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Zebra ZQ500 mobile printers - ZQ510 and ZQ520

Released Date: Dec 30,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
zebra-technicalZQ500The series offers a best-in-class durable mobile printer for outdoor applications in the enterprise.3inches/72millimeterZQ510Printer and4inches/104millimeterZQ520The printer is the next generation high-performance mobile printer from Zebra Technology. The printers feature a patented military-grade design,Excellent durability and reliability even in harsh environments.

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  Mobile printer 

  zebra-technicalZQ500The series offers a best-in-class durable mobile printer for outdoor applications in the enterprise.3inches/72millimeterZQ510Moveprinter and4inches/104millimeterZQ520MoveprinterZebra Technology's next generation high-performance mobile printer. The printers feature a patented military-grade design,Excellent durability and reliability even in harsh environments.

ZQ510 ZQ520

  ZQ500Optimized for on-demand receipt printing in the transportation and logistics industry and government agencies, the series can also be used to print labels for a range of applications. These printers can withstand the drops, collisions, accidents and harsh environments that often occur in mobile workplaces, making them ideal for mobile employees whose productivity depends on the printer functioning as well as possible.

  Using zebra technologyZQ500You can be confident that your mobile printer will not only withstand any external environment, but also deliver the power, connectivity and reliability that mobile employees need. ZQ510Mobile printer and ZQ520Mobile printer Follow through a third party laboratoryMIL-STD 810gStandard drop and vibration test procedures are performedjian'c, adoptIP54The unique combination of grade design, protection against dust entry and water splash, and attention to many design details makes this series a very durable mobile printer on the market.

  In addition to providing easy setup, this series of printers also featuresLink-OS*Environment, provides advanced BluetoothSmart Ready 4.0(Low power consumption)Join sumPrint TouchDevices are paired and thus easy to manage and maintain.ZQ500 The printer passed"Made for iPod*/ iPad*"(MFi)Check sumWi-FiAlliance detection can be supported with a large number of mobile devices, Android andWindows*Mobile Device connection. With small, versatile, best-in-class accessories,ZQ510Mobile printer and ZQ520Mobile printerCars, trucks and other vehicles can be turned into efficient mobile offices.

  Ideal for the following applications:

  Government agency

  Electronic ticketing and parking enforcement, such as printing tickets that can be placed on the windshield of a car and withstand inclement weather

  Transportation and logistics

  On-site sales and service receipts

  Receipts and reports·Transport bill

  Direct goods distribution(DSD)receipt

  Cash delivery(COD)receipt

  Car rental vehicle return receipt

  Proof of receipt of parcel and logistics delivery

  Notifications, labels, and documentation

  Utility reading meter and receipt

  Durable, reliable and powerful

  In any case, working on the go requires a reliable solution. High performance in any environmentZQ500A range of printers can stand the test.

  Rugged design

  For hardware, mobile work environments can be very harsh.ZQ500Printers are lightweight, but they are still designed to withstand hits, falls and collisions, which are also inevitable in their work.ZQ510andZQ520The printer uses a patented military design,Conforms to third-party testingMIL-STD810gMilitary standard,Able to withstand shock, vibration and exposure to extreme temperatures. The printer can withstand from6.6The multiple sides of the feet to the concrete floor can be repeatedly dropped and even withstood when combined with an optional hard shell10A foot drop. To provide more protection,ZQ510andZQ520The printer also prevents media from popping out when the printer falls, allowing your staff to stay productive and focused on the road.

  Environmental tolerance

  Zebra technology not only protects your hardware, but also ensures the uptime of your devices.ZQ500Printer reachIP54Grade to prevent dust and liquids common in the field from entering the equipment,Including dust from the site and debris from the vehicle. By low temperature compensation,ZQ500The series automatically optimizes and balances print speed and print quality in low temperature environments.

  Optimized printing function

  ZQ500The series is the first Zebra product to support an alternate Bluetooth communication channel, an innovative feature that allows one channel to send print jobs to the printer, while the second channel performs other functions such as device management, ensuring your employees get their work done on time.ZQ500The printer also offers "draft mode," which optimizes the print speed for full-text printing(Per second5Above inch). With the help ofPower Smart Printtechnology,The printer can predict the user's printout, saving energy, while providing fast, high-quality receipt and label printing.

  Easy to use

  ZQ500The printer is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, from first use to last use. A simplified user interface reduces unintentional printer Settings changes, and large buttons improve finger operation accuracy when wearing gloves. Intuitive media loading reduces the time it takes employees to replace media rolls. In sleep mode,The printer will wake up when the job is sent,This saves battery energy when the printer is not in use.

  Mobile capabilities for superior performance

  ZQ500The series is not limited by traditional office boundaries.ZQ500The series offers reliable connectivity options and full-featured accessories, as well as the space-saving benefit of turning any space into a productive work environment.

  Reliable connection

  ZQ500The series standard configuration supports updated Bluetooth connectivity:Bluetooth4.0. This department Bluetooth Column printers are also provided802.11a/b/g/n WLANConnection, support2.4GHzand5GHzFrequency band,And roaming between frequency bands. With multi-port RF, your employees can use it simultaneously802.11a/b/g/nAnd Bluetooth30,This means they can always update the status of the connection. If the user loses the Bluetooth connection on the way, go throughNFCtechnology-providedPrint TouchCan act as a backup option to ensure that users are always connected.ZQ500Series passed"Made for iPod/iPad"(MFi)Check sumWi-FiAlliance detection,Available for a large number of mobile devices, Android andWindows MobileThe device provides a connection.

  Mobile staff attachment

  ZQ500The accessories are designed to save limited space in mobile working environments through small size and rich features,For example, in a vehicle.

  With a simple and reliable on-board charging option, employees can take their equipment to work while on the go. Equivalent batteries allow users to rely on on-board power to run stationary on-board applications, eliminating the need to replace batteries over the life of the printer.ZQ500The series printers also offer adapters to connect the on-board charging dock to the existing charger and base bracket.

  Remote management

  ZQ500The series offers a variety of device management options,includeProfile Manager,Enables you to manage your printer from your browser. Support industry standardsMDMUtility that enables easy communication with all devices.ZQ500Printer equipped with Syslog,It's kind ofITA diagnostic tool that allows the printer to save and log error events, write them to a file, and retrieve them from that file for remote troubleshooting.

  ZQ500furnish Link-OSEnvironmental software solutions and tools, including:

  PrintTouch NFCTechnology enables fast matchmaking and easy access to important data

  Profile Manager Can be monitored and controlled from any location in the worldLink-OS Printer - All this is done from the screen of a PC, tablet or smart phone

  Cloud ConnectSecure direct cloud connectivity

  Support virtual Appliance One allows printing using a command language that is not Zebra technology

  Specification sheet

  Printer name

  ZQ510 ZQ520

  Standard characteristic

  Android,Windows Mobile and BlackBerry"join

  Barcode, text and graphics thermal transfer printing


  Print speed up to second5inches/127millimeter(When draft mode is enabled)

  CPCLandZPLProgramming language

  Built-in bitmap and scalable fonts

  Built-in fixed and scalable fonts

  400MHz32positionARMThe processor,256MBRAM

  512MBFlash supports downloadable programs, receipt formats, fonts, and graphics

  USBOn-The-Goport(With optional strain release cable)

  2600mAhRemovable lithium-ion battery with optional extended capacity battery

  Black label and gap sensor(Use a fixed center position sensor)

  Optional paperless label roller

  Optional unlined roller

  Low temperature compensation mode-Optimize and balance print speed,Provides better print performance at low temperatures

  Double-sided tearing rod,Allows users to easily tear paper in any direction(Unlined paperSKUNot provide for)

  Supports vertical or horizontal printing

  The printer can be used in any direction

  Center-loaded media lock, suitable for various media roll widths

  "ClamshellDESIGN,Media can be loaded easily

  manage:Mirror image,SNMP,WebThe server,Profle

  Manager,AirWatchandWavelink Avalanchee·

  Bluetooth4.0Smart ReadyLow power radio

  Simple and easy to readLCDDisplays a large icon indicating battery status and wireless status

  Can withstand many times from6.6feet/2Meters of height fall to the impact of the concrete floor

  Label counter

  Real time clock

  Webhelp-pageQRBar code link:Do not show inLCDUp.

  Half sleep and ready-to-use mode-Allows the printer to wake up with a single touch

  (Bluetooth only40Bluetooth wake-up is supported in wireless, or when a Bluetooth print job is transferred

  With support for near field communication(NFC)Equipment of,Zebra Print TouchSimplifies Bluetooth pairing and can start based onWebHelp page

  Power Smart Printtechnology-Predict upcoming prints and optimize battery consumption and print speed

  Printer specification

  ZQ510Mobile printerandZQ520Mobile printer

  Resolution203 dpi(8point/millimeter)Resolution

  Maximum print width



  Print length Max:39inches

  Print speed Maximum per second5inches/127millimeter

  Operating parameter

  Operating temperature 4131'F/-2055'C

  Charging temperature 32₁104'F/ O40'C

  Charging base temperature 32~122'F/ O~50'C

  Storage temperature -22~150'F/-3O66'C

  Operating humidity 10%to90%(non-condensing)

  Storage humidity 10%to90%(non-condensing)

  IPLv. IP54(When reached with a hard shellIP65)

  Agency license

  Radiation:FCC Part 15, Subpart B B,EN55022 Class-B,EN60950, EN55024and VCCI class B

  Immunity to interference:EN55024,EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3,EN61000-4-4and EN61000-4-5


  Medium parameter

  Maximum medium width



  Maximum volume size



  Maximum dielectric thickness


  For labels as0.0063inches/0.16millimeter

  For label/The receipt is for0.0055inches/0.1397 millimeter


  For labels as0.0063inches/0.16millimeter,

  For label/The receipt is for0.0055inches/0.1397 millimeter

  Medium type Receipt, label paper/Black label, label

  Physical characteristics

  ZQ510                                    ZQ520

  Altitude 5.9inches/150millimeter              6.2inches/158millimeter

  breadth 4.7inches/120millimeter              6.1inches/155millimeter

  profundity 2.4inches/62millimeter               2.6inches/67millimeter

  weight(Battery included) 1.39pounds/631g     1.73pounds/785g

  LINK-OS solution

  Profile Manager:

  Advanced device management for server-based network printers, viaWebPerform operations on the browser interface

  Cloud connectivity:

  Secure, encrypted and authenticated direct connection to the network for printing and device management

  Virtual device:

  Print labels and signage using traditional and non-zebra technology command languages

  Zebra technology practical features:

  fromiOS, Android,WindowsMobileDevice to print print station:

  Driverless printing from an Android device


  fromAirWatchThe environment is managed internally

  Multi-platform software development kit:

  Simplify print application development with supportBlackberry, Android,WinCE,WinMobile,Windows Desktop sumLinux Unix platform

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