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Zebra MC3330XR RFID Collector RFID handheld data terminal

Released Date: Apr 28,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

Zebra  MC3330XR  RFIDHandheld mobile data terminal  RFIDThe collector,

With the help of powerful Android Platform achieves first-class standard distance RFID Read performance.MC3330xR Feature-rich, providing greater efficiency and accuracy for inventory and asset management applications.MC3330xR Can scan as far as 19.7 feet/6 metric RFID Tag, therefore very suitable for standard distance RFID Application program

You can develop intuitive Android Applications to utilize MC3330xR Powerful computing platform, large touch screen and physical keyboard.MC3330xR - UHF/RAIN RFID A new leap in the field of handheld readers.

Use other Zebra RFID Handheld reader, using the same software development kit (SDK) Can be MC3330xR,MC3390xR,MC3330R,MC3390R,RFD2000 andRFD8500 RFID Sled Develop the application.

MC3330xR Helps pinpoint the location of a specified item. Multiple barcodes and entire forms can be captured in one scan

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  Zebra MC3330XR UHF RFID reader

  With the help of powerful Android Platform achieves first-class standard distance RFID Read performance

Zerbra MC3330XR Handheld data collector

  triumphant MC3300R Series integration UHF/RAIN RFID A new leap for readers.Zebra MC3330XR Feature-rich, providing greater efficiency and accuracy for inventory and asset management applications. You get the same proven lightweight ergonomic design and excellence RFID Read performance, now adopted Zebra Newer, more powerful, more secure Android Architecture. Super processor, integrated NFC Reader sum 35% The larger capacity battery helps improve task processing speed and ease of use.Zebra Its signature durable design ensures longer uptime. And, you can develop intuitive Android Applications to utilizeZebra MC3330XR Powerful computing platform, large touch screen and physical keyboard.Zebra MC3330XR - UHF/RAIN RFID A new leap in the field of handheld readers.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester 

  Make use of Xamarin version EMDK and RFID SDK Simplify the full rollout process

  Xamarin The cross-development platform allows developers to use their C# Skills and tools are Android Devices develop applications that run fast and are beautifully designed. Use Zebra theXamarin version EMDK and RFID SDK, can beZebra MC3330XR All advanced enterprise features are easily integrated into your Xamarin In the application. ours EMDK Simplifies enterprise application design and enables faster, more cost-effective development cycles Xamarin version RFID SDK Allow you toZebra MC3330XR On use for others Zebra Equipment development RFIDThe application.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester

  Excellent data acquisition performance and flexibility

  advanced RFID property - Flexible, fast and accurate

  MC3330XR Can scan as far as 19.7 feet/6 metric RFIDtagTherefore, it is very suitable for standard distance RFID The application. The integrated circular antenna provides better reliability regardless of the orientation of the tag. Employees can collect accurately and quickly RFID Labels, even on challenging items, are unaffected - From hangers in the retail warehouse to a box of documents in the office, it greatly reduces the operating time of employees.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester

 Excellent sensitivity ensures higher accuracy

  Zebra High performance ASIC Rf technology provides outstanding sensitivity and higher read accuracy, with faster read rates compared to other comparable devices 25%And the accuracy is much higher40%.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester

  Take advantage of flexible development tools to reduce TCO

  Simplify application development with a common platform

  If you use other throughout the supply chain Zebra RFID With a handheld reader, you can simplify application development with a single software development kit. No need to learn a different application development framework or rewrite the application - Use the same software development kit (SDK) Can be MC3330XR,MC3330R,MC3390XR, MC3390R,RFD2000 andRFD8500 RFID Sled Develop the application.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester 

  Integrated enterprise dimension/Two-dimensional bar code scanning

  Employees do not need to use different devices to scan RFIDLabels and barcodes - with MC3330xRCan be scanned. Use Zebra the PRZM Intelligent imaging technology can capture barcodes in real time even for challenging barcodes, including poorly printed, damaged, crumpled, faded, truncated, and low-contrast barcodes. The reader's long distance and wide field of view make it easy for employees to scan from near to far.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Easy to use positioning technology

  MC3330xR Helps pinpoint the location of a specified item. The Item Finder mode uses sound and visual cues to quickly direct employees to the location of any desired item.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Multiple barcodes and entire forms can be captured in one scan

  Do you need to capture multiple barcodes on one or more labels of an item? MC3330xR Can make it easy for you. With one click of the scan button, employees can easily pick up all the correct barcodes on many labels.

  A powerful platform for demanding enterprise applications

  More rugged to meet all day business needs

  MC3330XR have 5 feet/1.5 Meter drop gauge and IP54 Grade sealed to cope with splashing liquids and dust. Corning for touch screen and imager window® gorilla® Glass gives these two very weak equipment components excellent scratch resistance and earthquake resistance. How does it work? Employee availability MC3330xR Drop on a concrete floor or use in a dusty area - It still works normally and reliably.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Adopt first class 7000mAh Battery for all-weather power supply

  New type 7000 mAh Extended capacity battery is every model MC3330xR Standard configuration of the product.

  More power means fewer battery changes, simpler battery management, and a smaller battery pack.Zebra the PowerPrecision+ Technology provides a complete set of metrics to easily identify, remove and replace aging batteries.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Lightweight, streamlined design

  MC3330xR It is very lightweight in its class UHF RFID One of the readers, designed for easy use with one hand, whether right or left handed, can be easily navigated.

 Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Excellent computing power

  All models can provide super powerful products 2.2 GHz Eight core processors and 4 GB RAM/32GB Flash, with its particularly powerful processor and memory, can run the demanding applications of today and tomorrow.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Backward compatibility of attachments

  You can use most of the existing ones MC3200/MC3300/MC3300R Accessories for an affordable upgrade. You can also choose from new attachments, such as universal ones that simplify back-office administrationShareCradle.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Can provide feedback in any environment

  Through high visibility LED Indicator lights make it easy for employees to track charging status and confirm tasks have been completed, even in noisy environments.LED The lights are located on both sides of the device, ensuring visibility from any Angle.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester integration NFCTo achieve simple, instant pairing

  With just a touch, employees can turn MC3330xR with Zebra The ring scanner, mobile printer and Bluetooth headset pair. You can also use NFC Readers to conduct "touch authentication" applications where employees simply touch their employees ID The badge can be logged in to the authorized should Use programs and resources.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Both a keyboard and a large touch screen simplify data entry

  Ideal combination: Large touch screen and keyboard

  Whether your application requires touch input or physical keyboard input, we can meet the needs. Your application can take advantage of the entire display, while the physical keyboard provides employees with the same familiar user experience as the current user input method. With three different keyboard options, you can choose the right keyboard for your data entry needs, namely, alphanumeric keyboard, numeric keyboard and functional numeric keyboard.

 Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Android Strong support

  The only product of its kind available Android 10 Functional device

  Android 10 Is so far powerful Android Versions that can be made MC3330xR It becomes easier and safer to use. To you IT As far as the department is concerned, new security and privacy improvements exceed 50 Item.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Aim at Android The life cycle security guarantee

  adopt LifeGuard™ for Android™, can provide you with assurance MC3330xR RFID Security updates required for the daily operation of the reader, as well as easy end-to-end control of the operating system update process, and follow-up Android Version built-in support.

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Physical parameter

  dimension6.45 inches (length)x 2.95 inches (Wide)x 8.31 inches (Deep)164 Mm (length)x 75 Mm (width)x 211 Mm (depth)

  weight24 ounce/680 Gram (with hand strap)

  display4 inches (800 x 480) WVGA; Color display

  Scanner window Corning Gorilla glass

  Touch screen Corning Gorilla with air gap glass touch screen Dual input mode with support for finger, gloved finger and stylus (conductive stylus sold separately)

  backlightLED backlight   Expansion slot available to users MicroSDSlot, support 32 GB theSDHC Wagada 512 GB the SDXC

  Network connectionUSB 2.0 High speed OTG(host/Client),WLANAnd Bluetooth

  Notification side LED Indicator and prompt tone

  Key number (29 Key), function number (38 Key) Alphanumeric (47 Key)

  VoicePTT Express and Workforce Connect PTTPro(Built-in speaker, microphone and Bluetooth wireless headset support)

  Audio built-in speaker and microphone

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Performance parameter

  CPU Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 660 Eight cores,2.2 GHz

  Operating systemZebra Restricted mode Android 10, for controlGMS And other services; Will support the future Androidedition

  Internal memory4GB/32GB Flash memory

  Power Supply All models are equipped with rechargeable lithium ions 3.6V,-7000mAh the PowerPrecision+ Batteries; five (5)Fully charged within hours; Support with temporary WLAN/Bluetooth session retention is backward-compatible with hot swap 5200mAh (2X) battery

  User environment

  Operating temperature-4°F to 122°F/-20°C to 50°C

  Storage temperature-40°F to 158°F/-40°C to 70°C

  humidness5% - 95% Relative humidity (no condensation)

  Drop specifications can withstand multiple withdrawals over the entire operating temperature range 5 feet/1.5 Meters high fall to the concrete floor of the impact

  Roll-off specifications can withstand from 1.6 feet/0.5 Meters high fall 1,000 Secondary impact

  Seal classIP54   Vibration sine wave:4g Peak value,5hz to 2khz, random:0.4g²/hz,20hz to 2khz

  Thermal shock40°F to 158°F/-40°C to 70°C

  Electrostatic discharge (ESD)+/-15kV The air,+/-8kV Contact discharge+/-8kV Indirect contact discharge

  Interactive sensor technology (IST)

  Motion sensor3 Shaft accelerometer, with MEMS gyroscope


  Supported standardEPC Class 1 Gen2;EPC Gen2 V2;ISO-18000-63

  RFID engineZebra Proprietary radio frequency technology

  Maximum read rate900+ tag/seconds

  Rated reading range approx 19.7+ feet/about 6+ meter RFID

  Power output0 dBm to +30 dBm

  RFID Antenna type integrated circular polarization

  Frequency range865-928 MHz

  Bar code scanning

  Scanning engineSE4770 with LED calibrator

  wireless PAN

  Bluetooth2 Grade, Bluetooth V5.0, use BR/EDR And low energy Bluetooth(BLE) support

  Zebra MC3330XR RFIDharvester Market and application

  Retail warehouse

  inventory/Cycle count

  Automatic replenishment

  Acceptance check/Loss control

  Omni-channel fulfillment

  Item search

  Data center/office

  Asset management and tracking

  Medical care

  inventory/Cycle count

  Asset Management (for key assets)

  Item search

  Pharmaceutical and laboratory stocks

  Cluster inventory demonstration/Sample inventory (medical equipment and drug manufacturers)

  If you want to be more efficient and timely choose the right oneZebrazebraRFIDThe model of the handheld reader can be dialed instantly13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou Wisdom view Yi Sheng will be zebra for many yearsRFIDHandheld reader experience and expertise help customers make instant judgments. At the same time, we can also provide customers with a variety of brand specifications modelsRFIDReaders to match different customer scenario requirements.

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