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The necessity of RFID fixed asset management system

Released Date: Dec 28,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
RFIDFixed asset management system is an essential software for enterprises and administrative units.RFIDFixed asset management system software mainly focuses on enterprise asset management links, management objectives are clear and specific, to ensure that enterprise users can use any equipment to understand assets, handle business, real-time operation, convenient and fast.

Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.   

In the process of visiting customers and investigating projects, our sales and engineers found that larger enterprises pay more attention to the management of fixed assets. In order to implement the Regulations on the Management of Administrative State-owned Assets, Jiangsu Finance has also begun to legalize and standardize the management of state-owned assets. Therefore, strengthening the management of fixed assets in enterprises and institutions is of vital significance for ensuring the safety and integrity of fixed assets, improving the productivity of enterprises, improving the utilization rate of fixed assets and even for the later procurement decisions. Only the correct understanding of the composition of fixed assets and the importance of fixed assets management can help us achieve the purpose of strengthening fixed assets management in practical work.

  In recent years, with the popularization of information technology, asset management, especially fixed asset management, has a relatively clear management process and its supporting management system. The view of wisdom is easy RFIDFixed assets management systemNot only combined with the traditional bar code technology, for each managed asset physical gives a unique "identity information", to achieve the complete life cycle management of assets, but also combined with the current most popular Internet of Things technology to implement real-time monitoring of fixed assets, with information technology means, through the wisdom of Yi Sheng RFIDFixed assets management systemTo achieve the purpose of fine management of fixed assets.

Chair back fixed assets picture

  I.Why do it wellRFIDFixed assets management system 

  Because some enterprises and institutions, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of attention to fixed assets management, financial accounts are inconsistent, asset loss, irregular processes, imperfect systems, unclear responsibilities, etc., not only increase the investment cost of enterprises in fixed assets, but also affect the normal operation of enterprises, there is no data reference provided by fixed assets management system. Many companies do not know that they are paying for the losses caused by neglecting fixed asset management.

  Two.Why do you need oursRFIDFixed assets management system 

  In the enterprise asset management, the wisdom view is easyRFIDFixed asset management system has very great advantages through the "procurement. - enter - Use - upkeep - repair - Take stock - Standardized control of all aspects of "scrap", using advanced Internet of ThingsRFIDInduction technology not only makes the fixed assets management system more information, institutionalization, process, management to the post, responsibility to the person, rights and responsibilities more clear, but also increases the fixed assets and even patent anti-theft alarm and asset positioning visualization, anytime and anywhere can grasp the fixed assets of enterprises.

  Three.oursRFIDWhat are the benefits of fixed asset management system 

  1,Enhance the use value of fixed assets 

  Standardize the daily management process of fixed assets and adoptRFIDTechnology for asset management, computer, mobile phone, handheld terminal and other multi-platform coverage, data interoperability, making management more flexible, improve work efficiency, accuracy increased significantly. In addition, the automatic collection and entry of data in the daily management of assets realize the whole life cycle management of fixed assets, trace back to the source and avoid the loss of assets.

  2,Improve enterprise decision-making 

  Compared with traditional fixed asset management, the wisdom view is easy to shengRFIDBy means of information technology, the fixed asset management system can quickly and effectively collect and manage the overall asset data information of the enterprise, so as to provide a more reliable data basis for managers to evaluate assets, make management decisions and make budget plans, and avoid the hidden dangers that may be caused by enterprises in the management of fixed assets. 

  To sum up, Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. advocates that enterprises and public institutions incorporate fixed asset management into their management, including office assets, production equipment, fixed shelves, transportation vehicles (such as forklifts, hydraulic trucks, etc.), strengthen internal management to reduce production costs and management costs, and lay the foundation for later equipment maintenance and equipment repair.

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