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How to use RFID equipment management system to improve equipment management work

Released Date: Jul 20,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
Equipment management is a basic work in the production enterprise, equipment managers have to check all kinds of specific content of equipment every day, but only with the help of human equipment management is very complicated, therefore, the use ofRFIDEquipment management system to carry out daily management of equipment, mainly including equipment files, equipment maintenance management, equipment maintenance management, equipment spare parts management.

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Equipment managementIs a basic job in a production enterprise,Equipment managementIt is necessary to check all kinds of specific contents of the equipment every day, but only with the help of manpower to manage the equipment is very complicated, therefore, the use of equipment management system to carry out daily management of the equipment, mainly including equipment files, equipment maintenance management, equipment maintenance management, equipment spare parts management.

RFIDEquipment management system

I.RFIDEquipment management system-- Management of equipment archives

Equipment archives can be used as the most basic records of equipment, which records the entire process of an equipment from overall planning, design, manufacturing, application, maintenance, renewal, upgrading, and damage. It includes equipment instructions, engineering drawings, standard specifications, platform, archives and original records of experiments. Make use ofRFIDEquipment managementFor the enterprise to give detailed and systematic storage of equipment files, complete the whole life process management of enterprise equipment.

Two.RFIDEquipment management system-- Maintenance and management of equipment

Statistical analysis of the material suggests that70%The common failure of the equipment above is caused by unreasonable wetting and aggravated equipment damage, therefore, the manufacturing industry attaches great importance to the daily maintenance of the equipment. Make use ofRFIDEquipment managementSystem management. The system software takes full account of the operation position, idle gap, storage usage record, periodic verification and maintenance, expiration warning and other aspects, and automatically generates efficient management norms, forms maintenance plans according to cycle time, automatically generates maintenance work orders, automatically dispatches maintenance workers according to standards, and makes maintenance records. For enterprises to give the whole life equipment maintenance management method.

Three.RFIDEquipment management system - equipment maintenance management

At this stage, most of the employees of the enterprise do not understand the work content of the equipment, and the level of professional skills is not very high, can not accurately detect common faults, and can not solve the common fault problems in time, and a large part of the equipment is working with disease, which is very easy to lead to the emergence of safety production accidents. Make use ofRFIDThe equipment management system carries out regular management methods for the maintenance of equipment, and gives the whole life maintenance management for enterprises.

Four.RFIDEquipment management system - equipment spare parts management

Equipment spare parts management method for enterprises is a closely related to production and manufacturing work, improve spare parts management method, can greatly improve the utilization rate of enterprise equipment and economic benefits. The production workshop of the enterprise does not manage spare parts according to the clear monthly application plan; The product quality of spare parts is not strictly supervised, resulting in the quality defects of some spare parts can not be used, and the service life of some spare parts is also short, which leads to the problem that maintenance and replacement waste a lot of time. So useRFIDEquipment management system can avoid this series of problems.

Make use ofRFIDThe equipment management system manages the spare parts of the equipment. The system software can make management decisions for senior executives, and provide a variety of data analysis tables by using big data analysis, such as equipment utilization rate and spare parts loss table, so as to provide enterprises with whole-life spare parts management methods.

RFIDEquipment management system is a set of system software specialized for equipment management. It integrates the dual-system management mode and related application core concepts, which helps enterprises to create standard equipment system management, complete scientific and reasonable equipment planning management methods, equipment production scheduling, improve equipment resource allocation and application, and balance enterprise equipment planning, production and manufacturing planning, and network resource planning. Clear the shortcomings of enterprise planning management methods, improve the utilization of network resources such as equipment, reduce resource consumption, and improve the efficiency of production and manufacturing operations.

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