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Manual count, loss of assets? -RFID inventory system - More accurate data - Suzhou Wisdom

Released Date: Apr 23,2023 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

uniteRFIDTechnical management, willRFIDLabels are attached to each package of goods,RFIDThe label writes the specific information of the goods, the detailed information of the storage location, etc., when the goods are operated in all aspects of the storageRFIDThe handheld machine automatically collects relevant information and records it.RFIDThe characteristics of the stock counting system are as follows:1, automatic data collection2, multi-label group read......

  The traditional manual record of inventory management not only consumes time and labor, but also leads to inaccurate data and other problems.

  uniteRFIDTechnical management, willRFIDtagOn the package of each shipment, inRFIDThe electronic label writes the specific information of the goods, the detailed information of the storage location, etc., when the goods are operated in all aspects of storageRFIDHandheld phoneAutomatically collect and record relevant information.

  Application links:RFIDStock counting system

  Hardware link:RFIDtag ,RFIDHandheld phone  

  RFIDStock counting systemFeatures are as follows: 

   1, automatic data collection 

   2, multi-label group read 

   3Barrier-free access to data 

   4Large capacity data storage

   5Adapt to harsh working environment

   6, can be reused

   7, high security 

   8, shape diversification

  RFIDThe inventory collection system not only improves the work efficiency and accuracy, but also reduces the expenditure cost of enterprises.

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