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Advantages of RFID fixed asset management system

Released Date: Dec 20,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
RFIDFixed asset management system is an essential software for enterprises and administrative units.RFIDThe fixed asset software mainly focuses on enterprise asset management, with clear and specific management objectives to ensure that enterprise users can understand assets at any time, handle business, operate in real time, convenient and fast.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  In practical application,RFIDimmobilizationassetsManagement systems are essential software for enterprises and administrative units,RFIDFixed asset management system software mainly focuses on enterprise asset management links, management objectives are clear and specific, to ensure that enterprise users can use any equipment to understand assets, handle business, real-time operation, convenient and fast.

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  RFIDFixed assetsManagement system What kind of advantages will make more enterprises choose? Let's take a look:

  one. advantage

  1. usAdopting the Internet of ThingsRFIDSensing technology takes only one second to count the assets of an office, without searching for assets and code numbers one by one

  2. Are your assets out of reach? For example, the pump, when the inventory is never taken, we useRFIDFixed assetsSensor technology can also be counted from space.

  3. Make use ofRFIDPositioning technology, we can know the specific location of fixed assets anytime, anywhere.

  4. Powerful software processes combined with high performance hardware.

  5. Deep excavationRFIDProduct performance, greatly improve the reading distance and reading speed, to achieve easy on-site inventory.

  6. We've been working on it for yearsRFIDFixed assets management system Technology, for many familiar brandsRFIDFixed asset management systems and services to provide complete solutions from various hardware to software.

  7. Fixed assets have their own independent identity, inventory no longer need to fight, we can increase the frequency of inventory more timely and accurate grasp of the fixed assets of enterprises and institutions.

  8. withSAPUf, Dingjie, Kingdee and so onERPThe system performs data interaction

  9. Easy to extend: Easy to extend new functions and modules or increase data interaction with other systems as your needs change

  two Status quo

  1. In the management of fixed assets of enterprises, accounts, cards and materials do not correspond.

  2. It is not clear where each fixed asset is located, and it is not possible to know how many fixed assets are in a particular location.

  3. Asset management lacks basic data and corresponding management means.

  4. Current status cannot be tracked, such as transfer, borrowing, maintenance, etc., noITThe system supports related workflows.

  5. The scrapping of fixed assets cannot be handled in a timely manner, the financial accounts cannot be written off in a timely manner, the scrapping list cannot be formed, and the physical cards on the fixed assets cannot be checked after the physical items are dismantled.

  6. The calculation of depreciation is complicated and the accuracy is poor, which leads to the loss of fixed assets.

  7. Lack of intermediate tracking management of fixed assets There is no historical record of assets, such as installation, movement, allocation, scrapping, maintenance, etc., and there is no equipment code corresponding to the assets.

  8. The warranty of fixed assets cannot be managed.

  9. Assets are scattered, it is difficult to carry out effective inventory operations on all assets in a short period of time.

  three. solution

  Find out what's going on, keep your assets under control

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  1. RFIDWhole life cycle management of fixed asset management system
From asset acquisition to acquisitionUse, management, maintenance, depreciation, borrowing, return to scrap, to achieve closed-loop management of the whole process
Import and export data in batches for backup

  2.  Asset history can be traced
achieve"Accounts, cards, things , people, location, bar code "To meet the management objectives, and can trace the history of the change process, find out the context

  3. RFIDMobile scanning code, a variety of inventory methods, comprehensively improve the efficiency of inventory
You can create inventory sheets on both the computer and mobile phones to customize the asset inventory range.
One click download inventory data to the mobile phone or scanning gun, completely rid of the import and export of files between devices.
Support multiple people, simultaneous inventory, inventory results automatically merged.
Automatically generate inventory report, both fast and accurate, from now on do not manually calculate.

  4.  RFIDFixed asset management system rich analysis reports, enterprisesFixed assetsAt a glance
How many assets does the business have? Where is it? Who's using it? Dozens of multi-dimensional data reports can track the usage of each asset, but also to grasp the overall status of enterprise assets.

  5. Business warning reminder
Cover all aspects of the asset process, provide maturing assets, borrow/Early warning such as return due reminder

  6. Seamless integration with other enterprise systems

According to the needs of enterprises to provide a variety of interfaces to seamlessly connect with other systems, truly achieve data sharing, to maintain the consistency of data

  7. Professional technical guidance

Professional and technical personnel guide the system to implement training, promote management norms, improve management depth, and reduce management costs

  8. Tailor made
According to the personalized management needs of enterprises, do not push the system that does not adapt to enterprise management, so that enterprises can use it really smoothly

  four.Function module

  1. RFIDFixed assets management system
Add, delete, and modify assets depending on their source, or within the enterpriseERP And other system data import in, and print can identify the identity of the asset unique number label, we also provide export function, or directly provide the interface with the enterprise internal ERPAnd other systems for seamless connection. belowRFIDFixed Assets Management System page:

Website picture01

  2. Receiving fixed assets

      Register the withdrawal of assets

  3. immobilizationAsset borrowing

       Record asset loan information as required, and register estimated return dates for later control.

       The borrowed assets can go out normally through the access control without warning.

  4. immobilizationAsset restitution
Asset return registration, due and unreturned assets system will give early warning according to demand.

  5. immobilizationTransfer of assets

        assetsIf there is a change of custodian or department in custody, it can be transferred internally.

  6. immobilizationAsset maintenance

       Assets need to be repaired, they also need to be registered, and the alarm warning can be lifted as needed.

  7. immobilizationDecrease in assets

       Manage the addition, deletion and modification of assets for scrapping and loss.

  8. immobilizationAssets inventory

  RFIDFixed assetsThe system provides the way of inventory by categories, departments, storage areas and other parts.

  RFIDFixed assets managementThe system also supports manual, wireless inventory import, wireless real-time inventory 3A kind of inventory.     Manual: The system exports the asset list to be checked EXCEL Format printing, operators according to the list of asset location to count, record the inventory status on the text, after the inventory is completed according to the asset code manual input system, generate inventory statistical reports.

  Wireless inventory import: the inventory personnel do not need to record the asset code and check the account book for inventory, only need to read the bar code on the fixed assets through the data collector provided by us, and the bar code information is automatically stored in the data collector.Data collectorSimilar to those used in supermarkets, but very different, this data collector is battery-powered, do not need to be connected with wires, inventory personnel can easily carry anywhere, mutual verification, read information stored in the bar code identifier. The collector can be stored near 10 The coding of about 10,000 fixed assets has increased the inventory speed90%Above, but also to avoid repeated inventory or wrong order. After reading the bar code, the data collector is connected to the computer, and the actual situation of the fixed assets can be obtained quickly, and the asset win and loss can be immediately known through query.

  Wireless real-time inventory: as long as the company supports the wireless network, this function can be used to select the list of fixed assets that need inventory through the network, and you can check the inventory data in real time.No need to import and export inventory data to the system, more convenient and concise.

  RFIDFixed assets inventory uses mobile data terminals to quickly and accurately inventory assets. The mobile terminal inventory changes the backward operation mode of manual inventory and manual verification in the past. The data of the data terminal is checked with the data in the database, and the normal or abnormal data is processedRFIDThe actual situation of fixed assets, and physical information can be transferred on the spot operation, high accuracy, low labor intensity, can be generated by unit, department, user, location, inventory statistics, inventory surplus statistics, inventory deficit statistics and inventory difference statistics and other reports, and provide report printing function.

  It is recommended that conditional units adopt wireless real-time inventory.

Warehouse managementPDAOnline approval

  9. Depreciation of assets

The system automatically depreciates according to financial rules

  10. User management

     RFIDFixed assets managementThe system administrator adds, deletes, and modifies users.

  11.Authority management

     RFIDFixed assets managementSystem administrators can set system job permissions based on their roles.

  Above isRFIDFixed assets management system Pay attention to me, and share more fixed asset management knowledge for you in the future!

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