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The secret behind nucleic acid reporting - a PDA (handheld scanning gun) is easy to solve, and technology is efficient

Released Date: Mar 10,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
Traditional nucleic acid test information registration usually uses scanning The gun and ID reader are connected to the computer. For mobile nucleic acid detection sites, carrying so much equipment undoubtedly increases the burden of medical personnel, now, onePDAThis problem can be easily solved.

  Traditional nucleic acid testing information registration usually uses a scanning gun, ID card reader and computer connection. For mobile nucleic acid detection sites, carrying so much equipment undoubtedly increases the burden of medical personnel, now, onePDAThis problem can be easily solved.

  One is to passPDA(Hand scannerScanning nucleic acid test tube bar code to complete registration test tube information; Two is to passPDA(Hand scanner)Scan and detect the personnel health code or read the personnel ID card and bind it to the test tube to complete the information registration.

  PDA(Handheld scanning gun)Set scanning and ID card recognition function as one, in one step; At the same time, when faced with special circumstances such as no health code and ID card demagnetization, medical staff no longer need to manually enter information.PDAHit the markOCRIdentification function, can quickly read the ID number, help medical staff in the face of special situations, still remain efficient.

  Scientific and technological power has greatly accelerated the efficiency of nucleic acid testing, so that enterprises can quickly resume work and production, and people's production and life order can quickly return to normal.

nucleic acid testing (NAT)PDAScan result registration

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