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What is the difference between "UHF RFID" and" RAIN RFID"?

Released Date: Jan 14,2023 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

Recently, I found more and more people around meRFIDUse"RAINRFID". I hear it sometimesUHFandRAINThe two terms are used interchangeably in conversation. People are going to be curious,"UHFRFID"Sum"RAINRFID"What's the difference?RFIDIt is a general term covering different operating frequencies and standards.UHFStands for "ultra High frequency", covers300MHzto3GHzRange of frequency bands.RAINRFIDEquipment inUHFFrequency band (860to960MHz......

  Recently, Find more and more people around you RFID Use"RAIN RFID". I hear it sometimes UHF and RAIN The two terms are used interchangeably in conversation. People are going to be curious,"UHF RFID" and "RAIN RFID" What's the difference?


  RFID It's a general term, including different operating frequencies and standards.UHF Stands for "ultra High frequency", covers 300 MHz to 3 GHz Range of frequency bands.


  RAIN RFID Equipment in UHF Frequency band (860 to 960 MHz Operates within) and complies with specific standards and protocols.What you see in the market nowRAIN RFID Products such as tag chips, reader chips, and readers all comply with this standard and are interoperable with other compatible products.

  On account of RAIN RFID System in UHF It operates in the frequency band, so RAIN RFID and UHF RFID It essentially means the same thing."RAIN"Is on behalf of all passive UHF RFID Product and technology brand and conform ISO 18000-63 Standard sum GS1 EPC UHF Gen 2 Protocol, and everyone is already familiar with the term "Bluetooth" and "Bluetooth"Wi-FiIn much the same way, a common and recognizable logo is provided to the masses.

  RAIN RFID Named after 2014 The year was adopted, when several used passive UHF RFID Technology companies are starting to see "RFID" Is widely used to represent multiple types of sensor technology, Many of these technologies are passive in cost and project applicationUHF RFIDThat's a big difference, and it's causing concern among people in the industry,"RFIDThe widespread use and meaning of the term may confuse the market and mislead users.

  At the same time, these companies see an increasingly important role for the technology in iot implementations. "RAINThe word also means UHF RFID Data links between the cloud, based on RFID Data can be stored, managed and shared over the Internet.

  RAIN RFID What does it mean?

  RAIN RFID Represents a passive, battery-free wireless technology that could connect billions of everyday objects - from socks to strawberries to shipping pallets - to the Internet. It allows every business and consumer that uses it to collect real-time data in a more timely and accurate manner, and provides historical access information. Customers can know exactly what each item is, where it is, its location in the facility, and other information.

  RAIN RFID Provide the following functions

  • Unique identification of individual items (individual items can be traced), not just their product type

  • Identify and locate items without eye contact

  • Quickly identify multiple items (at most per second 1,000 X)

  • Can read several centimeters to 10 Items within a meter range

  RAIN RFID Labels are inexpensive, do not require batteries for communication, and can be read or "interrogated" over short or long distances, at high speeds, and in large volumes through most materials such as cartons, boxes, and wood. These unique features enable RAIN Ideal for use in the entire supply chain management of trillions of items, from clothing to pharmaceuticals to food.

  Used in many industries RAIN RFID To identify, locate and protect what is critical to individuals and businesses:

  aviation:RAIN Improve customer service and operational efficiency with accurate, real-time data on baggage, assets, equipment, and more.

  Medical careSimplify asset tracking, eliminate losses, improve supply management, enhance patient experience and drive better outcomes.

  Hotel industryImprove efficiency, streamline operations and strengthen your business while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

  manufactureAchieve maximum operational efficiency through automated processes that change the way machines and humans work.

  retailOptimize store operations, improve inventory availability, develop seamless shopping experiences, and gather valuable analytics to drive informed business decisions.

  Supply chain and logisticsMaintain cargo movement and operational information through accurate, automated and error-free management.

  Different types ofRFID?


  RFID Systems are usually classified according to the frequency band in which they operate. Frequency refers to the size of radio waves used to communicate between system components. though RAIN RFID Use UHF Rf range, but there are other types RFID, include LF and HFCan be used for other applications. Radio waves behave differently in each of these frequencies, and there are advantages and disadvantages to using each band.

  Low frequency(LF) RFIDOnly short distances (cm) are provided and labels are read one at a time. Because of this slow data reading rate, it is often implanted in pets for identification.

  High frequency(HF) RFIDThe system is most commonly used for data transmission applications, ticketing and payments.

  NFC What is it?

  "NFC"It's everybody talking RFID When you might hear another acronym.NFC The brand is... Ecma-340,ISO/IEC 18092 The standard provides differentiation by using a specific version of passivity HF RFID.NFC Stands for "near Field Communication" and is usually specified for applications that need to transmit data securely.

  though RAIN RFID Used to track multiple items at a distance without a direct line of sight (such as a pallet full of stacked boxes through a warehouse), butNFCOperating in very close proximity between the device and the reader is usually only a few centimeters. When you tap a credit card or a smartphone reader at the grocery store checkout, you're using it NFC.

  UHF with RAIN

  RAIN and UHF Use them interchangeably. Mark the system as RAIN RFID Let users know that the system or technology complies with specific standards and protocols.RAIN The coalition is in favor of universal adoption RAIN RFID The industry of companies organized. Any person (RAIN Both alliance members and non-members) can be used in marketing materials RAIN RFID Name and logo.

  Today, most new RFID Projects are in use RAIN RFID, become RFID The fastest growing segment of the market has so far sold over 800 Billion tag chip,RAIN RFID It is used in many markets and industries around the world.

  Our company success caseSIGWarehouse intelligenceRFIDShipment management systemHas been elected toRAIN RFID Meeting. in2022years6Speaking at the Global Conference in October. Share its success with the world2More than 10,000 spectators. If you are interested, please contact us

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