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What can RFID fixed asset management system do for enterprise management?

What can RFID fixed asset management system do for enterprise management?Jan 18,2022

Fixed asset management software is a management system platform developed according to the needs and functions of enterprises, which is simply a management software to help enterprises manage fixed assets. Standardize the asset business process, prevent the loss of assets, improve the efficiency of asset use, and maximize the value of asset use. Fixed asset management system to achieve information flow, state flow, review flow integration of batch inventory, illegal alarm, data reporting the whole process of asset management, so that asset management is simple, efficient and smooth. Mature professionRFIDThe fixed assets management system can realize the simple and real-time data centralized management of various management work.

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The operation process of RFID warehouse management system in practical application

The operation process of RFID warehouse management system in practical applicationJan 17,2022

ApplyRFIDThe warehouse management system has the following advantages: 1Improve the accuracy, accuracy and convenience of warehouse management; 2Improve enterprise efficiency, inRFIDWith the assistance of technology, two kinds of electronic labels such as packaging and location of goods are used for warehouse management; 3To achieve fine inventory management; 4Improve the accuracy of entry, exit, storage and migration to track warehouse goods; 5Facilitate the procurement to make order planning, accurately record the inventory of the corresponding material location; 6Warehouse management personnel can quickly locate the goods according to the label and automatically adjust the warehouse location in the system; 7In inventory counting, separate from documents to improve inventory efficiency; 8Effectively distinguish physical inventory and list inventory, effectively manage the time difference between tickets and things, and facilitate the warehouse and financial reconciliation.

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Rigid RFID Asset Tags - Confidex Survivor

Rigid RFID Asset Tags - Confidex SurvivorJan 16,2022

towardsRFIDIn the world,CONFIDEX(Confindex) is a world leader in providing contactless smart tickets to the industryRFIDHigh performance supplier of hard, flexible and special labels. Confindez isRFIDTechnology pioneer, driving the development of short-range wireless iot solutions that make supply chains, transactions, product authentication, identification, and more secure and efficient.

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How to set up a Zebra FX7500 RFID fixed reader and FX9600 RFID fixed reader

How to set up a Zebra FX7500 RFID fixed reader and FX9600 RFID fixed readerJan 15,2022

Connect to the zebra via wireless card or BluetoothFXseriesRFIDSetting method of reader Experimental findings:FX7500 RFIDThe system version delivered with the reader is2.3The insert was not recognizedUSB HostThe wireless network card and Bluetooth adapter of the host port cannot be configured for these two devices, so the first step of the setup must be the reader system version upgrade.

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The process of RFID fixed assets - warehouse management software

The process of RFID fixed assets - warehouse management softwareJan 14,2022

RFIDWarehouse management software is installed at each locationrfidElectronic tags can be physically divided into separate areas,Used to uniquely identify the location.Install in each palletRFIDElectronic tag,Used to uniquely identify each pallet.One electronic tag can be installed for each item,Used to identify goods.Each driver carries an electronic tag,Used to identify the driver (optional).In front of every warehouse/Channel installationRFIDStationary reader,And install detection at the door or on both sides of the passageRFIDantenna,Used to automatically detect incoming and outgoing pallets and driver identities.Layout based on site topography,It can assist infrared, vehicle detector, reader pairing and so on to achieve vehicle access status detection.

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Flexible metal-resistant RFID tag -Classic

Flexible metal-resistant RFID tag -ClassicJan 13,2022

ConfidextheSilverlineSeries is a printable metal-resistant UHF developed by United ZebraRFIDTag, matching the zebraZT411 Silverline RFIDPrinter, can achieve synchronous printing and coding.

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The FX9600 RFID fixed device reads the tag through the serial port

The FX9600 RFID fixed device reads the tag through the serial portJan 12,2022

FX9600 RFIDThe stationary reads the label through the serial port. Because to read data through the serial port, you must first enter the configuration page through the network port and click"Connect"Button, soFX9600 RFIDAfter the fixed serial port is configured, the configuration page can be closed but cannot be shut down. Once it is shut down, you must re-enter the configuration page by clicking"Connect"Can be used normally.

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The on-line of Smart view Yisheng RFID fixed asset management system is not complicated

The on-line of Smart view Yisheng RFID fixed asset management system is not complicatedJan 11,2022

Customers need to systematically, scientifically and intelligently manage the company's fixed assets, which usually comes to mindRFIDFixed asset management system, but generally will be afraid of the system to push the line often occurs when the phenomenon, by the implementation team of wisdom concept Yi sheng step by step planned implementation, they will listen to the experience of many customers to take you step by step the management of fixed assets into the right track.

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RFD8500 Barcode scanning gun related Settings document

RFD8500 Barcode scanning gun related Settings documentJan 10,2022

Connects to Android devices via Bluetooth 1. Select the device to be paired as shown below, where"17355523020363"ForRFD8500Barcode scanning gunS/NSerial number, click"RFD850017355523020363After the device is paired. 2. Give it another pullRFD8500Barcode scan gun trigger, match is successful.

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An introduction to rfid asset tags

An introduction to rfid asset tagsJan 09,2022

With the digitization of various enterprises and industries4.0More and more enterprises are putting forward higher requirements for the management of fixed assets of their own enterprises. In the meantime,RFIDTechnology has become more widely used in all walks of life in recent years. Well,RFIDFixed asset management came into being in this context. Today we're going to talk about itRFIDThe core foundation of fixed asset managementrfidAsset tag. Our fixed assets generally include daily office supplies,ITProducts and various industrial equipment. Corresponding to this, ourRFIDFixed asset labels can also be classified as ordinary according to different assetsrfidAsset tag, flexible metal resistanceRFIDLabel and hardRFIDTag.

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RFID asset management system

RFID asset management system

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