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How to choose RFID printer (2) - RFID frequency

Released Date: Jan 31,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
This section describes common applications in the industryRFIDThe frequency problem. sinceRFIDEquivalent to the general name of transportation, the different frequencies are equivalent to our common bicycles, cars, high-speed rail, aircraft and other transportation carriers. In practiceRFIDFixed assets,RFIDIn the implementation of warehouse management and other projects, there is no absolute good and bad. Only by choosing the most appropriate means of transportation (frequency) can the best results be achieved. Even in many projects, there may be severalRFIDFrequency products are used simultaneously.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to enterprise since its inceptionRFIDWarehousing and logisticsRFIDProduction tracking projects, customized to meet different industry applicationsRFIDWarehouse logistics management system. rightRFIDAsset management and personnel positioning , ProductsThe application technology of tracking is researched and implemented. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers. In customer implementationRFIDSolution in the process , RFIDprinter Be forRFIDlabel-served . In the last article, we have introduced to youRFIDThe principle of... whileRFIDEquivalent to the general name of transportation, if we want to land the project, but also need to understand the details. Therefore, this article mainly introduces the current industry applications are more commonRFIDThe frequency problem. sinceRFIDIt is equivalent to the general term of transportation, and the different frequencies are equivalent to our common bicycles, cars, high-speed trains, planes and so onTransport carrier. In practiceRFIDFixed assets,RFIDIn the implementation of warehouse management and other projects, there is no absolute good and bad. Only choose the best fitThe vehicle (frequency) to achieve the best results. Even in many projects, there may be severalRFIDFrequency products are used simultaneously. inRFIDIn industryThere are the following common frequencies, in order to facilitate users to quickly identify, we are reflected in the form of a table:

Common frequency(1)

  It should be pointed out here thatVHFandmicrowave2.45G,5.4GCommon products appear in an active way with their own batteries, often with a hard outer shell protectionInternal circuit andelectricity Pool. Therefore, noSuitable for printing. And low frequency (LFBecause the scope of use is relatively narrow, it is not favored by printer manufacturers. To sum up, at present we often Right of sightBe used for RFIDprinter Frequency of The rate is high frequencyHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF)UHF) This2A frequency range.

  High frequencyHFThe frequency band is13.56MHz. Its common protocols areISO14443andISO15693These two kinds of standards. High-frequency products have long existed in our lives, access control cards, bus cards in some cities, meal cards in cafeterias, etc., and have recently flowedLine cell phone by one Downward useNFCPayments are actually in the high frequency band. High frequency reads are closer, but for liquid or high density readsHave unique features. Therefore, the labels printed by high-frequency printers are mainly used in drinks, jewelry, medical reagent tubes and other scenes. SueZhou Zhiguan Yi Sheng agent international brand manufacturersRFIDHigh frequency printer, can be recommended according to customer needs.

  Ultra-high frequency (UHFThe frequency band is860MHz ~960MHz.Its common protocol isISO 18000-6C(EPC Class 1 Gen 2 V2) . Uhf is characterized by long reading distance and fast reading speed. It is especially suitable for places where the scene is relatively open and the coverage area needs to be relatively wide. Therefore, factory warehouses and logistics companies of manufacturing enterprises are most interested in UHF and adopt it at the same timeRFIDtechnicalFixed assets management systemIt can also greatly improve the efficiency of inventory. The reason why the UHF band has an interval is to give each country a relatively independent frequency band point. For example, the frequency band of countries in the European region is865-868 MHzThe frequency band in the United States is902-928 MHz Japan is952-954MHz,We Chinese are840-845MHzand920-925Mhz. Therefore, it should be noted that HF and UHF devices are not compatible with each other due to different frequency segments.

  The following isRFIDPrinter related articles, please click the details link:

  1. printableRFIDThe frequency of the label, this indicator determinesRFIDThe printing frequency of the printer;

  2. RFIDThe brand of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe overall quality of the printer;

  3. Need to print anti-metalRFIDThe label is still normalRFIDTag. This indicator determinesRFIDThe passability of labels;

  4. RFIDThe printing width of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDPrinter can be loadedRFIDSize of the label;

  5. RFIDThe resolution of the printer, this indicator determines the print outRFIDClarity of label surface information;

  6. RFIDThe size of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe size of the position of the printer;

  7. It needs to be printed every dayRFIDThe number of labels, this indicator determinesRFIDDurability of the printer;

  The use of professional technology can provide customers with the right choice, so be careful before buying a printer. If you want to be more efficient and timely, choose the right oneRFIDThe purpose of the printer is available instantlydial13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou wisdom view Yi Sheng will take many yearsRFIDPrinter experience and expertise help customers make instant judgments.

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