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Why RFID technology is the only way for IT asset management

Released Date: Mar 07,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
ITAsset management system software and adoptionRFIDThe combination of technology and hardware helps customers manage their businessesITClass of fixed assets. Important financial institutions and high level secrecy units Data centerUlevelRFIDPositioning equipment Office classITFixed assets equipment , equipment room, cabinet, data centerITFixed assets equipment

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD., Yu2010The year was established. Since its inception, has been committed to the enterpriseRFIDFixed assets management, warehousing and logisticsRFIDProduction tracking projects, customized for customers to meet different industry applicationsRFIDTotal solutions and systems. Make a pairRFIDIn-depth research and implementation of the application technology of asset management, personnel positioning and product tracking. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  Well, technically,ITAsset managementSystem belongs to the enterpriseRFIDFixed assets management systemWithin the broad scope of... unbrokenITAsset managementCovers the monitoring, management and optimization of company-ownedITPractices and policies for systems, hardware, processes, and data. As part of the company's asset management strategy,ITThe department is responsible for implementation, tracking and maintenanceITAssets and evaluate theseITWhether the asset needs to be optimized, can be replaced with cheaper options, or upgraded to newer technologies. We wisdom view Yi Sheng in the implementation of customersRFIDFixed assets management systemIn the process, found that most customers are takingITAsset management is managed as an important management object. This is due to several factors:

  1. ITThe asset value is more expensive: for example, the common notebook computers, servers and so on are worth a lot of money;

  2. ITAsset equipment update faster: According to Moore's Law, computersCPUComputing power per18It will double in a month, and regular assets can be used5to10A year, whileITEquipment is fundamentally different from other assets3~5It must be renewed again this year. thereforeITAsset management needs are important;

  3.ITHigh asset information security: Modern society is all digital devices, and the data of business operations are stored inITIn the assets. Therefore compareITThe value of the device itself, the value of the data stored inside is higher, soITAssets need frequent inventory and quick inventory;

  In accordance withITSMThe standard requirements.ITAsset management mainly includesITDevice asset attribute management andITManage daily operation and maintenance of equipment.ITDaily device operation and maintenance management includesITEquipment fault repair, maintenance services, regular software updates, virus elimination, etc. This actually belongs to the wise view of Yi ShengTPMThe scope of system management, we will not go into detail here. Today we are going to talk aboutITDevice asset attributes and management methods.

  Currently there are some based on the marketDCIMframedITAsset management software.DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure management) Data center infrastructure management willIT(Information technology) and equipment management are combined for centralized monitoring and capacity planning of key equipment in the data center. Through software, hardware and sensors,DCIMProvides an independent management platform for data centersITEquipment and infrastructure for real-time monitoring and management. Simply put, it is read by computer control softwareITSerial number of the equipment,CPU, memory,IPAddress and other information, thus forming the entire organizationITAsset information list to achieve the purpose of device management. From this point of view, these software systems can indeed quickly obtain equipment related asset information. Note, however, that these capabilities alone are not enough from an asset management perspective in the first place. Or based onDCIMThe software of the framework pays more attention to the current state and operation maintenance requirements of the equipment. Because no matterITHow complex and large the assets are, the assets of the enterprise as a whole are not limited to these. Second, the software depends on the device having the characteristics of the operating system running, and must also be online boot state. If the device is not connected to the network or is turned off, there is nothing the system software can do. Finally, and most importantly, asset management is about matching accounts. This "reality" doesn't just meanITWhether the asset device exists. It is about identifying where the asset is now and who is responsible for it now. Not to mention many large enterprises, state-owned enterprises, government agencies, etc., often require third-party audits. This audit alone through the self-provided statement list is not enough, must be verified by a third party personnel to arrive at the scene. Therefore, for users, it has a simple and easy-to-use operating experience, a rigorous and standardized software system, and an enterprise-class using advanced inventory technologyRFIDThe fixed assets management system is particularly important.

  At present, common asset management software uses barcode technology. Through the naked eye can recognize the label surface information, the user can clearly understandITInformation about assets and equipment. A handheld bar code device is used to read each oneITThe barcode information on the label of the asset equipment is used to achieve the purpose of maintenance identification and inventory statistics. However, the bar code technology requires the information to be visible, which means that users must see the asset identification label of the fixed asset itself in order to achieve scanning inventory. In the actual use of the process, time-consuming and laborious. Enterprise assets are distributed in different positions of the enterprise. And the shape is different, the inventory personnel may not know what all the assets that need to be counted look like. As a result, the inventory efficiency is low, and every inventory is a torment for fixed asset managers. Slowly enterpriseITThe management of fixed assets is increasingly inconsistent.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has summarized the experience of many projects implemented by enterprise customers. Functionally targetedITAsset characteristics expand the corresponding content and form a professionalITAsset management system.

ITAsset management systemS

  At the same time, from the point of view of practical use, it is introduced for customersRFIDTechnology for different scenarios, use different specificationsRFIDProduct, realizationITAsset inventory is convenient and intelligent to achieve easy managementITThe purpose of fixed assets. Really make the account match the reality. Here we focus on the more common onesITThis section describes the asset management scenario.

  First of all, we need to introduceRFIDTechnology. RFID--Radio Frequency IdentificationRadio frequency identification, that is, radio frequency identification, is a kind of automatic identification technology, non-contact two-way data communication through radio frequency, the use of radio frequency to record media (electronic tag or radio frequency card) to read and write, so as to achieve the purpose of identification and data exchange, which is considered to be21One of the most promising information technologies of the century. Wisdom view Yi Sheng saidRFIDTechnology mainly refers to passiveRFIDThe basic working principle is not complicated: after the tag enters the reader, it receives the RF signal issued by the reader, and sends out the product information stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current.Passive Tag, passive label or passive label), the reader reads the information and decodes it, and sends it to the central information system for data processing.RFIDIs a leading wireless technology that provides input data to the Internet of Things.2017Last year, sales of label chips were close130Hundred million, in 2015-2017During the year, almost300Hundreds of millions of items are identified. Other technologies bring corresponding value, but none can match in terms of cost, simplicity, and usabilityRAIN RFIDCompare.RFIDTechnology compared to traditional bar code technology. It has the following advantages:

Bar code sumRFIDCompareS

  one. Office classITFixed assets equipment

Office fixed assets mapS

  ITThe most common scenario of assets is the desktop computers, notebooks, thin clients, terminals, etc., scattered throughout the production and operation of the enterprise. For this type of scenario, we enter the asset informationITAsset management system. Then throughITAsset management system printed outRFIDtagApply to the correspondingITThe surface of the asset, to achieve the identification and physical match.

Printer printingIVEStagS

  It is important to note here that due to ourITClass assets are internalCPU, motherboard, memory and other electronic components. Hence the need for metal resistanceRFIDtagCan achieveRFIDRead.

Then throughRFIDHandheld device for inventory.RFIDHandheld deviceBulk remote reading during the inventory processITasset-basedRFIDLabel information is compared and recorded with the data in the background system database. Implementation pairITQuick inventory of assets. The speed of its inventory is jaw-dropping. The feeling of knowing the world for a second.

ITAsset inventory interfaceS

  2. Machine room, cabinet, data centerITFixed assets equipment

Machine room pictureS

  ITAnother very important scenario for assets is the cabinet type and data center level environment. This environment is characterized by small volume and high density. In this scenario, the common notebook classRFIDLabels don't apply. According to this situation, Suzhou Wisdom View has specially chosen ultra-small labels and a variety of reading methods for customers to make inventory choices.

Ultra-small labelITS

  1We can continue the office classITThe method of asset inventory is manual. The inventory personnel use handheld devices to arrive at the cabinet site and check the equipment inside the cabinetITAsset class servers, storage, switches, firewalls and other inventory reading.

Hand-read labelS

  2) We can install it in the cabinetRFIDRead devices and antennas. This allows for remote inventory.

RFIDReading systemS

  3Combined with what we talked about at the beginning of this article,ITAssets must be accounted for. Especially in the data center room management environment. There are some important financial institutions and high-level security units that need to be on each one of the cabinetsITThe location of assets and equipment also requires precise knowledge. And this way of mastering still needs to be reflected in real time. And what we described before2Kind ofITAssets and devices in the cabinet can be managed only through inventory. You can't do precise location management. Suzhou Zhiguan Yi Sheng has also invested a lot of research and development in the face of very promising customer needs. Successfully developed the data centerUlevelRFIDPositioning equipment, combined with our professionalITAsset management system. Allow customers to truly realize real-time visualization of data center equipment positioning and inventory management needs.

Data inventory needsS


  To sum up,ITAsset management through software and adoptionRFIDThe combination of technology and hardware can help customers manage their businesses more easilyITClass of fixed assets. If you want to learn more about this, you can call us now13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou wisdom view Yi Sheng will take many yearsRFIDFixed asset experience and expertise to help clients make immediate judgments. At the same time, we can also provide customers with customized software development services to match different customer scenarios.

  The content of this article is authorized by Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD., the views of this article only represent the author himself, the original is not easy, it is prohibited to reprint privately, if you need to reprint contact with the original author for authorization, if without communication, unauthorized deletion of the content after reprinting, reprinting in the form of screenshots, without marking the source and author as required, once found never authorized. And reserve the right to further prosecute the behavior of irregular reproduction.

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