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Zebra ZT411 RFID printer

Zebra ZT411 RFID printerDec 26,2021

ZT411 RFID printer ZT411RFDMetal-resistant label Solutions feature printhead assemblies specifically designed to accommodate thicker media, for exampleSilverlineThe label is adjustable for sensor assemblies that can support both standard media and increased thicknessSilverlinetagRFIDThe minimum spacing between printed and encoded labels is0.6inches/16millimeter·Support andUHF EPC Gen2V2/ISO18000-6CCompatible label

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Introduction of RFID fixed assets system

Introduction of RFID fixed assets systemDec 25,2021

RFIDThe fixed assets system mainly manages the warehouse items,Manage large items in the warehouse to single items(Label items directly);Manage small items to variety(Paste one on top of each type of goods containerRFIDMetal-resistant tag)The main process of

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The introduction of RFID system for warehouse equipment management

The introduction of RFID system for warehouse equipment managementDec 24,2021

Warehouse equipment management RFID system software provides a variety of data reports to analyze the warehousing situation, the warehousing situation, the return situation, the demand statistics and other angles, greatly reducing labor costs, reducing the probability of error and improving management efficiency, and providing accurate data basis for enterprise decision-making

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RFID anti-metal tag solution - ZT411 RFID printer

RFID anti-metal tag solution - ZT411 RFID printerDec 23,2021

Printable and codible designed for metal asset traceabilityRFIDTag,ZebratheRFIDMetal-resistant labeling solutions are ideal for all surfaces, including metal, on demandRFIDAsset labeling. From manufacturing and retail to transportation and health care,RFDThe advantages are well known.RFDSystems (tags, printers and readers) enable real-time inventory and equipment tracking to help you get the most out of almost any asset.

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RFID printer worth buying in 2022 - ZT411 RFID Printer

RFID printer worth buying in 2022 - ZT411 RFID PrinterDec 23,2021

Zebra (zebra)ZT411 RFID The printer has excellent ease of use, and it has intuitive icon-based LCDThe graphical user interface and easy installation of consumables enhance print speed, print quality and connectivity options.

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Advantages of RFID fixed asset management system

Advantages of RFID fixed asset management systemDec 20,2021

RFIDFixed asset management system is an essential software for enterprises and administrative units.RFIDThe fixed asset software mainly focuses on enterprise asset management, with clear and specific management objectives to ensure that enterprise users can understand assets at any time, handle business, operate in real time, convenient and fast.

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What is a barcode data collector? How do I use it?

What is a barcode data collector? How do I use it?Nov 09,2021

Bar code data collector is also known as inventory machine, handheld computer. It is a bar code scanning device,RFIDTechnology and data terminal integration, with battery can be operated offline terminal computer equipment. With real-time collection, automatic storage, instant display, instant feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission functions. It provides guarantee for the authenticity, validity, real-time and availability of field data. It has unity, mobility, small size, light weight, high performance, and suitable for hand-held......

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What are the main functions of RFID fixed reader? What parts are they made of?

What are the main functions of RFID fixed reader? What parts are they made of?Nov 08,2021

RFIDThrough radio frequency identification, the fixed reader can identify and record information such as the quantity and location of the item, and realize the reading or writing operation of the label identification code and memory data. Wise view Yi Sheng focusRFIDStationary reader and other relatedRFIDHardware equipment, pay attention to proprietary technology innovation and research, based on automatic identification andRFIDTechnology. stationaryRFIDThe main function of the reader1, read and write label information.2, when the label is passive or......

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What does RFID tag do?

What does RFID tag do?Nov 08,2021

RFIDAs a data carrier, labels can play the role of identification, item tracking and information collection. It can be roughly divided into three categories from the form, which are traditional self-adhesive labels, injection molded labels and card labels. Traditional with self-adhesive functionRFIDElectronic tag willRFIDPackaged into a self-adhesive form, suitable for use in the automatic collection of product information on highways, parking lots and industrial production lines; In the campus, traffic, access control and other scenarios, the use of non-contact......

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What are the principles and applications of RFID fixed reader?

What are the principles and applications of RFID fixed reader?Nov 08,2021

RFIDThe basic components of the system includeRFIDReader, antenna,RFIDTag. The way it works is,RFIDThe reader sends a query signal,RFIDAfter the label is received, part of the signal energy is used for the internal working power supply of the label, and the other part of the signal passes throughRFIDThe internal circuit of the label is modulated and reflected backRFIDThe reader. Wise view Yi Sheng focusRFIDFixed reader and other typesRFIDEquipment, focusRFIDIot intelligent system solutions. Commonly usedRFIDReader form......

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RFID asset management system

RFID asset management system

Why did the introduction of a costly fixed asset system end in failure? No matchingRFIDEquipment, too time is not clear, but can not count the assets that are out of reach, asset managers do it and give up. Why buy and useRFIDEquipment, still can not achieve quick inventory operation? Different application scenarios for labels, collection equipment selection are very sophisticated, yesRFIDLack of understanding of the features, inaccurate matching, instead.....

RFID Warehouse Management System

RFID Warehouse Management System

The view of wisdom is easyRFIDWarehouse management system products or raw materials have a clear identity binding, which can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting and shipping Remote data reading without manual inventory, improve inventory turnover and warehouse utilization.

RFID Archive Management System

RFID Archive Management System

According to the statistics of the National Archives Administration, by2008The national archives warehouse area is285.610,000 square meters, and the archives are25284.5manmaki;There are also all kinds of audio and video files, electronic files based on disk discs, microfilm files, etc. And every year, the archives warehouse also undertakes a large number of archives into the library storage tasks, most of the archives warehouse is close to saturation...


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