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ZEBRA ZD500R RFID printer

Released Date: Dec 27,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD

Zebra ZD500R RFIDprinter 

Compact, easy-to-use printing devices with leading features 

By beingZebraIndustry leading thermal desktop printer product line addedUHF RFIDPrinting and coding functions,ZD500expandedZebra RFIDPrinter category.

 Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  Zebra ZD500R RFIDprinter


  Compact, easy-to-use printing devices with leading features

  By beingZebraIndustry leading thermal desktop printer product line addedUHF RFIDPrinting and coding functions,ZD500R RFIDprinter expandedZebra RFIDPrinter category. Compact type ZD500R RFIDprinterDesigned for space-constrained applications, it offers simple one-click printing and coding, direct loading, and automationRFIDCalibration, a rational choice for businesses that do not have technical support staff, such as printing applications for retail stores with premium signage.


  This printer supports thermal and thermal transfer printing and is compatible with insets from all major suppliers.ZD500RCan be used with manyRFIDTags and signage work together - from small item-grade tags to large boxes and pallets tags. By the closer spacedRFIDInlay encodes,ZD500RHelps to reduce the cost of media, reduce media waste and media volume replacement.

  Printers can meet demanding application requirements with a range of standard features, including parallel, serial,USBAnd Ethernet connection; Large capacity memory; andZebraProgramming language. Options include paper cutters and strippers,BluetoothwithWi-FiCertified communication and high resolution printing. 

  ZD500R RFIDprinterMake full use ofZebranewLink-OsThe environment --ZebraThe innovative software platform enables the running of powerful applications designed to enhance the capabilities of printers, making it easier to integrate and manage global operations from any location.

 ZD500RhaveLink-Os Cloud ConnectApplications that connect directly and securely to the cloud environment, enabling reliable forwarding of data from any port.

  Link-Os Print TouchThe application allows the user to use it with a single clickZD500RWith supportNFC(Approach communication) device pairing for immediate access to required data, includingZebraHow-to videos and product support.

  Ideal for the following applications 


  Item level specials label printing

  In-store returns and display label printing

  Promotional items and other items

  Medical care

  Sample tracking 

  Patient identification

  Asset tracking


  WIP(Work in process)

  Cargo box/Pallet tracking

  Component label printing

  Asset tracking


  Document tracking

  MIL STD 129 compliance

  Evidence tracking

  Service and leisure


  Ticket printing

  Rapid assembly

  Queue management


  Support andUHF EPC Gen 2V1.2/ISO 18000-6CCompatible label

  The minimum spacing between printed and encoded labels is0.6inches/16millimeter

  Adaptive coding techniques are simplifiedRFIDThe setup doesn't have to be complicatedRFIDPositioning guide

  RFIDJob monitoring tools can trackRFIDproperty

  RFID ZPLCommand provided with existingZebra RFIDPrinter compatibility

  Supports industry-standard serialization-based serialization chips (MCS)

  Support pair compatibilityATA Spec2000The data block of user memory is permanently locked

  integrationThingMagic RFIDreader/encoder

  Printer characteristics

  Thermal transfer or thermal printing

  ZPLProgramming language

  Double layer structure

  Print head and press roller changes without tools

  OpenACCESS design

  Easy installation media

  Express, simple carbon belt installation

  Simple media calibration

  Four connection methods:USB , parallel, serial and Ethernet

  Real time clock

  LCDUser interface

  Energy Star authentication

  Print Touch Application program

  3Inch dielectric core adapter


  RS-232 Automatic sensing serial interface,DB-9

  USB V2.0,bidirectional

  Centronics parallel


  Printer specification


  203dpi/Per millimeter8dot

  300dpi/Per millimeter12Single point (optional)

  Internal memory
  128MBStandardSDRAMInternal memory

  256MBStandard memory

  Maximum print width

  Maximum print length

  Maximum print speed

  Per second6inches/152Millimetre (mm)203dpi)

  Per second4inches/102Millimetre (mm)300dpi)

  Dielectric sensor 

  Multi-position gap and removable black label media sensor

  Physical parameter 

  breadth 7.6inches/193millimeter 

  Altitude 7.5inches/191millimeter 

  profundity 10inches/254millimeter 

  weight 4.9pounds/2.2kilogram

  Medium characteristic 

  Label and backing paper length 

  Maximum discontinuous length: 39inches/990millimeter 

  Minimum label length (tear mode) : 0.25inches/6.35millimeter 

  Minimum label length (strip mode) : 0.5inches/12.7millimeter

  Minimum label length (cutter mode) : 1inches/25.4millimeter

  Label and backing paper width 

  0.75inches/19Mm to4.25inches/108millimeter

  Dielectric volume size 

  Maximum outside diameter:5inches/127millimeter 

  Core inner diameter:0.5inches/12.7millimeter 1inches/25Millimetre,1.375inches/35Millimetre,1.5inches/37.1Millimetre,3inches/76millimeter

  Dielectric thickness 

  web Folding paper, die cutting paper , continuous thermal label (black label optional), label card, continuous receipt paper, wristband

  Medium type 

  Per second6inches/152Millimetre (mm)203dpi) Per second4inches/102Millimetre (mm)300dpi)

  Operating parameter 

  Operating temperature 40˚F/ 4.4˚C  to105˚F/ 41˚C 

  Storage temperature -40˚F/ -40˚Cto 140˚F/ 60˚C 

  Working humidity 10% to 90% Relative humidity (no condensation) 

  Storage humidity 10% to 90%Relative humidity (no condensation) 

  Electrical parameter Automatically detectable (compliantPFCStandard) 100-240VAC ,50-60Hz

  Carbon strip specification 

  Maximum outside diameter 1.36 inches/35millimeter 

  Standard length 244feet/74meter 

  ratio The ratio of dielectric coil to carbon strip is1:1 

  breadth 1.33inches/33.8Mm to4.3inches/109.2millimeter 

  Core inner diameter 0.5inches/12.7millimeter

  Selection and accessories 

  300dpiPrint resolution for fine images 

  Wireless:802.11a/b/g/nandBluetooth v3.0 

  Stripping option: Use the label stripping sensor for label stripping and sheet stripping Suitable for various media types of paper cutter

  Keyboard display unit 

  ZKDUandKDU Plus Keyboard display unit for standalone printing solutions

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