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Warehouse management using RFID fixed asset system before and after comparison

Released Date: Jan 02,2022 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
Warehouse management and useRFIDFixed assets system before and after comparison, throughRFID The scanner can read more than one at a timeRFID The label and the data is transmitted to the computer network system by the reader at one time, and the data collection and acceptance speed of the item is ten times the speed of the barcode scanning collection and acceptance

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.   

  RFID The biggest feature of the technology is non-contact high-speed identification, it communicates wirelessly, and the RF label can be read without exposing the electrical contact, so even if the RF label is affixed to the inside of the packaging material, it can also be identified. RFIDFixed assets systemIt can also identify multiple RF tags and high-speed RF tags at the same time, which can realize the high efficiency of the circulation process of goods. Specific advantages are as follows:

Fixed assetsPCEnd entryS

  1.1 Contactless read and write 

  Just by installingRFIDFixed assets system The reader can read the information directly into the database without contact, which has a very great advantage over the original entry of information through a special document officer, and can write various information about the logistics processing state into the label, reducing a lot of information collection time for the next stage of the process.

  1.2 Read multiple labels at the same time 

  passRFIDScanning gunCan read more than one at a timeRFID Label, and the data is transmitted to the computer network system by the reader at one time, this data collection and acceptance speed of the item is ten times that of the barcode scanning collection and acceptance speed, and it is much faster than the traditional method of using the document entry data collection and viewing the name of the goods to accept the item. Through this RFIDScanning gunMulti-reading, can achieve the efficient and fast circulation of goods.

Warehouse management staff inventory

  1.3 Good penetration 

  Paste... with...RFIDMetal-resistant tag The items placed in the packaging material are paper, wood, plastic and other non-metal resistant materials can also be normally identified by the reader, it has good penetration, so that you do not have to take the items out of the packaging material can be identified, quickly and conveniently.

  1.4 Labels store large data capacity

   RFIDMetal-resistant tag The data stored is much larger than the bar code, and the data stored by the bar code technology can only indicate the type of the item to which it belongs, and cannot express the individual of each type of itemRFID The electronic tag has a large storage capacity and can store information describing the item in detail.

Close-up picture of a forklift label

  1.5 Strong ability to adapt to the environment 

  The paper may not be able to see the words written on the paper, the barcode scanner in the dark environment can not sweep the barcode information, the magnetic card is not magnetic can not swipe the card, andRFID Technology is very adaptable to the environment,RFID Electronic tags have strong anti-fouling and strong immunity to light for substances such as water, oil and drugs, and it is still very easy to collect the electronic information in the RF tag in a dirty environment or a dark environment.

  1.6 Labels can be reused 

  RFID The stored data is electronic data, and the carrier of the stored data is an electronic chip, which has the function of repeated writing and can be reused to reduce the one-time input cost of the project.

  1.7 Miniaturization and diversification of label shapes 

  readRFID Rf labels are not limited by size and shape, and do not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of the paper for reading accuracy, which has greater advantages than the use of bar code technology on items that need to be combined with the shape and size of the item. In addition,RFID The miniaturization of RF tags can be more flexibly applied to the production line to control the production of products.

  1.8 RFID Technology for system and data security 

  The transfer of product data from the central computer to the workpiece will provide security for the system, avoid reading data directly from the system and greatly improve the security of the system, and use encryption methodsRFID The data in the RF tag is protected from being read.

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