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Annual meeting review! Freeze moving moment! In 2022, we will not forget our original intention and forge ahead!

Released Date: Jan 28,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD. Annual meeting summary,2022We do not forget the original heart, forge ahead! 

Company team dinner, raffle, play games and other links 

Mr. Shen Xiao, general manager of the company, awarded outstanding individual and team awards2022The development of the year has been prospected, looking forward to the New Year hand in hand, common progress.

  2022years1month25On the same day, Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng held a staff meeting2022"Do not forget the original heart, forge ahead" annual meeting. At the meeting, there is not only the passion of singing and dancing, but also honor and incentive, review and outlook, not only can see the return after hard work, but also the significance of walking side by side, everyone is happy to share the dinner together.

  Dinner begins.

Dinner party

  Singing session

  The general manager's song "A Chinese Ghost Story" is like a dream

Mr. Shen sang

  The moderator announcedLucky drawLet all the people present feel surging

The host announced the start of the draw

  The raffle is on,Congratulations to the following winners:

The draw is on

Winning partner001

Winning partner002

Winning partner003

Winning partner004

  General manager's speech

  General manager Shen Xiao summed it up2021The annual work situation, the work of all staff to affirm, and2021The outstanding advanced individuals and teams of the year will be commended

  right2022The development of the year has been prospected, looking forward to the New Year hand in hand, common progress.

Shen summed up his speech

  Outstanding and advanced individual commendation:

Excellent employee01

Excellent employee02

Excellent employee03

Excellent employee04

Excellent employee05

  Lucky surprise prize

First prize

  Happy time is always short,2022The annual meeting has come to an end. Here we would like to thank the logistics team for their service and the support and cooperation of all staff.

  2022Go forward. Let us promise each other and encourage each other. Look forward to meeting a better self next year!

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