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How to choose the right fixed asset label?

Released Date: Feb 28,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
Enterprises and institutions generally need to carry out fixed assets inventory at the end of the year. The range of fixed asset inventory usually includes: computers, projectors, printers, tables, chairs, other equipment, etc. These devices are usually labeled as assets and then usedRFIDSweep gun for inventory.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  Now many enterprises have got rid of the manual record management mode of fixed assets, are in useRFIDFixed assets management systemTo operate and manage inventory assets to improve work efficiency.

  Enterprises and institutions generally need to carry out fixed assets inventory at the end of the year. The range of fixed asset inventory usually includes: computers, projectors, printers, tables, chairs, other equipment, etc. These devices are usually affixed and fixedAsset tagAnd then useRFIDBarcode scannerTake stock.

Chair back fixed assets pictureS

  What kind ofAsset tagIs it more suitable for year-end inventory of fixed assets? Generally speaking, the value and service life (life) of fixed assets is relatively long, due to the influence of external weather, rain and wear is too great, it is not recommended to choose easy damage, pollution, moisture and other dry adhesive paper material labels. Suzhou Zhiguan Yi Sheng suggests choosing asset labels through the following three points:

  one Select asset labels based on where fixed assets are stored:

  If it is in a normal indoor environment, such as offices, warehouses and other places can use copper paper label, it has its own viscosity, after printing can be directly pasted on the fixed assets, not easy to damage. If you need waterproof function, you can use Asian silver label paper, so that even if the surface of the label is accidentally sprayed with water, the label will stay intact and the writing will not be blurred. If it is outdoors, such as frequent wind, sunshine, rain, it is recommended to use copper material labels, so that the label is not easy to damage, but the cost is higher.

  two Select asset labels according to the inventory mode of fixed assets:

  The use of fixed asset labels is not only used to quickly view and label the information of fixed assets, but also for barcode technology orRFIDTechnology to realize intelligent inventory.

  If the fixed asset management system uses bar codes/Qr code for inventory and management, you can choose thermal transfer label printer and Label printer paper. Each model of printer is suitable for different sizes of printing paper. You can choose from coated paper label printing paper, Asian silver label printing paper (waterproof), plastic label printing paper, etc.

  Three. The enterprise adoptedRFIDFixed assets management system,rfidThe following options are available for asset labels:

  Due to the use of barcode labels, it is still necessary to scan the code one by one during the inventory of fixed assets. Use insteadRFIDtag, can be remotely identified and read.RFIDThe scanner gun can be in6Reading hundreds of fixed asset labels within meters greatly improves the efficiency of inventory counting.

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  With regard torfidAsset tagFunctional differences, optional metal resistanceRFIDtag(for fixed assets of metallic materials) and non-resistant metalsRFIDLabel (for non-metallic material of fixed assets). According to the functional requirements, high temperature resistant materials can be selectedRFIDLabel, tamper-proofRFIDTag, anti-theftRFIDLabels, etc. Coupled with hardware such as induction door antenna, it can not only quickly take stock of fixed assets in batches, but also complete the anti-theft function. It can be seen thatRFIDFixed asset management system is the first choice of many manufacturing enterprises and enterprises with more fixed assets.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been researching for many yearsrfidIn the field of asset management system, we have independent intellectual property rightsRFIDFixed asset management system,RFIDTags,RFIDPrinter,RFIDScanning gun and other products, with an independent software technical team toRFIDAsset management system as the core service for customers, for enterprises, groups, governments, schools, to provide fixed assets management, asset information registration, asset borrowing maintenance, allocation, depreciation, scrap, disposal, office inventory, automatic generation of inventory information report and other fixed assets management software.

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