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How to choose RFID Printer (3) - RFID Printer brand

Released Date: Feb 01,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
How to choose RFIDPrinter brands are commonRFIDPrinter manufacturers are divided into three echelons. The first echelon brand, the typical representative is the two major automatic industry giants, the American Zebra (American Zebra).zebra) and Honeywell (Honeywell). The second echelon is Sato of Japan.SATO), Toshiba (Japan)TEC), American Printec (Printronix). The third echelon is domestic (DASCOM), domestic Bose (POSTEK), domestic Chinese printing (HPRT).

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to enterprise since its inceptionRFIDWarehousing and logisticsRFIDProduction track projects that have served over the years1000+Home to all types of customers. In order to provide customers with better service. We prefer reliable equipment manufacturers with authorized certifications. Can provide customers with a variety of recommendations.

  familiarthe RFIDprinter manufacturer In threeEchelon. The first echelon brand, the typical representative is the two major automatic industry giants, the American Zebra (American Zebra).zebra) and Honeywell (Honeywell). secondEchelon for Sato (Japan)SATO), Toshiba (Japan)TEC), American Printec (Printronix). The third echelon is domestic (DASCOM), domestic Bose (POSTEK), domestic Chinese printing (HPRT). Here is a brief introduction to several major printer brands.

 (I))American Zebra CompanyZebra) : Professional hardware manufacturer in the field of automatic identification, with a long history.1969Established in1982The first bar code printer was introduced.2019Fiscal year global sales reached44.85A billion dollars. Currently on a global engagement7400An employee,10000+Global channel partner, customers are mainly global wealth500Strong business. in45Various countries/Area, set there100Multiple branches.ZebraThe company's products cover bar codes andRFIDAll printing, scanning, reading devices.

  From label barcode toZebra RFIDprinter theThe advantages are:

  A. It has high brand awareness;

  B. Stable and reliable quality;

  C. itsZPLThe Printer Directive has become a label emulated and referenced by other printer brands, the vast majority of other brandsRFIDPrinters have simulationsZPLInstruction function;

  D. With all products from labels, carbon to printers, we can provide customers with a total solution;

  Its main representative products are:ZT410, ZT411,ZT610, ZD500R,ZQ520 Let's wait.

    (2) Honeywell (USA)Honeywell) : Honeywell is the world500Strong enterprises, its industries involve aerospace, special materials, traffic systems, automation and control products. Automatic identification products are currently classified under the "Safety and Productivity Solutions" segment. Honeywell itself does notRFIDProducts, whose products are acquired over the yearsIntermec,HandHeldProduct,Datamax,Metrologic,LXEAnd other brand products from the summary.

  Its main representative products are:PM43-RFID,PD43RFID

  (3) Sato (Japan)SATO) : SATOBe founded in1940It was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan global27Countries and regions have branches set bar code printers, label consumables and other R & D, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service as one, for manufacturing, logistics, retail, food&One-stop solutions for the beverage, medical and other industries.

  RFIDAdvantages of printers are:

  A. Exquisite printing effect;

  B. Stable and reliable quality;

  C. possess200,300,600Three kinds of precision print heads, and interchangeable;

  Its main representative products are: CL-4NX,CT4-LX

  (4) Toshiba (Japan)Toshiba-TEC) : Japan Toshiba Group was founded in1875years,Committed to work hard for the future of humanity and the earth,We strive to become an enterprise group that can create rich values and contribute to the life and culture of all mankind,Toshiba Group's business areas include digital products and electronic components.

  Its main representative products are: SX-5

  (5) The United States Printec (Printronix) : Printec®(Printronix®) Brand1974Born in the United States and invented high-speed line printing technology,1998He entered China. Its independent design, research and development, production of high-speed line printers and high-speed needle printers are widely used, involving finance and insurance, warehousing and logistics, medical care, medicine and chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, production and processing, wholesale and retail, food and beverage, tobacco, public utilities, education and training, government agencies, textile and clothing, book publishing and other major industries. PuinforceRFIDPrinter department2015By TaiwanTSCPurchase.

  RFIDAdvantages of printers are:

  A. Printer compatibility is good;

  B. Stable and reliable quality;

  Its main representative products are: T800,T4000,T6000

  (6) Domestic production (DASCOM) : Desh Group from1988We have been focusing on needle printer business for more than 20 years. In the successful acquisition of GermanyTallyAfter the main asset group, Desh Group has developed into a global professional needle printer, micro printer, label printer, barcode printer R & D, manufacturing and solution provider based in China. In the Chinese market, the group's annual sales of needle printers have exceeded30Ten thousand units, domestic independent brand market share first.

  RFIDAdvantages of printers are:

  A.Meet the requirements of domestic bidding standards for domestic products;

  B.Adapt to the national standard Kirin software;

  C.Through the Tongxin certification, can run in Kunpeng/soar/Longson platform;

  D.Printer compatibility is good;

  Its main representative products are: DL-218,DL-721,DL-735

    (7) Domestic Bosde (POSTEK) : Shenzhen Boside Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established1998It is a professional manufacturer of barcode label printers with independent intellectual property rights and a number of national patents.

  Its main representative products are: TX3R,TX6R

  (8) Domestic Chinese seal (HPRT) : Hanyin is an excellent system printing solution manufacturer, specializing in digital printing, mobile printing, document printing,POSPrinting, barcode label printing, photo printing, scanning equipment production and intelligent application software, multi-platform driver and embedded application development, the whole company application300A number of patents make us an industry pioneer. Have more than30000Square meters of professional production base, and with a number of authoritative scientific research institutes to achieve strategic cooperation. With the core precision technology independently researched and developed, it realizes the information interconnection in the era of Internet of Things.

  Its main representative products are: IT4R,IX4R

  The following isRFIDPrinter related articles, please click the details link:

  1. printableRFIDtagThe frequency of this indicator determinesRFIDThe printing frequency of the printer

  2. RFIDThe brand of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe overall quality of the printer;

  3. Need to print anti-metalRFIDtag Still ordinaryRFIDTag. This indicator determinesRFIDThe passability of labels;

  4. RFIDThe printing width of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDPrinter can be loadedRFIDSize of the label;

  5. RFIDThe resolution of the printer, this indicator determines the print outRFIDClarity of label surface information;

  6. RFIDThe size of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe size of the position of the printer;

  7. It needs to be printed every dayRFIDThe number of labels, this indicator determinesRFIDDurability of the printer;

  If you want to be more efficient and timely, choose the right oneRFIDThe purpose of the printer is available instantlydial13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou wisdom view Yi Sheng will take many yearsRFIDPrinter experience and expertise help customers make instant judgments.

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