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How to choose RFID Printer (1) - Overview

Released Date: Jan 25,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
RFIDA printer is used for printingRFIDLabel output device. passRFIDPrinter, can quickly batch produce containing different contentRFIDTag. You can imagine that inRFIDIn the fixed asset management system,5It can be done in minutes4000Zhang is available for useRFIDResistant to metal fixed asset tags, this is how efficient. In the factory warehouse and logistics industry environment, through fast printingRFIDProduct labels andRFIDThe logistics sheet brings great convenience and high efficiency for the subsequent warehousing and logistics management.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.We're implementing it for our clients RFIDsolutionalIn the process, discovery RFIDprinter isThe source part of the project is a very important link, directly determinedRFIDThe efficiency of the project implementation and the overall results presented. Therefore, summarizing and analyzing the customer's project experience, this article is written for the reference of customers in need.

   RFIDprinter It's for printing. RFIDtag theOutput device. passRFIDPrinter, can quickly batch produce containing different contentRFIDtag  You can imagine that in RFIDFixed assets management system In,5It can be done in minutes4000Zhang is available for use RFIDResistance to metal fixationAsset tag That's how efficient it is. In the factory warehouse and logistics industry environment, through fast printingRFID Product labels andRFIDLogistics surfaceSingle, cooperate again RFIDFixed assets management system , for the subsequent warehouse Storage logistics management brings great convenience and high efficiency.

  Speaking of this place, an introduction is necessaryRFIDThe concept of...RFID--Radio Frequency IdentificationRadio frequency identification, that is, radio frequency identification, is a kind of automatic identification technology, non-contact two-way through radio frequencyData communication, the use of radio frequency to record media (electronic tags or radio frequency cards) to read and write, so as to achieve the purpose of identifying targets and data exchange, which is considered to be21One of the most promising information technologies of the century. Wisdom view Yi Sheng saidRFIDTechnology mainly refers to passiveRFIDThe basic working principle is not complicated: after the tag enters the reader, it receives the RF signal issued by the reader, and sends out the product information stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current.Passive Tag, passive label or passive label), the reader reads the information and decodes it, and sends it to the central information system for data processing.

  RFIDIs a leading wireless technology that provides input data to the Internet of Things.2017Last year, sales of label chips were close130Hundred million, in 2015-2017During the year, almost300Hundreds of millions of items are identified. Other technologies bring corresponding value, but none can match in terms of cost, simplicity, and usabilityRAIN RFIDCompare.RFIDTechnology compared to traditional bar code technology. It has the following advantages:

Printer bar code andRFIDCompareS

  Again, if you want to understandRFIDThe printer, be sure to understand brieflyRFIDThe composition of the label.RFIDThe tag is a tag with an antenna inserted between the printable material and the adhesive material, and carries a chip. Wisdom View can provide customers with professionalRFIDLabel selection consultation. There will be a follow-up article on tags in more detail.RFIDThe main structure of the label is as follows:

RFIDAntenna display insertion positionS

  RFIDThe printer works as follows:

  The user is triggered by softwareRFIDPrinter pair embedded inRFIDUltra-thin labelHForUHF RFID Inlay for coding.RFIDThe printer first compiles the information after receiving the instruction; And then through the printerRFIDAntenna checkRFIDThe inlay of the tag is correct and coded; simultaneouslyRFIDThe surface of the label is printed with barcodes, graphics and/Or text.

  RFIDInlays are usually composed of integrated circuits (ICChips and connected to integrated circuits (ICThe antenna composition of the chip.ICThe chip contains RF circuitry, coding Devices, decoders, and memory. If you willRFIDWhen the tag is held up to the light, you can see the transceiver's antenna, and you can feel itICThere is a black bump on the label where the chip is located.

  RFIDtaggedRFIDContent writing and surface printing are usually done in one go. There are irreversibility cases. If you are having trouble printing, it may be due toRFIDThe tag itself,RFIDThe format of the label, the setting of the printer antenna and other factors are caused, so choose the correct and suitableRFIDPrinters are especially important. Of course, we can use itRFIDThe tags feature some interesting effects. For example, users can pass according to their special needsRFIDPrinter makesRFIDLabel surface information andRFIDChip information has a completely different effect.

  To sum upRFIDThe choice of printer is crucial. It usually has the following dimensions, of course, various dimensions need to be arranged and combined at the same time, in order to choose the most correctRFIDThe printer.

  The following isRFIDPrinter related articles, please click the details link:

  1. printableRFIDThe frequency of the label, this indicator determinesRFIDThe printing frequency of the printer;

   2. RFIDThe brand of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe overall quality of the printer;

  3. Need to print antimetalRFIDtag Still ordinaryRFIDTag. This indicator determinesRFIDThe passability of labels;

  4. RFIDThe printing width of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDPrinter can be loadedRFIDSize of the label;

  5. RFIDThe resolution of the printer, this indicator determines the print outRFIDClarity of label surface information;

  6. RFIDThe size of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe size of the position of the printer;

  7. It needs to be printed every dayRFIDThe number of labels, this indicator determinesRFIDDurability of the printer;

  If you want to be more efficient and timely, choose the right oneRFIDThe purpose of the printer is available instantlydial13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou wisdom view Yi Sheng will take many yearsRFIDPrinter experience and expertise help customers make instant judgments.

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