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Zebra TC21/TC26 touch mobile data terminal

Released Date: Jul 05,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

Light and durableTC21/TC26Touch Data Terminal is an affordable mobility solution that provides you with the capabilities you need to improve your workforce's productivity and task accuracy to meet a wide range of business needs. These devices are equipped withAdroid10Operating system with built-in support for future versions and future-proof superior performance. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these devices provide the same outstanding performance. Need more flexibility? These installations......

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.


  Light and durable TC21/TC26 Touch controlMobile data terminalIt's an affordable mobility solution that delivers the features you need to improve your workforce's productivity and task accuracy for a variety of business needs. These devices are equipped with Android 10 Operating system with built-in support for future versions and future-proof superior performance. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these devices provide the same outstanding performance.

TC21 TC26

  TC21/TC26 Touch controlMobile data terminal Need more flexibility? These devices have Bluetooth capability; When paired with the right device, it can be used as a hands-free wearable solution. powerful Mobility DNA Tools are available free of charge in pre-installed form, making it easier to debug, safeguard and troubleshoot equipment.Zebra Walk with you.Zebra OneCare™ Plus Support services ensure you can significantly improve equipment uptime and return on investment.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Create cost-effective equipment for different business environments to meet the requirements of your environment

  For indoor use, only Wi-Fi environmental TC21

  It can be used and connected outdoors and indoors Wi-Fi and 4G the TC26

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Suitable for all kinds of environments, durable

  TC21/TC26 Be equipped with IP67 Package, more waterproof and dustproof. Regardless of rain, snow, cold and summer, can cope with freely. Within the operating range, the equipment can also withstand from 1.2 The impact of falling to the concrete floor at a height of meters, its display screen and scanning window are more prone to damage, and both components are used Gorilla Glass is reinforced.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Large size 5 Inch HD advanced touch screen

  TC21/TC26 The touch screen is easy to view in both indoor light and outdoor bright light. Ample display space for staff to interact with applications; You can enter data with bare hands or wear light or medium thickness gloves.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Capture all the information with the built-in camera and choose the right scanning option for your app

  Capture everything from proof of delivery, package damage, repair completion, temporary barcode capture, and more with this integrated autofocus color camera.

  Scanning intensive 1D/2D application, through SE4710 Faster collection of bar codes;

  One-dimensional for small or medium quantities/Two-dimensional scanning applications,SE4100 Ideal for you.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Product specification sheet

  With the help of StageNow Quickly deploy devices for quick barcode scanning or tapire Devices, easily deploy several or thousands of units Android Equipment; All preparation is done with a single bar code.

  You can input the collected barcode data into your application by opening the box Zebra the DataWedgeThe barcode collected using the scanner is sent directly to the existing application without any programming or modification of the existing application. Save a lot of time at no cost.

  With the help of Enterprise Home Screen Improve control and easily control workers without having to write custom code/Applications and functions that users can access.

  Improve equipment uptime with equipment diagnostic tools and eliminate the cost of sending equipment to a service center that doesn't need servicing. Test and diagnose at the touch of a button Zebra Mobile data terminal main system operability. This can be convenient for outdoor workers, allowing them to easily test and ensure that equipment is up and running before they begin outdoor work.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Achieve wearability and increased flexibility:TC21/TC26 Bluetooth support 5.0 BLE

  This powerful connectivity doubles the speed and quadruples the range of previous versions, increasing the application flexibility and performance of Bluetooth peripherals such as printers and headsets.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Create a completely hands-free wearable solution for warehouse use

  The optional wristband attachment provides true comfort and efficiency for hands-free operation. The staff just need to touch, can be with Zebra the RS5100 Bluetooth ring scanner,HD4000 Head-mounted display, mobile printer, headset, etc. This gives your front-line employees an extra layer of security, allowing them to move freely while they focus on the task at hand.

  Increase flexibility with a variety of convenient business-grade accessories

  A wide range of business-grade accessories - from portable and wearable options to single - and multi-slot chargers and docks and more - make these devices easier to use and manage. With single or multi-shift batteries, you can choose support 10 Hours of charge standard battery, also optional support 14 Hourly capacity expansion battery; Ideal solution for long hours or double shifts. These batteries can be removed, so you don't need to stop using the device for charging. In the open? The vehicle mount securely holds the device in place, and the user can connect it to the various applications that are running at the time.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Full support for peace of mind

  Zebra OneCare™ Plus Ensure peak performance and maximize equipment uptime

With two options (equipment repair or equipment replacement) as well as technical and software support, security updates, etc., unexpected outages and unbudgeted maintenance costs can be eliminated. If you choose to replace the equipment, you will receive the equipment on the next business day, and the ground transportation cost is free.

TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Excellent support, comprehensive coverage

Standard hardware warranties cover defects in workmanship and materials. Select Zebra OneCare PlusYou can also take advantage of other protection plans and services, except for normal wear and tear and accidental damage.

LifeGuard™ for Android™

Zebra Android The life cycle of the device far exceeds Google In various versions Android Typical three-year security support provided on. Pass length 6 Year of security breach protection for service TC21/TC26 The equipment provides all-weather protection.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Physical parameter

  Size includes standard battery:

  6.22Inches (length)×3.11Inch (width)×0.54Inch (thick)

  158Mm (length)×79Mm (width)x13.7Mm (thick) with extended battery

  6.22Inches (length)×3.11Inch (width)×0.68Inch (thick)

  158Mm (length)×79Mm (width)x17.3Mm (thick)

  weight8.32ounce/236G (including standard battery)

  Display screen5.0Inch color HD display (1280×720);LEDBacklight; Corning Gorilla Glass Imager window Corning Gorilla glass touch screen capacitive touch screen; multi-touch

  Power supply removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  Standard battery:≥3300mAh/12.54WhExtended battery:5260 mAh/20.25Wh Expansion slot one128GB micro SDSocketsSIMJam oneNano SIMSockets; selectableeSIM(OnlyTC26)

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Network connection

  singleUSB 2.00TG-Host machine/The client;TypeCport

  Notification tone; multicolourLED; Vibrate cue keyboard Screen keyboard

  Audio speaker-1Wallter94dBA)

  Voice support (Built-in speaker/Microphone) two (2) a microphone

  Scan buttons on both sides of the button; Volume increases or decreases; Power supply; Push-to-talk (PTT) key

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Performance parameter

  CPUQualcomm SnapdragonTM660Eight cores,1.8GHzOperating systemAndroid10For the futureAndroid Version 2 provides built-in support

  Internal memory4GBRAM/64GBFlash memory;3GBRAM/32GBFlash security verification boot, safe boot

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal User environment

  Operating temperature14Fto122F/-10℃to50℃

  Storage temperature[-30Fto158°F/-30℃to70°℃

  humidness5%to95%(no condensation) drop specifications in the operating temperature range, can withstand from4feet/1.2The impact of falling to the concrete floor from a height of meters, fitsMIL-STD810GStandard

  Tumbling specifications can withstand from1.6feet/0.5Rice tumble300Secondary impact

  Seal classiP67

  Vibration4gPeak value;5Hzto2kHzEach axis continues1Hour (s)

  Thermal shock-40℃to70℃Rapid change10Secondary cycle:1subcycle=-40℃Under temperature1.25Hours, and70℃Under temperature1.25Electrostatic discharge (h)ESD)+/-15kVAir discharge;+/-8kVdirect/Indirect discharge;+/-8kVIndirect discharge

  Interactive sensor technology (IST)

  The light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display backlight

  Motion sensor3Shaft accelerometer, withMEMSGyroscope Proximity sensor When the user makes a call and holds the device close to the head, this sensor automatically turns off the display and touch input functions.

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Data acquisition

  Scan SE4100one-dimensional/Two-dimensional imager;SE4710one-dimensional/Two dimensional imager

  camera 1300Megapixel rear camera; selectable500Megapixel front camera

  NFC Integrated function; High RF output power;MIFARE,ISO14443A&B,FeliCa,ISO 15693andNFCForumCard; The reading range is accessible50millimeter

  wirelessWANData and voice communications

  Rf band (onlyTC26)

  Voice communication

  selectablePush-to-Talk(PTT)Express*Mobility DNASoftware applications that support indoor environments instantlyPTTWalkie-talkie call.

  selectableWorkforce Connect Push-to-Talk(PTT)Pro*Mobility DNASubscription-based software applications that are easy to deploy, cost-effective, and provide instant access in both indoor and outdoor environmentsPTTWalkie-talkie call.

  selectableWorkforce Connect Voice*willTC21/TC26The device is converted into a fully functional one with a custom interfacePBXHandheld devices, even complex phone functions can be easily used without the need to purchase and manage additional voice support devices.


  carryA-GPStechnicalGPSFunction: Glonass (Glonass); The Big Dipper; Galileo (Galileo)

  Wireless LAN

  Fast roaming 802.11r


  Bluetooth Bluetooth5.0 BLE

  Environmental compliance RoHSorder2011/65/EU; Revision instruction2015/863 •REACH SVHC 1907/2006

  TC21/TC26 Touch mobile data terminal Keep under warranty

  In accordance withZebraHardware quality assurance regulations,TC21andTC26From the date of availability of spontaneous goods (1Years of process and material quality assurance.

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