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How to set up a Zebra FX7500 RFID fixed reader and FX9600 RFID fixed reader

Released Date: Jan 15,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

Connect to the zebra via wireless card or BluetoothFXseriesRFIDSetting method of reader

Experimental findings:FX7500 RFIDThe system version delivered with the reader is2.3The insert was not recognizedUSB HostThe wireless network card and Bluetooth adapter of the host port cannot be configured for these two devices, so the first step of the setup must be the reader system version upgrade.

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  Upgrade the reader system version

  Experimental findings:FX7500 RFIDstationary The delivered system version is2.3The insert was not recognizedUSB HostThe wireless network card and Bluetooth adapter of the host port cannot be configured for these two devices, so the first step of the setup must be the reader system version upgrade.

  Reader support3Different firmware update methods:

  1.UseUSBDrive update

  2.File-based update Allows firmware files to be transferred fromPC(or network location) upload to the reader and run the update

  3.Based onFTP / FTPS / SCP serverThe update of

  For this test, No1ways

  1.Download the Reader's latest system firmware pack from Zebra's website

System firmware package01

  2.Unzip filefxseries-2.x.x.zipAnd copy the file in the image below toUIn the root directory of the disk (it is best to format it before copyingUDisk)

URoot directory02

  3.willUDisk inserted into the readerUSB HostHost port, restart the reader. After the restart is complete, go to the configuration page and check whether the system version is updated.

Host port03

  UseUSB Wi-FiAdapters connect to wireless networks

  Look out: The screen in this chapter may differ from the actual screen. The described application may not be available(Or applicable to)Available on all devices. The setup steps are not device specific and are intended to provide an overview of functionality.

  inFX7500 RFIDstationary andFX9600 RFIDstationaryUp useUSB Wi-FiAdapters connect to wireless networks:

  1.inFX7500 RFIDstationary reader andFX9600 RFIDstationary reader superiorUSBThe host port is plugged into a supported wireless adapter. ZEBRAasRealTek RTL 8187andRTL 812AUchipUSB Wi-FiThe adapter provides native support. Supported byWi-FiSee the list of adapters table1 . 

  table1 sustentativeWi-FiAdapter models are as follows:

Wi-FiAdapter type04

  This test selected: ASUSASUS USB-AC56 USB WiFiWireless network card

Wireless network card05

  willUSB Wi-FiAdapter insertionFXSeries readerUSB hostOn the host port

Reader'sUSB hostHost port06

  2.To make sureWi-FiThe adapter was correctly detected, please log in to the reader'sAdministratorThe console. Confirm on the home pageUSB Port Status reveal Device Connected. Hover your mouse pointer over this link to display the following image indicatedWi-FiInformation about the adapter.

AdministratorControl console07

  3. SelectCommunication > Wireless.


  The wireless Settings window provides the following options:

  • Get Details - Get details about connected networks, including ESSID , signal strength and connection status.

  • Disconnect - Disconnect the connected network.

  • Scan and Choose Network - Scan available networks. Select from the drop-down menu ESSID . if ESSID Be hidden(non-broadcast), Please enter in the text box provided ESSID .

  • Passkey - WPA/WPA2The pre-shared key of the network.

  • Connect Automatically - Save network Settings by restarting and automatically keep them with the configured onesAPThe association of...

  Look out : The scanning function may take a few seconds. All buttons on the page are disabled while the scan is in progress and re-enabled when the scan is complete.

  USB Wi-Fi Adapters can connect to wireless networks in one of two ways:

  • Enter the wireless network name manually

  • Automatically scan and connect

  4. Option #2After an automatic scan mode, wait a few secondsWiFiOnce your search is complete, click the drop-down list and select the one you want to connect toWiFiName, enter the correspondingWiFiPassword and check itConnect AutomaticallyStart automatic connection(When the device is powered off, restarted orUSBIf the connection is lost due to the re-insertion of the wireless network adapter, the network adapter automatically connects to the network adapterAP), tap Connect .


  5. whenAPThe connection is successful, andIPBe assigned and appear inIP AddressIn fields

  Relevant wirelessIPFor details of the address, please clickCommunication And then choose Wi-Fi Options.

Communication 10

  unpackWebpageOr exampleApplication program, enterIPaddress ( Such as in the picture above192.168. 0.165 ) The label can be read.

  Attention: The reader supports only based onDHCPtheWi-FiConfigure. This window displays the reader'sIPAddress, subnet mask, default gateway andDNSThe current value of the server. As these are fromDHCPThe server gets them, so you can't change them manually. After device restartIPThe address may change, causing the computer to not connect to the reader, so please check the configuration page before connecting the readerIPAddress.

  ifAPIConnect to a network supportedIPV6Address can also be passedWi-FiUseIPv6Address access reader.

IPv6Address access reader12

  UseUSBBluetooth adapter connects devices

  1. Zebra FX9600  RFIDreader Provide based onCSR8510andRT5370LchipUSBNative support for Bluetooth devices. Test as follows:

table2 The supported Bluetooth adapter models are as follows:

Bluetooth adapter model11

  Because the above adapter model did not find a way to buy, it was selectedBT520typeUSBBluetooth4.0The adapter test was successful.

Water and wood industry13

  willUSBBluetooth adapter insertionFXSeries readerUSB hostA host port.


  2. To verify that the Bluetooth adapter is correctly detected, log in to the reader'sAdministrator Console(Administrator console).

  in Home On-page confirmationUSB Port Status reveal Device ConnectedAnd then clickDevice Connected, Bluetooth adapter information will be displayed.


  3.Select Communication > Bluetooth.

  willDiscoverable (discoverability) Pairable (pairable) Status changed toOn.

  Choose optionally Use Passkey Enter a key to verify the Bluetooth connection.FX7500andFX9600The default password is 0000 .

  ( You do not need to select this parameter for actual tests6Will report an error ), selectSet Properties And then select Conmmit Save the Settings.


  4. From Bluetooth-enabled devices(Like a laptop)The reader was found in. The reader is identified with the host name in the discovered device(Such as: FX7500060C17 ).

  5. When the connection is successful, right-click the reader icon in the Bluetooth device list(Such as: FX7500060C17)And then selectConnect using > Ad hoc network (Used when connecting > Temporary network ). This will set up the network connection for the next step.


  6. Assigned to the Bluetooth interfaceIPThe address is192.168.XX.XX. finally2An octet is BluetoothMACLast of address2Eight bytes (built over Bluetooth connection Immediately after, inPCsuperior PropertiesStats Can be found in the window. Can also be in Communication > Bluetooth Found in page. Also supports based on IPV4andIPV6theIPAddress, used between the reader and the clientAd HocBluetooth connection.


  unpackWebpageperhapsSample application, enter BluetoothIP ( Such as in the picture above192.168. 224.166) The label can be read.

  Experimental findings: After the reader and the computer are restarted, because the Bluetooth is a temporary network, it cannot be automatically connected, and it needs to be controlled5Step re-establish the connection, but generate itIPThe address remains the same.

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