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Zebra MC319Z Mobile terminal RFID reader Handheld reader

Released Date: May 12,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

  zebraMC319ZMobile terminal Service level handheldRFIDreader willRFIDBring the advantages to non-industrial environments. The device is the industry's first business-grade handheld that goes beyond industrial environments and is specifically designed for customer-facing and office environmentsRFIDThe reader. The device works well in retail stores, offices, hospitals, warehouses and production lines.MC319ZEquipped with all Zebra technology industrial handRFIDThe same durable design and superior performance are complemented by ergonomics that provide everyday comfort and ease of use.MC319ZIt weighs only half as much as its industrial-grade counterpart and is a very lightweight and durable handheld on the market to dateUHF RFIDThe reader.

  zebraMC319ZMobile terminal

  Service level handheldRFIDreader

  willRFIDBring the advantages to non-industrial environments


  MC319ZIt's Zebra TechRFIDAnother groundbreaking product in the field, this device is the industry's first business-grade handheld designed specifically for customer-facing and office environments beyond industrial environmentsRFIDreader. The device works well in retail stores, offices, hospitals, warehouses and production lines.MC319ZEquipped with all Zebra technology industrial handRFIDThe same durable design and superior performance are complemented by ergonomics that provide everyday comfort and ease of use.MC319ZIt weighs only half as much as its industrial-grade counterpart and is a very lightweight and durable handheld on the market to dateUHF RFIDThe reader. The product features a balanced gun handle design that provides a comfortable grip for most high-intensity scanning applications. And advanced, efficient zebra technologyRFIDReader engines are able to speed up read rates, which increases throughput and, ultimately, personnel productivity.

  Excellent availableRFIDPerformance of Zebra technology MAX RFID ANTENNA

  Until now, companies have only been able to choose between two types of antennas: linear polarization, which provides a longer read distance, or circular polarization, which provides a wider read range.zebraMC319ZCombining the best of both technologies, this patented omni-directional antenna offers both excellent reading distance and reading range. This omnidirectional antenna has excellent reliability, and you do not need to point the reader at the label to read. As a result, even under demanding conditions (for example, piles of clothing in a retail store, boxes of documents in an office, or shelves full of data tapes in a data center), workers can collect accurately and quicklyRFIDTag.

  Great value for money - combined with Zebra technology's durable design and outstanding data acquisition capabilities

  MC319ZZebra technologyMAXRuggedAnd zebra technologyMAX Data CaptureIt has a great look and function. thoughMC319ZDesigned for non-industrial environments, but zebra technologyMAXRuggedEnsures reliable performance and excellent service life in any environment. This reader has passed one of the industry's most rigorous shock tests and can withstand multiple exposures over the entire operating temperature range4feet/1.2The impact of falling to the concrete floor from a height of meters. In Zebra technology's unique tolerance test,MC319ZIn a continuous roll1000time1.64feet/0.5Reliable performance can be maintained after meter impact test. With the aid of the adoptedIP54Sealed to withstand dust, spatter and daily wiping in healthcare and other harsh environments. Zebra technologyMAX Data Capture Two industry-leading advanced data acquisition technologies - readRFIDThe ability to label and scan bar codes is integrated into one device, which means you can get these capabilities with fewer devices to buy and manage.MC319ZAdvanced availableRFIDTechnology without sacrificing barcode scanning performance. This device can easily read even damaged or poor quality one-dimensional barcodes.

  zebraMC319ZPowerful and easy to use positioning function

  So far, handheldRFIDThe reader can also only determine the approximate location of the item (for example, on which shelf).MC319ZProvides unique, intuitive vocal and visual guidance to help staff quickly locate any item they need. As the device approaches the specified item, both the volume and frequency of the buzzer will increase, while the sliding image bar on the screen will also grow larger. No matter where an item is located, staff can locate it more easily and quickly than ever before.

  The end-to-end benefits of Zebra technology

  Selective zebra techniqueMC319ZYou will benefit from world-class partner channels, world-class management solutions and world-class services. Our ecosystem of award-winning partners makes a differenceMC319ZDeliver best-in-class rich prefabricated and custom applications that dramatically reduce your deployment time and costs. Compatible with the Zebra Technology Mobile Suite, the product provides outstanding centralized control for all your Zebra Technology devices, including remote deployment, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and protecting data on the device. Because your employees need to rely onMC319ZOn a daily basis, our Zebra Customer Care program will ensure that your equipment is in excellent operating condition for a long time. This unique service covers routine wear and tear, as well as damage to internal and external parts due to accidents, at no additional cost to you, which will significantly reduce unforeseen repair costs.


  As the first business level handheldRFIDThe reader,MC319ZBeyond the industrial environment, willRFIDIndustries and applications that extend to customer-facing and office environments include:

  profession                                                                                               Apply

  Retail business                                                                                              •inventory/Periodic inventory •inventory/Periodic inventory
  Sales area;POS; storeroom                                                                  •Automatic replenishment •Receive goods/Loss prevention •Find items


  office/Non-industrial environment                                                                         •assets/ITmanage •File and document tracking •Find items

  Medical treatment

  Health hospitals; clinic                                                                              •Asset Management (for high-value key assets)

                                                                                                        •Patient tracking•Find items


(controlled environment) production line; Warehouse access and loading station                                          •Work in process (WIP)•Receive goods/Deliver goods                                      
  Specification sheet

  zebraMC319Z Physical parameter

  dimension 7.6in.H×4.7in.Wx6.4in.D 19.34cm H×11.94cm Wx16.26cm

  weight 22.93ounce/650G (includes battery, stylus, keyboard and band)

  Display screen 3inchesQVGAColour (320×320Backlit touch screen battery lithium-ion

  battery 4400mAh,3.7Vdc(Only2XBattery)

  Network connection RS232;USB(Host and client)

  Keyboard 48Key alphanumeric keyboard

  Data acquisition options RFIDOne-dimensional laser scanner and two-dimensional imager

  zebraMC319Z Performance parameter

  CPU IntelXScale PXa270,520 MHz

  Operating system Microsoft"Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3

  Internal memory Factory configuration512MBInternal memory/1GBFlash memory, user can expand

  zebraMC319ZUse environment

  Drop specification     Within the operating temperature range, acceptable4feet/1.2The impact of falling to the concrete floor at a height of meters; Reach or even exceedMIL-STD 810F

  Rolling specification      Can withstand at room temperature500subslave1.64feet/0.5Meter roll (1000Secondary drop) impact; Reach or even exceedMIL-STD 810F

  Operating temperature 14Fto122F/-10Cto50℃

  Storage temperature -22Fto160F/-30℃to70℃

  seal IP54; Meet and exceedMIL-STD 810F

  humidness 5%to95%(no condensation)

  Electrostatic discharge (ESD) +/-15kV VDCAir discharge,+/-8kvVDCDirect discharge,+/-8kvIndirect discharge

  Resistance to ambient light: not disturbed by normal indoor artificial lighting conditions and outdoor natural lighting conditions (direct sunlight).

  Fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp,LEDW:450 Ft Candles(4,844Lux) Daylight:8000 Ft Candles(86,111 Lux)

  zebraMC319Z RFID

  RFIDOutput power European Union:1/2 watt ERP for Europe United States:1watt

  RFIDAntenna type Integrated omnidirectional antenna

  Frequency range European Union:865-868MHzUnited States:902-928MHz

  Supported standard EPCGen2DRMConform toDRM, up to0.5W)

  wirelessLAN Voice and data communication

  radio Three modes IEEE"802.11a/b/g

  Supported data transmission 802.11a: Up to54Mbps;802.11b: The highest delivery rate can be reached11Mbps;802.11g: The highest

  supportVolP Optional (depending on the region)

  wirelessPANData and voice communications


  Peripherals and accessories

  Communication base    Single slot with spare battery slotUSB/RS232Charging base

  recharger    Four-slot battery charger, universal battery charging adapter

  printer   Supports Zebra technology approved printers

  Other accessories   Leather case, charging cable, magnetic strip reader

  Keep under warranty

  When no changes have been made to the product and it is running under normal operating conditions,MC319ZFrom the date of delivery12Warranty for process defects and material defects within a month.


  Business-level handheld for global deploymentRFIDreader

  pro-EuropeRFIDFrequency (ETSIEN 302-208) and the USRFIDFrequency region*

  Zebra technologyRFIDReader engine

  Provides advanced and efficient read performance for faster read rates and higher throughput

  Zebra technology has been patented omnidirectionalMAXRFID AntennaThe omnidirectional design of the antenna allows you to achieve more efficient and accurate reading without having to point the reader at the label

  Tag location technique

  With unique, intuitive sound and visual guidance, staff can easily locate specific items

  Mature platform

  Based on mature and widely adoptedMC3100Platform built

  Easy-to-use application programming interface (API)APl)

  Enables fast and cost-effective application deployment

  W1-Fi 802.11a/b/gWireless connection

  Connect to virtually any wireless LAN for easy integration into your environment and real-time wireless data acquisition

  Zebra technologyMAX Rugged: Meet and exceedMIL-STD 810FDrop, roll and seal standards

  Designed for 24/7 enterprise applications; Provides reliable performance even if it withstands the inevitable drops and splatters; Extend service life; wipeproof

  Zebra technologyMAXData Capture

  Just purchase one device to enjoy superiorRFIDAnd bar code scanning function, save investment, reduce operating costs

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