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Zebra ZT411 RFID printer

Released Date: Dec 26,2021 Article Source: Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., LTD
ZT411 RFID printer ZT411RFDMetal-resistant label Solutions feature printhead assemblies specifically designed to accommodate thicker media, for exampleSilverlineThe label is adjustable for sensor assemblies that can support both standard media and increased thicknessSilverlinetagRFIDThe minimum spacing between printed and encoded labels is0.6inches/16millimeter·Support andUHF EPC Gen2V2/ISO18000-6CCompatible label

  Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers.

  RFIDMetal-resistant label solutions RFIDLabel printerTechnical specification

  ZT411 RFIDprinter


   ZT411 RFID printer  Solution function

  Print head assemblies are specifically designed to accommodate thicker media, for exampleSilverlinetag

  Adjustable sensor assembly to support both standard media and increased thicknessSilverlinetag


  The minimum spacing between printed and encoded labels is0.6inches/16millimeter

  Support andUHF EPC Gen2V2/ISO18000-6CCompatible label

  Globally compliantRFIDRf requirements: supports transnational deployment

  Using adaptive coding technology to automatically eliminate complexRFIDInstallation requirements

  Variable inlay placement supports a range of inlay locations for a greater degree of media flexibility

  Make use ofRFIDJob monitoring tools track performance

  Support for industry-standard multi-vendor chip-based serialization (MCS)

  Supports permanent locking andATA Spec2000Compatible user memory blocks

  integratedThingMagic RFIDreader/encoder

  RFIDLabel printerStandard peculiarity 

  Printing mode : Heat transfer or heat sensitive

  Fuselage frame: metal frame and double door type metal media cover with widened window for clear view

  Side-loading channels for consumables simplify loading of media and carbon strips

  Element Energy Equalizer(E3)Provides excellent print quality

  Connections:USB 2.0High-speed interface,RS-232Serial interface,10/100Ethernet, Bluetooth4.1, doubleUSBHost port 

  4.3The inch full color touch display allows you to see the status at a glance and through intuitive menus (includingRFIDInterface) to manage Settings

  Bicolor stateLEDIndicator light, easy to quickly understand the printer status
  theENERGY STARauthentication

  RFIDLabel printerspecification 


  203dpi/Per millimeter8point 

  300dp/12point/Mm (optional) 

  Internal memory 

  256 MB SDRAMInternal memory 

  512MBOnboard linearity 

  Flash memory 

  Maximum print width 


  Maximum print speed 

  14Ips/Per second356millimeter 

  Dielectric sensor 

  Adjustable dual media sensor:

  Projective and reflective 

  Medium characteristic 

  Upper limit of medium volume size 

  Outside diameter203millimeter/8.0Inch use

  3inches/76millimeterIDInner core 

  Dielectric thickness 

  Optimized for printing thickness up to1.5millimetricSilverlineTags;ZT411RFDAnti-metal solutions can also be applied In standardZT411Print on all labels 

  Medium type 

  Continuous paper, die-cut paper, notched paper, black label paper 

  Carbon bandpeculiarity

   Outside diameter 450M: Yes1.0inches/25.45millimeterI.DOn the crown, the outside diameter is3.2inches/81.3millimeter 

  Standard length 


  breadth 2.00inches/51Mm to110millimeter/4.33inches 

   Colour band 

  Recommend andSilverlineThe label is used together with the carbon band5095High performance resin based carbon strip

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