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Introduction of RFID fixed assets system

Released Date: Dec 25,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
RFIDThe fixed assets system mainly manages the warehouse items,Manage large items in the warehouse to single items(Label items directly);Manage small items to variety(Paste one on top of each type of goods containerRFIDMetal-resistant tag)The main process of

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  RFIDFixed assets systemThe process is as follows:

  RFIDFixed assets systemOverall process

  RFIDThe fixed assets system mainly manages the warehouse items,Manage large items in the warehouse to single items(Label items directly);Manage small items to variety(Paste one on top of each type of goods containerRFIDMetal-resistant tag)The main process is as follows: 

  Function introduction 

  Fixed assetsnew 

  The addition of fixed assets is actually the input of asset information,The entry process is adoptedrfidThe reader or handheld initializes the label,Register Equipment details in the background We register detailed product information in the background(Name of premises, Asset barcode, model, name). 

Warehouse managementPDAFunctional interface

  Fixed assetsreceive 

  Fixed assets used when receiving assetsRFIDHandheld phoneScanrfidAsset tag, Fill in the recipient and department. 

  Fixed assetsreturn 

  It is used when the assets are collectedRFIDHandheld scanrfidAsset tag,And return the assets to the warehouse. 

  Fixed assetsallot 

  The asset transfer process requires moving equipment from one(Aroom)Move to another place(Broom),In this process need to go throughrfidTwo registrations of the reader.If shop installedrfidStationary reader,Can be automatically collected,Can also adoptrfidA handheld reader,The specific process is as follows: 

  Fixed assetsrepair 

  Scan fixed assets in need of repair,The scanned asset is recorded as being under maintenance,After the repair, the storage scan will be performed. 

  Fixed assetsscrap 

  The asset retirement point finds the retired asset:Prepare for obsolescence,Turn the reader switch on, makerfidThe reader is reading the label.Take out obsolete equipment,Make sure you read the label correctly.Turn off the reader switch,Decommissioned equipment is transferredrfidreader. 

  RFID Fixed assets Inventory management 

  The general business process of inventory is as follows: 

  The planning department issued a notice of inventory,Ready inventory 

  The warehouse keeper got the order,Find the position,Start counting,unpackrfidHandheld phone,Scanning productRFIDLabel information 

  The scanned data is automatically transmitted wirelessly to the warehouserfidFixed assets management system 

  The system receives the collected information,Compare it with the book data in the system,Determine whether the results are consistent. 

  If all confirm that the inventory is complete 

  If inconsistent,Alarm prompt,Identify differences between physical and system data,Manual validation,The difference results are processed 

  Anti-theft of fixed assets 

  When assets enter and exit the workshop door illegallyRFIDThe system software automatically collects asset information,And generate an alarm,Human assistance to find the cause. 

  Fixed asset trajectory tracking 

  Through real-time tracking of the location of the electronic tag,Automatically generate the movement track of the electronic tag,And display it graphically 

  Visualization of fixed assets 

  Large screen real-time display of asset status, utilization, alarm processing and other information

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