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ZEBRA ZT600 RFID industrial printers - ZT610 and ZT620

Released Date: Dec 29,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
ZT610 and ZT620 RFID Industrial printers, only cost 5 The printer can be upgraded to RFID The coding device. Once the printer is enabled RFIDThese printers can print and encode labels accurately and efficiently for today's advanced project-level tracking applications. Adaptive coding enables media flexibility and simplification RFID Calibration process without complex layout guidelines. The intuitive user interface further reduces setup time.

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  ZT600 RFID Industrial printers --ZT610 and ZT620 

  Powerful, intelligent and scalable RFID Coding solution

  To get ahead in today's competitive manufacturing or transportation logistics industry, you need technology solutions that can grow with your business.ZT600 Series printers are available for factory or field installation RFID Encoders combine industrial durability, user-friendly features and forward-thinking adaptability to meet your evolving needs for years to come.Link-OS® Application, managed operations, and asset visibility services (OVS/AVS) Provides better visibility into the printing system, advanced RFID Printing and coding capabilities deepen your insights into your entire business.

ZT610 620RFIDprinter

  Broaden your horizons with excellent tracking technology

  Only cost 5 It will be ready in about minutes ZT610 RFID printer and ZT620 RFID printerUpgrade to RFID The coding device. Once the printer is enabled RFIDThese printers can print and encode labels accurately and efficiently for today's advanced project-level tracking applications. Adaptive coding enables media flexibility and simplification RFID Calibration process without complex layout guidelines. The intuitive user interface further reduces setup time.Zebra the RFID Technology in... 6 Continental is certified to provide operational visibility and business insights into complex, multinational supply chains.

  Cope with harsh environments and operate consistently and reliably throughout the day

  ZT600 Despite challenging and demanding industrial conditions, series printers ensure excellent print quality and virtually eliminate operational downtime caused by printer failures. Its rugged all-metal design is designed to withstand particularly harsh temperatures, dust, debris, humidity, and even harsher conditions. Guided instructions and feedback help avoid common errors and reduce manual adjustments, resulting in highly consistent printing results. High-quality printer parts and internal components support a wide range of applications and are capable of delivering superior print quality and speed. Field mountable full-size knife cutters and connectors are ideal for your clothing labeling applications

  Farewell to high RFID Medium cost

  The spacing between the labels is very close, mostly RFID The inlay distance (spacing) is only 0.6"/16 mm Or smaller, with other printers/Encoders can handle smaller sizes of work compared to encoders. By shortening the spacing between inlays, label converters can use less material, which saves you the cost of individual labels, reduces the number of media reel changes, and speeds up your printer/Throughput rate of the encoder.

  With the help of Link-OS® Get great visibility

  Zebra Printers should be as intuitive, human and integrated as smartphones and other devices that keep us connected outside of work. By the aid of Link-OS® sustentative Print DNA Software, these features can be easily implemented. This special software platform simplifies setup, management, and troubleshooting processes with cloud-accessible applications, providing you with extraordinary real-time visibility and control to manage your print systems on-site or remotely.

  Use flexible connection modes to customize configurations

  Multiple modern connectivity options are available, making system setup, integration, and updating a breeze. Standard connection methods include serial port,USB, Gigabit Ethernet,USB Host sum Bluetooth®, optional connection modes include parallel port,802.11a/c, labeling machine port,IPv6 And Bluetooth Low energy. The device also has two open media slots to help you use non-standard connection options, design failover connections, and equip future protocols.

  User-friendly design to increase your efficiency

  ZT600 Every detail of the collection is designed to save you time. intuitively LCD Interface or optional 4.3 Inch full color touch screen, printer status at a glance. You can also quickly navigate printer Settings through the user-friendly icon menu system to change languages, change printer Settings, connection options, and more, all from the monitor. Color lighting media and carbon strip paths simplify routine maintenance. Adjustable media widths and pressure switches make it easy to adapt to more applications. Onboard sensors, diagnostics, and help resources allow you to troubleshoot without calling customer support.



  Tags compatible with the following protocols are supported:UHF EPC Gen 2 V2,ISO/IEC 18000-63 and RAIN RFID agreement

  Integrated user upgradable on site RFID System; furnish 4" and 6" Two models

  Adaptive coding technology, which can automatically select the coding Settings that meet the needs

  Support for industry-standard multi-vendor chip-based serialization

  Supports persistent locking and ATA Spec 2000 Compatible user memory blocks

  Help users take advantage of RFID Job monitoring tools track performance

  Standard characteristic

  Printing method: thermal transfer and thermal printing

  Fuselage frame: metal frame and double pleated door metal media cover with transparent enlarged viewing window

  Side-loading channels for consumables simplify loading of media and carbon strips

  adopt E3™ Element Energy™ Equalizer The film printhead provides excellent print quality

  Communication: High speed USB 2.0,RS-232 Serial port, Gigabit Ethernet,Bluetooth 4.0

  The high visual color display turns red when the printer is in an error state, and the user can determine the printer status from a distance

  The simplified icon menu navigation system classifies setting options into logical functional groups

  Printer specification


  203 dpi/Per millimeter 8 point

  300 dpi/Per millimeter 12 Point (optional)

  600 dpi/Per millimeter 24 Point (only) ZT610 Optional)

  Internal memory

  1 GB RAM Internal memory

  2 GB Onboard linear flash memory
  Upper print width limit

  ZT610:4.09"/104 mm

  ZT620:6.6"/168 mm

  Upper print speed limit

  ZT610:14 ips/Per second 356 mm

  ZT620:12 ips/Per second 305 mm

  Dielectric sensor

  Dual media sensor: projection and reflection

  Maximum continuous print length


  203 dpi:150"/3810 mm

  300 dpi:130"/3302 mm

  600 dpi:30"/762 mm


  203 dpi:150"/3810 mm

  300 dpi:100"/2540 mm

  Physical parameter

  ZT610 Closed tank

  Length19.88"/505 mm

  breadth10.56"/268.2 mm

  Altitude15.58"/395.68 mm

  weight50 lbs/22.7 kg

  ZT620 Closed tank

  Length19.88"/505 mm

  breadth13.44"/341.45 mm

  Altitude15.58"/395.68 mm

  weight57.4 lbs/26 kg

  Medium characteristic

  Medium width


  1.00"/25.4 mm to 4.5"/114 mmTear off/Cut paper)

  1.00"/25.4 mm to 4.25"/108 mm(stripping/Rewind)


  2.00"/51 mm to 7.0"/178 mmTear off/Cut paper)

  2.00"/51 mm to 6.75"/171 mm(stripping/Rewind)

  Upper limit of medium volume size

  8.0"/203 mm(Outer diameter) to use 3"/76 mm core 


  0.0023"/0.058 mm to 0.010"/0.25 mm

  Medium type

  Continuous paper, die-cut paper, notched paper, black label paper

  Carbon strip characteristics (hot transfer option only)

  Standard length

  1476'/450 m


  ZT610:2.00"/51 mm to 4.33"/110 mm

  ZT620:2.00"/51 mm to 6.85"/174 mm

  Roll core

  1.0"/25.4 mm(inside diameter)

  Operating characteristic


  Working temperature:

  Heat transfer printing = 40ºF to 104ºF/5ºC to 40ºC

  thermosensitive = 32ºF to 104ºF/0ºC to 40ºC

  Operating humidity:20% to 85%, no condensation

  store/Transport temperature:-22F to 140F/ -30C to 60C

  Storage humidity:20% to 85%, no condensation

  Electrical specification

  Automatic detection (compliance PFC Standard)90-265V Alternating current,47-63Hz, rated power 250 watts

  obtained ENERGY STAR authentication

  Organization certification

  IEC 60950,EN 55022 Class B,EN 55024,EN 61000-3-2,EN 61000-3-3

  cTUVus,CE Logo,FCC-B,ICES-003,VCCI,C-Tick,NOM,S-Mark (Arg),CCC,CU,BSMI,  KCC,SABS,IN-Metro

  Software tool

  Link-OS solution

  Document Design - Leverage your business data and Zebra The intuitive Plug-and-Print design tool quickly designs customized printing solutions.

  Device Integration - Zebra Offers applications and products designed to help will Zebra Equipment is integrated with existing systems.

  Device Management - With the help of Zebra A suite of device management tools to manage your local or global print operations

  Developer Tools - Gives you the tools you need to develop your own applications, including documentation, source code, programming languages, templates, and more.

  Web view

  Use a common web browser, view the printer's web interface, you can use ZPL II Connect and control Zebra Barcode printer.


  equip ZebraNet Print server printers will notify you via a variety of email-enabled wired or wireless devices, minimizing downtime.


  ZBI 2.0™ - A powerful programming language is available to enable the printer to run individual applications, connect to peripherals, and more.

  ZPL and ZPL II ® - Zebra Programming language provides complex label formatting and printer control, and with existing Zebra Printer compatible.

  support XML Printing of- Available XML Communicate to print barcode labels.

  Barcode identification code system

  Linear bar code:Code 11,Code 39,Code 93Tape subset A/B/C and UCC Case Code the Code 128,ISBT-128,UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN-8,EAN-13,UPC and EAN 2 Bit or 5 Digit expansion,Plessey,Postnet,Standard 2-of-5,Industrial 2-of-5,Interleaved 2-of-5,Logmars,MSI,Codabar,Planet Code

  2D barcode:Codablock,PDF417,Code 49,DataMatrix,MaxiCode, QR code,TLC 39,MicroPDF,RSS-14(and composite code),Aztec

  Fonts and graphics

  16 Species built in for expansion ZPL II Bitmap fonts and two built-in zoomable ZPL typeface Asian and other international expandable smooth bitmap fonts

  Unicode™: Suitable for multilingual printing

  Downloadable objects include graphics, scalable and bitmap fonts, label templates, and formats

  Controlled by software,IBM Code Page 850 Internal character sets are available for fonts A,B,C,D,E,F,G and 0

  support 0 font Code Page 1250,1252,1253,1254,1255 32 MB User available DRAM

  512 MB On-board flash memory available to users

  Options and accessories


  Two open communication slots are available for adding 802.11acBuilt-in card with parallel port, Ethernet and auxiliary interface. furnish IPv6 Option to attach an external dongle as a parallel port

  Media treatment

  Rollback: Built-in 3 " Roll core, you can roll back the whole roll to print labels, you can also peel and roll back the backing paper

  Paper cutter: front knife cutter and connector

  1" Inner core media supply rack

  The carbon belt supplies the ink lateral inside the shaft

  Display screen

  luminous 4.3 Inch full color touch display provides clear navigation, real-time status visualization and support information

  Keyboard display unit

  ZKDU™ Keyboard display unit that can be used in a separate printing application

  moreRFIDFor products and solutions, please visit our website( )Or online customer service (13771886689) Consultation

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