheld terminal) Your preferred fashion design. You can feel comfortable experience. The flexibility your business needs. Performance you can rely on. Battery life you might take for granted. The value to impress you.

zebraRFD8500A handheld reader

  RFD8500Handheld scanning gun --moreOperating systems and multiple platforms

  Take advantage of your mobile computing strategy and add world-class data capture capabilities cost-effectively. Give you the peace of mind that the investments you make now will meet your future business needs.

  RFD8500Handheld scanning gun --inFast in a variety of environmentsRFID

  Tag acquisition aidAutoMac*With our patented breakthrough antenna design, you get the maximum read you need to ensure a large degree of productivity/Write speed and coverage.

  RFD8500A handheld scanning gun-Can beHigh-performance batteries for the entire shift

  Our unique power optimization algorithm provides excellent battery life, even with high intensity use.

  RFD8500(RFIDLabel reader) --nimbleConnection options:BluetoothOr batch mode

  Support for adoptionBluetooth2.1Or later for real-time wireless connectivity with your mobile or back-end systems. If a wireless connection is not available, batch mode supports the most500Bar code sum/or40000aRFIDTag. You can synchronize data fromRFD8500Upload to the host device.

  RFD8500A handheld scanning gun-spiritLive deployment options

  Permanently connected to a compatible mobile device to create a dedicated inventory management device; You can also temporarily connect whenever and wherever you need to support implementation on your mobile device of choiceRFIDFeatures to comfortably perform inventory management tasks; Deploy as a separate device - Mobile data terminals can be placed in a pocket or on a desktop to protect the device and create a lighter deviceRFIDThe solution.

  passEPC Global Gen2 v2Prevent counterfeiting and protect consumer privacy

  Take advantage of some newerRFIDFeatures to protect profitability, customer security and privacy. Encrypted label verification provides extensive protection against label counterfeiting, enabling you to deploy non-counterfeit labels to stop counterfeit products from entering your supply chain. In addition,RFD8500(PDAHandheld terminals enable businesses to protect consumers' after-sale privacy, such as when a purchased product is returned for a refund or exchange, unless utilizedRFD8500Query the label, otherwise the data will be hidden and untraceable.

  Easy to deploy: Leverage standards Quad LockInstallation methods and custom adapters enable quick connection and removal of devices

  passQuad Lock Or slip into/Slip outZebraCustom adapters can be used ZebraOr third party mobile data terminal withRFD8500Connect or remove.

  Instant capture of any printed or electronic format in one dimension/Two-dimensional bar code

  ZebratheSE4710Enterprise-class imagers available proprietaryPRZMSmart imaging technology, megapixel sensors, and advanced optics enable ultra-fast capture of one - and two-dimensional barcodes - even if they are dirty, damaged, or of poor print quality.

  With ease inRFIDSwitch between and barcode scanning

  The user just needs to press the buttonRFIDSwitching between the bar code scanning mode and the bar code scanning mode provides a great degree of ease of use and increased productivity. With the help ofZebrauniqueZETIProtocols for fast and easy application development, we are powerfulZebraSimple text interface (Zebra Easy Text Interface,ZETIApplies to manyOSPlatforms that reduce the use of software development kits (SDK) willRFD8500The need to integrate functionality into your application. With the help of this human-readableASCllProtocol, can quickly and easily implement the host andRFD8500Communication between applications without the need to create the actual application, thus reducing application development time and cost.

  Enterprise-class charging solutions for easy power management

  RFD8500compatibleZebra TC55An extensive ecosystem of charging accessories can reduce or even eliminate the need to purchase charging solutions.

  Global deployment

  RFD8500Delivering the stylish design you need for your customer-facing area and excellent durability for everyday use all day long makes it ideal for every industry. Along with...80Multiple countries/Districts get regulatory approval,RFD8500Can be deployed across all of your global operations.

  RFD8500Specifications for handheld scanning guns

  Physical parameter

  dimension5.1Inches (height)×31Inch (width)×73Inches (length)13Cm (height)×8Cm (width)x18.5Cm (long) imager version:15.3ounce/about435Gram;

  Weight non-imager version:15.3Miss/about430g

  Power sourcePowerPrecision Lithium battery,4410 mAh

  Configure onlyRFIDorRFID(bandSE4710Imager)

  notificationLEDSum tone

  User enters trigger,3Push button switch

  RFD8500Handheld scanning gun --RFIDproperty

  Supported standardEPCClass 1 Gen 2;EPC Gen2 V2

  RFIDengineZebraSpecial radio technology

  The fastest read rate600Multiple tags/seconds

  Rated reading range20Above feet/6Meter or more

  Frequency range/RFexportation 

  United States:902-928MHz;4-34 dBm(EIRP) European Union:865-868MHz;4-34dBm(EIRP) Japan:916-921Mhz(w LBT),4-34 dBm(EIRP) Japan:916-923Mhz,4-27 dBm(EIRP)

Batch mode memory storage exceeded40000aRFIDTag,500barcode

  RFD8500Handheld scanning gun --User environment

  Drop specifications multiple times from4feet/1.2The impact of falling to the concrete floor at a height of meters (0℃to40℃At room temperature,1000Secondary drop500Secondary roll,1.6English rolling gauge/0.5M).

  Operating temperature-10℃to40℃/14Fto104F

  Storage temperature-40℃to70℃/-40Fto158F

  Charging temperatureO℃to40℃/14Fto104F

  humidness5-85%(no condensation)+/-15kVAir discharge,

  Electrostatic discharge+/-8KVDirect discharge,+/-8kVDirect current indirect discharge


  RFD8500Handheld scanning gun --communication

  Bluetothe Bluetoothe2.1Edition;SPP profle ;HID Profile ;Apple iAP2/MFi

  Bluetooths Class 2

  If you want to be more efficient and timely choose the right oneZebrazebraRFIDThe model of the handheld reader can be dialed instantly13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou Wisdom view Yi Sheng will be zebra for many yearsRFIDHandheld reader experience and expertise help customers make instant judgments. At the same time, we can also provide customers with a variety of brand specifications modelsRFIDReaders to match different customer scenario requirements.

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