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The introduction of RFID system for warehouse equipment management

Released Date: Dec 24,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng x Information Technology Co., LTD
Warehouse equipment management RFID system software provides a variety of data reports to analyze the warehousing situation, the warehousing situation, the return situation, the demand statistics and other angles, greatly reducing labor costs, reducing the probability of error and improving management efficiency, and providing accurate data basis for enterprise decision-making

Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

Whether it is for productive enterprises or logistics enterprises, the inspection of warehouse incoming goods is necessary, and the wireless warehouse management system supports rapid on-site inspection and input, and provides the source of goods(Such as raw material supplier)Quality analysis. Establish the corresponding relationship between the raw material batch and the finished product, and realize the quality traceability of the finished product to the raw material. Timely data via wirelessWarehouse equipment managementRFIDSystemProcessing can be sent directly to the manager, who will receive a message recording the contents of the report even if they are not at the computer.

passWarehouse equipment managementRFIDSystemCan achieve the warehouse data "day clear day settlement",Access to data is simply "at your fingertips", throughRFIDElectronic tag scanning and rapid wireless transmission make field data acquisition fast and accurate100%Eliminate the chance of human error and the resulting costs. At the enterprise level, through the inventory and order information in the "palm" grasp, greatly eliminate order delays, delivery errors, reduce inventory occupation, eliminate "fault" costs, greatly improve the work efficiency, and then improve customer satisfaction, improve the image and competitiveness of the enterprise.

UseWarehouse equipment managementRFIDSystemPreliminary preparation

Warehouse equipment before storage 

Label each itemrfidElectronic tagTo complete the labeling process, the label stores a separate identifier that identifies the itemIDNo. 

Warehouse equipment stickerRFIDElectronic tag

When the warehouse equipment is in storage 

It is classified according to the category and model, and the operator uses the handRFIDHandheld terminalThe items are scanned and identified in batches according to the model, placed into the warehouse after scanning, the warehousing process is completed, and the scanning data is uploaded to the server in real time

Warehouse management staff inventory

Warehouse equipment out of the warehouse 

Operators according to-Cargo list or new shipment list, take out the specified model and quantity of goods from the warehouse, scan and identify the items in batches, check and complete the warehouse delivery process, and upload the scanning data to the server in real time When the item is returned, the operator scans and identifies the returned item, completes the return process, and the scan data is uploaded to the server in real time 

Warehouse equipment managementRFIDSystemThe function of inventory check in and out is introduced 

Update information automatically and accurately 

When items come in and out of the warehouse and need to be updated, just go throughRFIDHandheld terminalScanning and identifying electronic labels can complete the update of system inventory, which is conducive to reasonable maintenance and control of enterprise inventory

Query and track cargo information 

Log in to warehouse device managementRFIDThe system software terminal can quickly search the specific information of the item according to a certain condition of the item, and can view the time of the item entering the warehouse, the time of leaving the warehouse, the operator, the order information, etc., to realize the process tracking of the item.

Realize the dynamic and comprehensive distribution of human and material resources 

Change the traditional manual operation mode, reduce labor costs, reduce error probability and improve management efficiency, data information centralization, warehouse information update in time, so as to realize the dynamic and comprehensive allocation of human and material resources.

Real-time statistical report, summary of all kinds of information Operator passRFIDHandheld terminalAfter the operation of the goods in and out of the warehouse, the data will be uploaded to the system database in time, which can realize the data summary of the information of the goods, and provide a variety of data reports to make a multi-angle analysis of the storage situation, the storage situation, the return situation, the demand statistics, etc., to provide accurate data basis for the decision of the enterprise.

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