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What are the technical principles of barcode scanning guns?

Released Date: Nov 09,2021 Article Source: IVES

Bar code scanner is also commonly known as a bar code scanner/The reader is a device used to read the information contained in the bar code, which can be divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code scanners. The structure of the bar code scanner is usually the following parts: light source, receiving device, photoelectric conversion components, decoding circuit, computer interface. Zhiguan Yisheng focuses on bar code scanner and other bar code hardware, is committed to enterprise warehousing logistics and production tracking projects, customized warehousing logistics management in line with different industry applications......

Bar code scannerIt is also commonly known as a barcode scanner/The reader is a device used to read the information contained in the bar code, which can be divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code scanners. The structure of the bar code scanner is usually the following parts: light source, receiving device, photoelectric conversion components, decoding circuit, computer interface. Zhiguan Yisheng focuses on barcode scanning guns and other barcode hardware, is committed to enterprise warehousing logistics and production tracking projects, and customized warehousing logistics management systems in line with different industry applications.

The basic working principle of the scanning gun is: the light emitted by the light source passes through the optical system to the bar code symbol. The reflected light passes through the optical system and is imaged on the photoelectric converter, which is interpreted by the decoder as a digital signal that can be directly accepted by the computer. In addition to one, two-dimensional barcode scanner classification. It can also be classified as:CCD, full-angle laser and laser handheld barcode scanner.

Ordinary bar code readers usually use the following four technologies: light pen,CCD, laser, image red light.

What are the technical principles of barcode scanning guns?

Working principle

Light pen is the first handheld contact bar code reader, it is also a more economical bar code reader.

When used, the operator needs to touch the light pen to the bar code surface, through the lens of the light pen to emit a small light point, when the light point from left to right across the bar code, in the "empty" part, the light is reflected, the "bar" part, the light will be absorbed, so in the light pen inside a changing voltage, the voltage is amplified, reshaped for decoding.


Contact with the bar code to read, and be able to determine which is the bar code to be read; The length of the barcode can be read without limitation; Lower cost compared to other readers; There are no moving parts inside, relatively strong; Small size, light weight. Disadvantages: The use of light pens will be subject to various restrictions, such as in some occasions is not suitable for contact reading bar codes; In addition, the light pen can play its role only when the specified density and good print quality bar code are read on a relatively flat surface; And the operator needs to go through a certain training to use, such as reading speed, reading Angle, and improper use of pressure will affect its reading performance; Then, because it must be read, when the bar code is damaged due to improper preservation, or there is a protective film on it, the light pen can not be used; The first reading success rate of light pen is low and the error rate is high.

Reader principle

CCDFor electronic coupler (ChargcoupledeviceIt is more suitable for close and contact reading, its price is not as expensive as laser readers, and there are no moving parts inside.

CCDThe reader uses one or moreLEDThe emitted light can cover the entire bar code, the image of the bar code is transmitted to a row of light, is sampled by each individual photodiode, and the detection result of the neighboring "black" or "white" distinguishes each bar or empty, so as to determine the character of the bar code, in other words,CCDInstead of paying attention to each "bar" or "blank," the reader reads the entire section of the bar code and converts it into an electrical signal that can be decoded.

Advantages: Compared with other readers,CCDThe price of the reader is less expensive, but the same has a wide density of reading bar codes and is easy to use. It weighs less than a laser reader, and unlike a light pen, it can only read by contact.

Cons:CCDThe limitation of the reader is its reading depth and reading width, which will be difficult when it needs to read the bar code printed on the arc surface (such as beverage cans); It is not suitable for remote reading in some occasions, such as the warehouse field;CCDThe anti-fall performance is poor, so the failure rate is higher; When the barcode to be read is wide,CCDIt is not a good choice, the information is very long or very low density bar code is easy to exceed the scanning head reading range, resulting in unreadable bar code; And some take more than oneLEDAny one of the bar code readersLEDFailure will cause reading failure; mostCCDThe first reading success rate of the reader is low and the error rate is high.

Principle of laser gun

Laser scanners are relatively high in price among various scanners, but the various functional indicators it can provide are high, so they are widely used in various industries.

The basic working principle of the laser scanner is: The handheld laser scanner sends out a beam of light through a laser diode and shines on a rotating prism or a mirror that swings back and forth. The reflected light passes through the reading window and shines on the bar code surface. After the light is reflected by a bar or empty space, it returns to the reader and is collected and focused by a mirror. The signal will be decoded by a scanner or decoding software on the terminal.

Laser scanner is divided into handheld and fixed two forms: handheld laser gun connection is convenient and simple, flexible use, fixed laser scanner is suitable for reading larger, smaller bar code occasions, effectively free hands work.

Advantages: Laser scanners can be excellent for non-contact scanning, usually over reading distances30cmWhen a laser reader is the only option; Laser reading bar code density range is wide, and can read irregular bar code surface or read through glass or transparent adhesive paper, because non-contact reading, so will not damage the bar code label; Because of the superior reading and decoding system, the success rate of first reading recognition is high, and the recognition speed is relative to the light penCCDFaster, and the printing quality is not good or fuzzy bar code recognition effect; Very low bit error rate (only about one in three million); Laser reader has good shock-proof and fall-proof performance, such as:SymbolLS4000Series of scanners, can1.5Rice cement floor to prevent falls.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of the laser scanner is its relatively high price, but if calculated from the sum of the purchase cost and the use cost, withCCDThe reader doesn't make much of a difference.

Image red light

Image type red bar code reader is a bar code reader that can replace the laser gun! Its scanning depth of field30Centimeters, to match its height300time/seconds The scanning speed of the system makes it have better reading performance. Image design, so that its decoding ability is very strong, the general scanner can not read the bar code, The image red light can still be easily read. Through the intelligent interface, only need to change the cable to realize the keyboard,RS232Serial port,USBSuch interface conversion, at the same time, You can also connect directly to your laptop. For special equipment such as PDAs, some models can be directly powered by built-in batteries, which solves the problem of PDAs The problem of insufficient power supply capacity. It can also be set up and upgraded through software. Its rich data editing function enables the image-type red light scanner to fully cooperate with the user's existing software.

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