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How to choose RFID printer (4) - Metal resistant RFID printer and non-metal resistant RFID printer

Released Date: Feb 02,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
BuyRFIDWhen printing, be sure to consider whether you need to print anti-metal labels in advance, and if you need to print anti-metal labelsRFIDLabel, then be sure to buyRFIDMetal resistant printer. antimetalRFIDPrinters are backward compatible to print non-resistant metalsRFIDLabel with normal bar code label. antimetalRFIDLabel printers with common non-resistant metalsRFIDThe difference between the printer is mainly the difference between the size of the paper track and the glue stick motor. Desktop type non-metal resistantRFIDPrinters recommend choosing non-resistant metals with less thicknessRFIDTag.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to enterprise since its inceptionRFIDWarehousing and logisticsRFIDProduction tracking project, rightRFIDResearch and implement the application technology of asset management, personnel positioning and product tracking. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers. Which is independently developed by our companyRFIDFixed asset management system, is very popular with customers. At present, it has been widely used in various industry units such as China Financial Futures Exchange, Kangmebao (Suzhou) Co., LTD., Ningbo Maritime Court.

  withRFIDThe deepening application of technology has also promotedRFIDLabel product segmentation. In the well-knownRFIDFixed assets management system, often encounteredRFIDResistant to metal labels such products. Why do you need it?RFIDResistant to metal labels, because traditionalRFIDAfter the label is attached directly to the metal surface, the signal will be lost, resulting in a very unsatisfactory reading distance. Therefore, resistance to metalRFIDThe label achieves a better reading distance on the metal surface by increasing its thickness. The biggest difference between the anti-metal label and the ordinary label is that the label itself is generally thick. Famous foreign brandZebra & confidexandOmniDue to the leading technology and advanced manufacturing process, the label thickness is generally controlled in0.8~1.5mm. In order to achieve a longer reading distance, many domestic brands simply increase the thickness of the label. Resulting in some resistant metal label thickness up to2.2mmAround.

  Thus, everyone is buying RFIDWhen printing, be sure to consider whether you need to print anti-metal labels in advance, and if you need to print anti-metal labelsRFIDLabel, then be sure to buyantimetalRFIDprinter. antimetalRFIDprinterBoth can be backward compatible to print non-resistant metalsRFIDLabel with normal bar code label. antimetalRFIDPrinters and general Non-resistant metalRFIDprinterThe difference mainly lies in the difference between the size of the paper track and the glue stick motor.

  hereinafterZebra RFIDTake printers, for example. itsZT410/ZT411Series antimetalRFIDPrinter, whereZT410/ZT411 SilverlineThe series is designed for various types of metal resistanceRFIDThe label is specially designed. withoutSilverlineThe model is suitable for non-resistant metalRFIDTag. The bottom picture on the left isantimetalRFIDprinterThe paper slot, right picture isNon-resistant metalRFIDprinterThe paper trough.

Metal-resistant and non-metal-resistantRFIDPrinter slot comparisonS

  As you can see from the picture above,antimetalRFIDThe paper path space of the printer is significantly higherNon-resistant metalRFIDThe printer is higher and smoother, which is conducive to the smooth passage of labels of various thicknesses. If the selection is wrong, it will lead to the need to print laterantimetalRFIDtagWhen,antimetalRFIDThe label cannot be loaded into the printer. perhaps antimetalRFIDtagThe printer can be loaded, but during the printing processantimetalRFIDThe label cannot be rotated, causing a printing failure. Therefore, the wisdom view of Yi Sheng suggests inantimetalRFIDLabel and resist metalRFIDThe suitability test should be carried out in the selection process of the printer. It can be done by choosing high quality thinner resistant metalsRFIDLabels and professional metal resistanceRFIDPrinter to achieve the best results.

  We also encountered many customers in the actual project for a variety of reasons to adopt the desktopNon-resistant metalRFIDprinterTo print thicker resistant metalsRFIDTag. Due to desktop typeNon-resistant metalRFIDprinterUsually the upper and lower cover is used to achieve the print head, carbon tape,RFIDLabel contact and drive. As shown below:

Desktop type non-metal resistantRFIDPrint internal drawingS

  Desktop printers do not have a press-adjusting printhead mechanism similar to metal-resistant printers, and are therefore metal-resistantRFIDThe thickness of the label will cause the buckle pressure of the upper and lower covers to increase, which seems to be no problem for short-term use. If long-term use or high intensity use, light surface information printing is not clear. shigonoriRFIDLabels cannot be written or string written. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose the correct anti-metal printer model.

  The thickness we see in Decathlon, Uniqlo and other retailers is0.2mm~0.4mmtheRFIDLabels are non-resistant metalRFIDTag. Conventionally allRFIDThe printer can print non-metal resistant common classRFIDTag. But printer manufacturers in order to facilitate management, usually the same type of printer has a barcode version andRFIDThe versions, for exampleZebra ZT610The printer has ZT610Regular bar code, also haveZT610-RFID A surname Therefore, customers need to pay attention to whether their existing or purchased printers are equipped with themRFIDThe antenna. We meet all the time.RFIDThe label was in place and ready to start printing, only to find that the customer had only a regular barcode printer.

  The following isRFIDPrinter related articles, please click the details link:

1. printableRFIDThe frequency of the label, this indicator determinesRFIDThe printing frequency of the printer;

2. RFIDThe brand of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe overall quality of the printer;

3. Need to print anti-metalRFIDThe label is still normalRFIDTag. This indicator determinesRFIDThe passability of labels;

4. RFIDThe printing width of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDPrinter can be loadedRFIDSize of the label;

5. RFIDThe resolution of the printer, this indicator determines the print outRFIDClarity of label surface information;

6. RFIDThe size of the printer, this indicator determinesRFIDThe size of the position of the printer;

7. It needs to be printed every dayRFIDThe number of labels, this indicator determinesRFIDDurability of the printer;

  If you want to be more efficient and timely, choose the right oneRFIDThe purpose of the printer is available instantlydial13771886689,0512-62380743. Suzhou wisdom view Yi Sheng will take many yearsRFIDPrinter experience and expertise help customers make instant judgments. At the same time, we can also provide customers with a variety of specifications and models of anti-metal labels in order to match different customer scenario requirements.

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