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Zebra ZT400 series industrial printer - ZT410 ZT411 RFID printer

Released Date: Jun 01,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter New levels of performance, versatility, and ease of use.ZT400 Available in three print resolutions and two print widths, the series is suitable for a variety of applications in manufacturing, transportation, logistics and retail. With a large color touch display, you can not only make the printer status at a glance, but also quickly manage the Settings. Field-installed connection options, media handling options and RFID Optional, so you can easily add new features as needed. With the help of Zebra the Print DNA Suite (contains applications, utilities, and developer tools; Junu Link-OS® Provide support),ITDepartments can be lighter Loose land integration and managementZT400The printer.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

   ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  New levels of performance, versatility, and ease of use

  Use Zebra Durable type ZT400 A range of printers to keep your critical business running efficiently.ZT400 Take versatility, ease of use and performance to new levels with advanced technology.ZT400 Available in three print resolutions and two print widths, the series is suitable for a variety of applications in manufacturing, transportation, logistics and retail. With a large color touch display, you can not only make the printer status at a glance, but also quickly manage the Settings. Field-installed connection options, media handling options and RFID Optional, so you can easily add new features as needed. With the help of Zebra the Print DNA Suite (contains applications, utilities, and developer tools; Junu Link-OS® Provide support),ITDepartments can be lighter Loose land integration and managementZT400The printer. How does it work?ZT400The versatility, reliability and performance to meet your industrial printing needs now and in the future.

ZT411 RFID Metal-resistant printer

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Versatile to meet your changing needs

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter Use multiple connection options to configure dedicated printing methods

  ZT400 Ethernet interface, serial interface,USB Interface and dual USB Host port sum Bluetooth 4.1 Standard configuration. Add optional802.11ac Wi-Fi And Bluetooth dual-band wireless network card, can achieve fast and reliable wireless connection.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Designed to handle a wide range of media and applications

  You can count on ZT400 Print labels in various formats on various media.

  The printer provides 4 inch-sum 6 Inch two models, with 203 dpi,300 dpi and 600 dpi Three print resolutions*(600 dpi Be limited to 4 inched ZT411). Introduce factory-installed or field installedRFIDTechnology to print and code labels for better tracking and visibility. SelectZebra uniqueZT411 RFIDMetal-resistant marking solutions, which are thicker for metal containers and assets to print and encode RFIDUnique dedicated options for tags.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  doubleUSBHost port for further flexibility

  double USB Host port for direct connection USB Equipment. UseUDisk to copy firmware, files, and configurations, or easily print and convert formats. Two host ports can be the same Connect the scanner and keyboard to simplify data entry without the need to plug and unplug peripherals.

  Designed to meet your changing needs

  Use a variety of media handling options that can be installed in minutes ZT400 personalize Settings. Two open media slots for other communication options. Powerful processing power and The memory can support firmware upgrades and new ones for years to come Print DNA Tool.

  Easy to integrate and operate

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Large color touch screen, easy to operate

  Easy to set up and use with an intuitive icon-based interface ZT400. wear 4.3 inched The full-color touch display allows you to quickly navigate through the user-friendly icon menu system Printer Settings, easy to change language, printer Settings, connection options and more.

  ZebraThe touch screen is professionally designed and thoroughly tested for its toughness and reliability as well as others Zebra The printer portfolio remains consistent. This includes Zebra Strong tolerance to temperature, humidity, dust and other environmental challenges. Color-coded alerts can be viewed from a distance when the printer is paused or in an error state, so you immediately know what to do to keep the printer running.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Backwards compatible with almost any existing printer

  Whatever is used Zebra Whether the printer is a competitor's printer, you can use it with ZT400 Same label format and application. support EPL and ZPL, allows you to easily move from other Zebra Desktop printers are migrated. With virtual appliance applications,ZT400 Languages associated with other printer brands can be used normally.

  Easy loading of media and carbon strips

  Provides side loading channels for consumables, making loading easier, faster, and more intuitive. Color-coded media channels make it easy to pass media and carbon strips through the printer, even in low-light environments, for easy viewing through the illuminated channels.

ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Space-saving design ensures higher adaptability

  Featuring a double-door construction, this series of printers is designed to easily adapt to space-constrained environments. Go byENERGY STAR® Certification to help you save costs throughout the life cycle.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Connect directly to your industrial Ethernet

  pass Network Connect Option, without any additional equipment, can be directlyZT400Printers are connected to industrial Ethernet. This helps eliminate vulnerabilities, improves security, and saves man-hours on setup, administration, and troubleshooting.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Pair devices and access information with a single touch

  Use Print Touch™ The app, with just one click, will beZT400Series printers with supportNFCDevice pairing. Instant access to required data by scanning dynamic QR codes, including Zebra Provide operation video and product support.

 ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Easy to manage

  Zebra Print DNA - Revolutionize the printer from within

  To achieve greater value, printer hardware is just the beginning.ZT400 integrated Zebra steady Link-OS Printer operating systems, and a combination of productivity, management, development, and visualization tools Print DNA Software suite. Simplify remote manageability and implementation by improving performance Easier integration, resulting in a great print experience.

  Easily manage all your printers in one place

  With our comprehensive and flexible remote management tools, you can easily and simply maintain your printer, keep your data safe and troubleshoot your printer, anytime, from anywhere. With the help of Print DNA the Printer Profile Manager Enterprise Option allows you to manage a single printer, a specific set of printers, or all printers from anywhere in the world. This browser-based solution allows you to instantly discover every device on your network Link-OS printer - No manual tracking, printer configuration, or troubleshooting required. In addition to optional enterprise remote management tools, we offer a full suite of free deployment utilities to simplify initial setup and configuration.

  Seamless integration with your device management system

  Integrated glass panels make it easy for you to manage all Zebra Equipment and printers (inclusive ZT400 Series). Use Print DNA theMDMConnectors that you can easily connect to the InternetZT400Series printers integrated into existingAirWatchorSOTI MobiControlDevice management system.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter Reliable performance

  Excellent printing volume and production efficiency

  Avoid slowing down operations and processes while waiting for labels to print. Excellent performance provides fast initial label output and high print volumes, ensuring that you get the label when you need it.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Rugged for a wide range of demanding applications

  ZT400 The series provides years of trusted service for your business. Its durable metal frame withstands very harsh environments, while the long-life coating protects the printhead when printing in thermal mode, reducing the need for replacement printheads. Print head element missing detection ensures excellent print quality. Whether it's reinforcing the gears with carbon fiber, or high hold USB Cable, per Every detail has been carefully designed and tested to achieve a longer uptime over the life of the printer.

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Zebra Certified consumables ensure consistently high quality

  Print consumables will have an impact on everything from print head life to operating efficiency. Make sure Zebra Printer performance optimization, consistent, heart for you - This is why we designed, built and rigorously pre-tested our own product line of thermal printing consumables. For excellent quality, service and thermal printing expertise, choose ZebraCertified consumables.

  Improve uptime, improve business operations, and increase printer visibility with services

  Investment purchase ZebraPrinters can significantly improve the efficiency of critical business. Now, there is Zebra OneCareYou can ensure predictable performance and avoid off-budget repair costs. You can experience directly fromZebraExcellent technical support, as well as comprehensive repair service, which includes accidental damage and specified repair turnaround time.Zebra Support services and visibility services are available You know the printer operation information you need in real time to improve printer availability and optimize utilization in your workflow.

  ZT400Series specification

  Standard characteristic

  Printing method: thermal transfer and thermal printing

  Fuselage frame: metal frame and double door type metal media cover

  With a widened window for clear viewing

  Side-loading channels for consumables simplify loading of media and carbon strips

  equip E3™ Element Energy™ The equalizer's thin film printhead delivers superior print quality

  Communication:USB 2.0 High-speed interface,RS-232 Serial interface,10/100 In order to Tai net

  Bluetooth 4.1, double USB Host port

  4.3 Inch color touch display, the menu is intuitive, easy to proceed quickly Quick operation and setup


  Bicolor state LED Indicator light, easy to quickly understand the printer status

  Go by ENERGY STAR authentication

  Zebra Designer Essentials: Easy to use free label design tool see

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter  Printer specification

  Resolution:203 dpi/Per millimeter8Point,300 dpi/Per millimeter12 Point (optional),600 dpi/Per millimeter24 Point (only)ZT411Optional)

  Memory:256 MB SDRAMMemory,512 MBOnboard linear flash memory

  Maximum print width:ZT411:4.09 inches/104millimeterZT421:6.6 inches/168millimeter

  Maximum print speed:ZT411:14 ips/Per second356millimeterZT421:12 ips/Per second305millimeter

  Medium sensor: transmission and reflection

  Print length:

  ZT411:203 dpi:157inches/3988millimeter300 dpi:73inches/1854millimeter600 dpi:39inches/991millimeter

  ZT421:203 dpi:102 inches/2591millimeter300 dpi:45 inches/1143millimeter

  Medium characteristic

  Medium width upper limit:

  ZT411:1.00inches/25.4Mm to4.5inches/114Mm (Tear paper/Paper cutter),1.00inches/25.4Mm to4.25inches/108Mm (peel off)/Backreel)

  ZT421:2.00inches/51Mm to7.0inches/178Mm (Tear paper/Paper cutter),2.00inches/51 Mm to6.75inches/171Mm (peel off)/Backreel)

  Medium volume size limit:

  in 3 inches/76 The outer diameter on the core of a milli inner diameter is 8.0 inches/203 millimeter

  Media type: continuous paper, die-cut paper, notched paper, black label paper

  Carbon belt characteristics

  Standard length:1476 feet/450 meter

  Width:ZT411:2.00 inches/51 Mm to 4.33 inches/110 millimeterZT421:2.00 inches/51 Mm to 6.85 inches/174 millimeter

  Core: The inner diameter is 1.0 inches/25 millimeter


  Operating temperature: Heat transfer:40ºFto104ºF/5ºCto40ºC, heat sensitive:32ºFto104ºF/0ºCto40ºC

  store/Transport temperature:-40ºF to 140ºF / -40ºC to 60ºC

  Working humidity:20% to 85%(no condensation)

  Storage humidity:5% to 85%(no condensation)


  Two open communication slots available as the following options:

  dual-frequency 802.11ac Wi-Fi And Bluetooth, parallel (bidirectional interface),10/100 Ethernet, label machine interface

  Media treatment

  Backreel: Built-in 3 Inch core, can be rewound to print the label, can also peel and rewind the backing paper ( Factory Settings only)

  Stripper: front-mounted passive stripper option

  Stripper: Back roll option - An additional full-roll base paper roller is provided, compatible with standard printer mounts

  Paper cutter: front knife cutter and connector

  1 inches Inner core media supply rack (onlyZT411)

  Ink side carbon strip supply shaft (only ZT411)


  Tags compatible with the following protocols are supported:UHF EPC Gen 2 V2,ISO/IEC 18000-63 and RAIN RFID agreement

  Integrated user upgradable on site RFID System; furnish 4 inch-sum 6 Inch two models

  Adaptive coding technology, which can automatically select the coding Settings that meet the needs

  Resistance to metal for field installation RFID kit

  ZT410 ZT411 RFIDprinter ZT400Application scenario:


  Work in process, product ID/Serial number, package label, receipt/Warehousing label

  Transport and logistics

  Order sorting/Packaging, delivery/Receiving, cross-warehouse delivery, compliance labeling

  Retail business

  Distribution center, rear warehouse operation

  Medical care

  Lab tags, blood bank tags, asset tracking, drug tags

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