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SATO CL4NX Metal resistant RFID printer

Released Date: Jun 13,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
Designed to track global operations With our extensive experience in providing solutions to meet our customers' field needs, we are proud to launch SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDThe printer. industry-leading4Inch global universal industrial thermal printer designed to meet the requirements of mid - to high-end label reprinting environments.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter Designed to track global operations

  With our extensive experience in providing solutions to meet our customers' field needs, we are proud to launchSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter.

  industry-leading4Inch global universal industrial thermal printer designed to meet the requirements of mid - to high-end label reprinting environments.


  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinterRFIDprinter, optimize yourRFIDApply

  Field operations are available by applicationRFIDTechnology, save manpower, improve operational efficiency and enjoy more advanced advantages.RFIDtag/The tag can be read in large quantities at one time without contact, and the data can be written to the chip as needed.

  RFIDA wide range of applications can be used for clothing labeling, asset tracking, and for managing products, workflows, or medical devices and pharmaceuticals in factories and hospitals.

  SatoSATO CL4NX Is a kind ofRFIDPrinter, available inUHF,HFandNFCtag/The tag surface prints bar codes and text information, while data can be written into the embedded chip. In addition, the menu control on the printer screen can save the user's tedious manual adjustment of the antenna;SATO CL4NX Can be checked before encodingRFIDChip to prevent the generation of invalid labels.

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter   abundantRFIDFeatures and high compatibility

  SATO RFIDAutomatic calibration function(SRA)

  Can drive antenna and chip automatically, easy setupRFIDTag reading/Write conditions to greatly reduce manual adjustment time inRFIDBetter and more stable label printing and coding.

  Such as the occurrence of unplannedRFIDThe label volume is replaced or the coding error occurs/Write conditional time, SRAFunctionality will play a huge role

SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter   Functions to store commonly used Settings

  Storeable height10Read a label format/Write the setting condition. Users can easily use the same printer Select and retrieve saved files to print multiple labels.

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter   Compatible specialRFIDtag/drop

  The performance of special coded antennas can be increased up to30dBmSupport diversityRFIDtag/Tag coding and surface printing, containing flexible anti-metal tags and other specialitiesRFIDApply labels.

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter   Main application

  Manufacturing industry

  End-to-end traceability from raw materials to product identification

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDPrinters are designed to cope with harsh industrial environments and meet manufacturers' needs for visualization and traceability management of raw materials and products, which is important when recalls are needed

  So is the printer.RFIDA key part of the system for managing recyclable transport items(RTIs) And other plant assets.

  Electronics manufacturers by useSATOHeat resistant labels andCL4NX PlusPrinters, with high precision, print smaller and smaller electronic products in miniaturePCBTag.


  Parts identification label, improve productivity

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter Ideal for increasing efficiency and productivity for automotive and component manufacturers.

  Users can useAEPandPDFDirect printing function, no manual can be accurately printed, automatic cutting Cut and finish. Users can also directly fromPLCPrint to printer, the same printing application can be easily implemented in any manufacturing plant.


   Visualize warehouse to store to improve sales performance and customer satisfaction

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter Suitable for batch logistics label printing, helping you accurately send goods from the warehouse to the store.

  Through the factory's productsRFIDLogo, retailers can also achieve more efficient inventory and visualization of store inventory, we can provide a variety of labels, tags, bills, to meet the price reduction, anti-counterfeiting and other needs.

   transport&Material flow

   Supply chain identification for increased sensitivity and visibility

  Labels required for the entire supply chain, from warehousing to inventory management and transportation, users can save label templates toSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDIn the printer,Easy selection and configuration.

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter ,The printer supports multiple label printing(Special labels are included, for example, three-layer labels), for shipping and returns. It also supports high-speed, batch printing, which can meet the growing needs of the e-commerce industry.

  SatoSATO CL4NX antimetalRFIDprinter Specification sheet

SATO CL4NX PlusPrinter specification sheet

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