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How to choose RFID Printer (8) - RFID Printer durability

Released Date: Feb 06,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

From the customer's point of view, want to buyRFIDThe cheaper the printer, the better, but at the same time want itRFIDThe printer will last forever without breaking down. But electronics certainly have a lifespan, and besidesRFIDThe printer is a composite product of mechanical structure combined with electronic circuit. No one had explored it in depth beforeRFIDThe durability of the printer. There is no uniform measurement standard for the industry, after all, the impactRFIDThere are so many factors that make a printer durable. Suzhou......

  From the customer's point of view, want to buyRFIDprinterThe cheaper the better, but at the same time wantRFIDprinterIt can be used forever without breaking down. But electronics certainly have a lifespan, and besidesRFIDThe printer is a composite product of mechanical structure combined with electronic circuit. No one had explored it in depth beforeRFIDThe durability of the printer. There is no uniform measurement standard for the industry, after all, the impactRFIDThere are so many factors that make a printer durable.

  Suzhou Wisdom View Yisheng was founded in2010We have been committed to the field of automatic identification of information such as enterprise data collection, processing and communication, and have an experienced and knowledgeable team engaged in application software development, hardware design and system integration technology for many years. Zhiguan Yisheng has always been technology-oriented, always attached importance to the innovation and research of proprietary technology, based on automatic identification andRFIDTechnology. The company relies on the long-term accumulation of customer use and project experience, fromRFIDThe specifications of the printer and the actual use of the scene to introduce youRFIDDurability of the printer.

  We serve a lot of customers, and from a durability point of view a lot of customers are misusingRFIDThe printer. oftenRFIDThe printer is used in a high-intensity environment. Admittedly, many customers have limited budgets and choicesRFIDThe printer can only do what it can.RFIDPrinter manufacturers have never defined a particular typeRFIDThe printer must not meet the scene. But after allRFIDThe label is different from the common bar code label. UseRFIDTechnology must be viewed in terms of overall cost of use. printableRFIDNo matter how cheap each price is, the cost is several times or even dozens of times higher than that of ordinary bar code labels. In a dayRFIDThe printer does not work stably and fails. A single problem can cause customers to lose dozens or even hundreds of copiesRFIDTag. Over time, these costs are also considerable. Not to mention due toRFIDPrinting failure caused by production line stop, warehouse stop shipments and other greater economic losses. Although it exists that is reasonable, new purchaseRFIDThe printer is not unable to use, but we have to consider long-term stable work is the hard reason. Just like the ordinary family car we buy is not unable to go to Tibet, but after all, often travel to and from Tibet is through better performanceSUVAn off-road vehicle.

  one Factory warehouse and pure logistics 

  Our common scene is the factory warehouse in the manufacturing industry and the warehouse in the logistics industry. Such customers need to print as long as the production is non-stop and the logistics and transportation business is non-stopRFIDTag. Depending on the nature of their business, many manufacturing plants and logistics operate on three consecutive shifts. For example, in the clothing industryRFIDClothing tags, packaging and pallets for consumer productsRFIDLabels are printed in huge quantities, and because the manufacturing and on-site environment will be much worse than the office, they want to use high stabilityRFIDThe printer. American zebraZebraProducts, for example,ZT610RFIDprinterIt is more suitable for this scenario.

  First of all, its interior space is huge, can be loaded450Meter carbon tape, maximum label loading diameter203mm(8.0in). According to our experience, the loading length of its ordinary label is150M, to100mm*50mmThe size of the ordinary barcode label is calculated and can be accommodated about2800zhang/Label volume of the volume. But be warned, becauseRFIDThe label containsRFIDThe antenna, therefore the thickness and overall weight are different from ordinary barcode labels. So also100mm*50mmtheRFIDLabel, we recommend customers to100Based on the meter length, it works out to be about2000zhang/Label volume of the volume. Many customers have questioned why so many labels are installed, and can't they reduce the quantity so that the price of each roll of labels is also cheaper. Please note that this scenario requires thatRFIDThe less printer downtime, the better. If the number of labels per volume is less, it will lead to frequent replacement of field operatorsRFIDLabels so both addedRFIDThe probability of labels being wasted because each time they are replaced newRFIDLabel rolls need to go a fewRFIDThe label is calibrated, and the field downtime is increased.

  Again, mechanically speaking,ZT610RFIDThe use of a full metal housing, that is, to prevent accidental collisions in the field, but also to block a part of the outside radio electromagnetic pairRFIDLabel read and write interference, we strongly recommend customers inRFIDCover the case as the label is printed.ZT610RFIDAn all-steel rotatable label roll bracket is used to support large quantitiesRFIDThe weight of the label roll.

ZT610RFIDTurnable all-steel label roll bracket

  The printing head pressure rod is a double rod that can move left and rightDesigned with all-metal springs, available for a variety of width specificationsRFIDThe label provides accurate pressure assurance.

Print head pressure rod

Carbon belt supply axis and recovery axis

  RFIDThe carbon belt and supply shaft of the printer are all steel structure, and the core parts of the label paper channel are all metal structure, which ensures that they will not be worn after a lot of use.

Operation direction

  This also provides speed up to356mm(14.0in)/The printing speed of seconds meets the requirements of high speed for enterprise operations.

  To sum up our recommendations for this scenarioZT610RFIDprinterThe product is defined as may7day*24Products that work continuously for hours.

  two Factory production line automation station and office

  We commonly use the information station set up by the production traceability system at each station of the production lineRFIDLabel printing and certain batch sizes in an office environmentRFIDLabels are printed in a centralized manner and distributed to all departments. In the production line scenario, due to the production business processRFIDThe amount of label printing is shared among various information stationsRFIDThe printer is therefore singleRFIDThe printer produces a relatively small number of prints per day. In the office scenario, the use environment is relatively good, the voltage is relatively stable, electromagnetic interference is little, and the quality of personnel can be regularly maintained. So customers want more cost-effective products. American zebraZebraProducts, for example,ZT411RFIDprinterIt is more suitable for this scenario.

  First of all,ZT411NatsuwaZT610Analog voidbetween. It can also be loaded with a diameter of203mm(8.0in)The label volume. Secondly, it can be loaded300Metre or450Rice carbon belt. In the introduction of...ZT610I already said thatRFIDPrinter loadingRFIDMethod for calculating the number of label volumes. Many customers ask whether they can have more than a few hundred or one thousand less in order to facilitate the procurement calculation or subsequent use. Suzhou wisdom view Yi Sheng according to many yearsRFIDPrinter sales experience, tell you a little trick. likewise100mm* 50mmtheZebra ZBR4000Take labels for example.2000The total length of a label is approximately100meter If we install carbon tape for450meter Then we print8000The total number of downtime caused by the replacement of the carbon belt after the label is4Time. If each volume label is greater than2000Zhang is in the last volumeRFIDBy the time the label is printed, the carbon tape is gone. Moreover, in the process of continuing to print in the later stage, the action of changing the label will be added, so it is virtually increased2Times of downtime. consequentRFIDLabel waste and waste of working time is huge.

  Third, due to the reduced intensity of use,ZT411seriesRFIDThe printer is designed with a semi-metal structure. Make wholeRFIDThe size and weight of the printer are reduced, which is easy for office personnel to move and easy to place on the office desktop.ZT411RFIDprinterThe label support frame is a fixed steel structure. Therefore, placing large quantities is not recommendedRFIDLabel volume.

ZT411RFIDLabel roll holder

  RFIDThe print head pressure bar was also changed to a double rod plastic housing with a steel spring pressure bar. Note that it cannot move from side to side, so use shaped or extremely narrow onesRFIDPay attention to pressure balance when labeling.

Print head pressure rod diagram

Carbon strip recovery shaft

  RFIDThe carbon belt recovery shaft and recovery shaft of the printer are plastic steel structure modules, so we should pay attention to regular maintenance in the process of daily use, if the label is stuck in the paper moving mechanism, do not scrape with a blade. The label should be soaked in industrial alcohol and wiped clean repeatedly with a dust-free cloth.

  ZT410/411RFIDA printer is also provided356mm(14.0in)/Print speed in seconds. It can also meet the needs of field users for speed.

  Be careful here, American zebrasZebraOfficially sanctionedRFIDThe metal resistant printer model isZT410/411 Silverlineseries. Other models, even if they can print some types of anti-metal labels, are not guaranteed by official technical support.

  To sum up our recommendations for this scenarioZT410/411RFIDprinterThe product is defined as may5day*24Hour or7day*8Products that work continuously for hours.

  Three. Office and compact space

  We often print test tubes in the labRFIDLabels, small businesses print small shipmentsRFIDLabels, etc. These belong to the lightweight printing office and are placed in a compact spaceRFIDThe printer. Customers in such scenarios first consider the size of the printer to be small. Second, prices need to be low. American zebraZebraFor example,ZD500RprinterIs more suitable for the scene.

  Be limited byZD500RFIDThe volume of the printer itself, its carbon belt standard parameters can only be installed74Meter (m)244Feet). This ratioZT411the450The rice carbon belt is much less. In additionRFIDThe capacity of the label paper is also reduced to a maximum outside diameter of127mm(5.0in). Based on our experienceRFIDThe loading length of the label is70Meters or so.

74Rice carbon belt bracket

  Therefore, combined with the above experience, Suzhou Zhiguan Yi Sheng recommends customers in the choice of desktop compactRFIDAfter the printer. equip70Meters of carbon strip and the same70metre-longRFIDTag. So when the label is finished, the carbon tape can be replaced simultaneously. If we do not match, we will change the label soon after the carbon tape is changed, and the awkward situation of changing the carbon tape soon after the label is changed. And we found that a lot of customers were buyingRFIDLabel when not consideredRFIDPrinter's internal label capacity, resultingRFIDAfter the label arrived, it was found that the label could not fit into the internal space of the printer.Suzhou Wisdom View Yi Sheng will give customers professional advice to avoid this situation.

  Again, desktop compactZD500RFIDDue to the limited space of the printer, there is no special pressure rod adjustment mechanism for the print head. Completely rely on the upper and lower cover of the printer to press the print head, carbon tape,RFIDLabel, glue stick. We do not recommend that customers print very thickRFIDTag orRFIDTag class, because the frequent opening and closing of the upper and lower cover after regular time use will eventually lead toRFIDThe printer could not drive the label, so printing failed.

Plastic bayonet

  RFIDThe printer label bracket has also changed from the horizontal bar type of the big machine to the left and right clamp type, which also determinesRFIDThe label roll should not be too heavy, otherwise it may fall off during printing.

Side to side clampRFIDTag bracket

  ZD500RThe printing speed is also reduced to the fastest152mm(6.0in)/Seconds.

  To sum up our recommendations for this scenarioZD500RprinterThe product is defined as may5day*8Products that work continuously for hours.

  Four. Mobile scene

  Our common scene is the warehouse on-site productRFIDLabel supplementary printing, logistics company Courier arrived at the receiving site to print logisticsRFIDTag. Move at this timeRFIDA printer is a good choice.

  RFIDThe paper loading capacity of the mobile printer is ultra-small capacity. In order toZQ520RFor example, the maximum paper roll size is57mm(2.24in). Many customers do not understand this parameter, why not tell how many labels can be loaded. It is necessary to give an overall size, and can not be concretely quantified parameters. Suzhou Wisdom view based on years of project experience to infer that because the mobile printer space is small, on the one hand domesticRFIDThere are many labels of different thicknessesRFIDThe label surface material will cause the same size and number of labels to be rolled into rolls, and its roll diameter will also be very different. On the other handRFIDLabels contain an antenna part, and a roll diameter too small in the center of the roll will causeRFIDThe antenna and performance of the label are compromised, so a paper roll with a tube core must be made, and the thickness of the tube core can also affect the final loadingRFIDThe number of labels. According to the experience of Suzhou Wisdom View,ZQ520RprintertheRFIDThe recommended length of labels is7meter According to the80mm*40mmThe non-resistant metal thermal label to count. The number of labels in a roll is approximately150Zhang.

  The printing speed is also lower for127mm(5.0in)/Seconds. After all, the mobile printing scene does not require that much speed.

  To sum up our recommendations for this scenarioZQ520RPrinter products are defined as a small number of products printed on demand. So you don't have to use a time-like measure.

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  From the above article description, choose the right oneRFIDPrinters do need to consider many factors if you want to be more efficient and timely to achieve the right choiceRFIDThe purpose of the printer is available instantlydial13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou wisdom view Yi Sheng will take many yearsRFIDPrinter experience and expertise help customers make instant judgments. At the same time, we can also provide customers with a variety of brand specifications modelsRFIDPrinters to match different customer scenario requirements.

  The content of this article is authorized by Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD., the views of this article only represent the author himself, the original is not easy, it is prohibited to reprint privately, if you need to reprint contact with the original author for authorization, if without communication, unauthorized deletion of the content after reprinting, reprinting in the form of screenshots, without marking the source and author as required, once found never authorized. And reserve the right to further prosecute the behavior of irregular reproduction.

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