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The ZEBRA FX7500 Stationary RFID Reader - advanced stationary for business environments

Released Date: Jan 21,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
New typeZEBRA FX7500stationaryRFIDThe reader introduces advanced RFID Radio technology enables faster, more accurate read rates and more stable performance even in challenging environments. New radio technology with more flexible, based Linux The latter integrates the necessary tools and open standard interfaces for easy and quick deployment RFID And back-end applications.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  ZEBRA FX7500stationaryRFIDreader, this fixed type RFIDThe reader sets a whole new performance standard - Better performance at all times for higher sensitivity and greater immunity at a lower average cost of read points.

  Easy to deploy and easy to manage

  Installation is simple. Hang the provided bracket and secure the reader. No electrical outlet nearby? no problem Integrated power over Ethernet (PoE) Help you to FX7500Stationary readers are placed where they are needed, without the need for additional electrical outlets - Ideal for large open areas. Once connected to the network, the device is automatically detected.

  Beautiful in appearance, a wise investment choice

  ZEBRA FX7500stationaryRFIDreader With a stylish shape and compact structure, it can better fit into almost any business environment.

  Better performance. The value is higher.

  We've created a new kind RFID Radio technology enables faster, more accurate read rates and more stable performance even in challenging environments.


  ZEBRA FX7500stationaryRFIDreader

  Advanced stationary for enterprise environmentsRFIDreader

  Better performance, better value - This is where we start

  As you know, applicable RFID Solutions that help you effectively track the people and products that are important to you and in your processes Save valuable time and money, but only if the technology can capture data quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively enough to meet your business needs. The faster your business operates, the more business-critical your applications areRFIDStationary readerThe more demand there is. Today, no company is slowing down Show the pace.RFID Start with radio frequency.Zebra It was built with that in mind FX7500 RFIDStationary reader . We created one new RFID Rf technology designed for faster, more accurate read rates and more consistent performance - Even in challenging circumstances. This software-based RF technology provides excellent flexibility, enabling you to implement future upgrades and improvements with minimal investment, from And effectively protect you RFID Invest. We combine RF technology with a new, more flexible base Linux The network architecture is combined with the architecture set Become the tools and open standard interfaces you need to quickly and easily deploy RFID And background applications. Set a new performance benchmark RFID The reader is thus generated - Can always maintain the best performance, with excellent reader sensitivity and better immunity, and single read Lower cost of taking points. It has higher performance. Lower cost

7500Installation picture

  Easy to deploy and easy to manage - Applicable to any business, regardless of size

  Have you ever wanted to maximize the gap between your technology dreams and reality? Relate to FX7500 Everything is designed to make you RFID Plans move from drawing board to reality, integrating into your business environment without delays, confusion or unexpected costs. The installation is very simple and the suspension is lifted Provide the bracket and then insert the reader into place. No outlet nearby? no problem Integrated power over Ethernet (PoE) Allows you to FX7500 RFIDStationary reader place There is no need to install additional sockets in the desired location, making it ideal for open areas. Once connected to the network, the device will be automatically detected; towards For most applications, predefined profiles and built-in testing tools allow you to easily verify yours FX7500 The reader is up and running and ready to work. The port configuration option allows you to deploy the exact number of read points as needed - There would be no costly overlap. For large gauge Model global deployment,FX7500 RFIDstationary reader Helps to reduce costs as it conforms to major worldwide RFID Standards and interface requirements, including FCC,ETSI EN 302 208,LLRP and Reader Management. Conform to IPv6,FIPS and TLS Requirements ensure network security. Tape assignment third Square adapter built in USB Host ports are available with Wi-Fi Easy connection to Bluetooth network.FX7500 Auto of (Auto) Pattern configuration sum Third-party application hosting gives you an unbeatable tool for multiple application environments - you RFID The reason for the solution Think platform.

  Stylish look, smart investment

  FX7500 RFIDstationaryreader Small, lightweight, stylish and suitable for almost any business environment. In addition, the device is cost-effective and has a range of sets Features that bring great value to your enterprise applications. Integrated optical fiber universal input/Output (GPIO) Interface means no purchase, Install and manage other hardware. Ability to use third-party software tools that increase productivity (e.g.,Microsoft BizTalk and IBM the Web Sphere), easier to support your business operations. Two or four monostable port options increase deployment flexibility, depending on what you need You need to buy a reader - Nothing more, nothing less. In short,FX7500 Enable you to protect yours RFID Invest to achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

  ZEBRA FX7500stationaryRFIDReader characteristics:

  New high performance RF technology

  Higher sensitivity, improved dryness resistance and echo cancellation Except that means you get a first-class dense reader Mode performance,FM0 Mode per second exceed 1200 A label.

  Integrated power over Ethernet (POE), optical fiber GPIO, with Wi-Fi Bluetooth-connected USB Client and Host port

  You realize RFID Fast and easy application deployment as well All the tools needed for simplified ongoing management are straightforward Built in FX7500 In the architecture.

  Two-port and four-port reader configurations

  More configuration options means more flexibility to optimize Customize your read field. Accurate deployment for proper coverage The required read point - No more, no less, and thus lower Total cost of ownership.

  High flame retardancy

  FX7500 Approved for use in ambient air treatment Space installation can be made up of walls and ceilings Space efficient operation.

  ZEBRA FX7500stationaryRFIDreaderspecification

  Physical parameter

  Size:7.7 Inches (length)x 5.9 Inch (width)x 1.7 Inch (depth) (19.56 Cm (length)x 14.99 Cm (width)x 4.32 Cm (D))

  weight :7.7 Inches (length)x 5.9 Inch (width)x 1.7 Inch (depth) (19.56 Cm (length)x 14.99 Cm (width)x 4.32 Cm (D))

  Shell material: Shell material

  Visual status indicator: Visual status indicator

  Installation: Keyhole and standard VESA(75 millimeter x 75 Millimetre)


  Communication:10/100 BaseT Ethernet (RJ45), take POE Support; USB Client (USB Type B),USB Host terminal Oral (al)Type A)

  Be common :I/O :2 An input,3 One output, optical fiber (terminal)

  Power Supply:POE,POE+ or +24V DC(by UL Certified) support 12V-48VDC Controls

  Antenna port:FX 7500-2:2 A monostable port (reverse polarity TNC)

                 FX 7500-2:2 A monostable port (reverse polarity TNC)

  Working temperature: -4° to +131°F/-20 ° to +55°C

  Operating temperature -4° to +131°F/-20 ° to +55°C

  humidness 5% to 95%(no condensation)

  Vibration M I L- STD - 81 0G

  Hardware, operating system and firmware management

  Memory: Flash 512 MB;DRAM 256 MB

  Operating system: Linux

  Firmware upgrade: Based on Web The remote firmware upgrade function

  Management Agreement: RM 1.0.1(band XML over HTTP/HTTPS and SNMP Binding);RDMP


  Network stack: IPv4 and IPv6

  secure :Transport Layer Security Ver 1.2,FIPS-140

  Air interface protocol :EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C

  frequency (UHF Frequency band)

  Universal model:902 MHz - 928 MHz(most High, supported countries that use part of the frequency band/to District),

                         865 MHz - 868 MHz Readers in the United States only: 902 MHz - 928 MHz

  Transmit power output:10 dBm to +31.5 dBm(POE+,12V ~ 48V External DC power supply, universal 24V Dc power supply);

                        +10 dBm to +30.0 dBm (POE)

  Maximum reception Sensitivity: -82 dBm

  IP Addressing: Static and dynamic

  Host interface protocol: LLRP

  API Supported: Host application - .NET,C and JavaEMDK; Embedded application - C and Java SDK

  moreRFIDFor products and solutions, please visit our website( )Or online customer service (13771886689) Consultation

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