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iData 50UHF RFID collector UHF handheld terminal

iData 50UHF RFID collector UHF handheld terminalMay 26,2022

Suzhou Zhiguan Yisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the Internet of Things since its inceptionRFIDResearch and implementation of industry application technology. For years of service1000+Home to all types of customers. iData 50UHF RFIDharvester Faster, more stable wireless data transfer The whole network4G The industry takes the lead in supporting the whole network4GWireless communication provides faster data transmission rates for enterprise mobile applications, anytime, anywhere connection, and makes mobile office more convenient. 5G Wi-Fi support5G Wi-FiTransmission technology, dual-frequency free switching transmission, effectively solve congestion, conflict, interference, signal stronger and more stable, faster data transmission speed.

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Zebra ZT610 ZT620 RFID printer

Zebra ZT610 ZT620 RFID printerMay 19,2022

Just five minutes on siteZT610andZT620proceedRFIDCoding upgrade. Once supported RFIDThese printers will be able to print and encode labels accurately and efficiently to support today's most advanced item-level tracking applications. Adaptive coding technology brings excellent media flexibility and simplicityRFIDCalibration eliminates complex placement guidelines. Intuitive menus further reduce setup time.ZebratheRFIDThe technology has been certified on six continents to provide operational visibility and business insight covering complex multinational supply chains.

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IData T2 UHF RFID Handheld reader

IData T2 UHF RFID Handheld readerMay 16,2022

IdataThe latest one outRFIDHandheld reader, is a cost-effectiveRFIDHandheld reader. Equipped with high-performance modules+High sensitivity circular polarization antenna, reading distance up to20m, the label reading rate is up to700tags/s;8nuclear2.0GHzHigh performance processor+Android11.0The performance is fully upgraded, the operation is more smooth, and it can easily cope with the challenges of the mainstream software in the market. One-click intercomPTT, the maximum allowed exceed5Ten thousand people on it at the same time, super1.510,000 people communicate online at the same time, so that employees can communicate with each other at any time while working, and maximize the convenience of employees to deal with work.1WHigh-power loudspeaker+Dedicated cavity design allows employees to hear the prompt and scan sounds clearly in noisy environments; Dual card dual standby, so that you can freely choose the operator, free to chooseSIMThe card can choose the operator with the best signal to work and meet the needs of more operating environments.

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Zebra MC319Z Mobile terminal RFID reader Handheld reader

Zebra MC319Z Mobile terminal RFID reader Handheld readerMay 12,2022

zebraMC319ZMobile terminal Service level handheldRFIDreader willRFIDBring the advantages to non-industrial environments. The device is the industry's first business-grade handheld that goes beyond industrial environments and is specifically designed for customer-facing and office environmentsRFIDThe reader. The device works well in retail stores, offices, hospitals, warehouses and production lines.MC319ZEquipped with all Zebra technology industrial handRFIDThe same durable design and superior performance are complemented by ergonomics that provide everyday comfort and ease of use.MC319ZIt weighs only half as much as its industrial-grade counterpart and is a very lightweight and durable handheld on the market to dateUHF RFIDThe reader.

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Walmart RFID Tag Rules - RFID Handheld data collector RFID desktop scanner

Walmart RFID Tag Rules - RFID Handheld data collector RFID desktop scannerMay 09,2022

In the previous article, we introduced the WalmartRFIDTechnical understanding and product packagingRFIDThe direction of the planned use gives an overall introduction. In the following articles, we will elaborate on Walmart's use of its suppliersRFIDThe standard and scope of use of the technology. At WalmartRFIDIn the standard system,Mainly involved in:RFIDTags,RFIDHandheld data collector,RFIDShield frame,RFIDDesktop scanner,RFIDThe channel machine. From the perspective of Walmart's own business scenario, why does Walmart use itRFIDtechnology? Because it's always on the packageRFIDLabeling toys, in the logistics transportation and receiving links, Walmart can be smart throughRFIDEquipment for efficient and fast batch identification of what products this batch of goods is, what products are contained in the package, and which supplier provides it.

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School fixed Assets Management system - RFID University fixed assets management system

School fixed Assets Management system - RFID University fixed assets management systemMay 06,2022

didRFIDUniversity fixed assets management people know that school fixed assets management is time-consuming and laborious, prone to error.EXCELForm To record the inventory of school fixed assets, you need to print the form, then check the fixed assets one by one and hook a pile of forms. If there are attributes that need to be modified, take special care before finally re-entering the data into the computer. This will not only consume a lot of manpower, material resources, time, but also the final inventory results may not be satisfactory. Now Suzhou Wisdom View Yi Sheng has developed a school fixed asset management software, that isRFIDUniversity fixed assets management system.

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Zebra RFD8500 handheld scanning gun, UHF RFID tag reader, PDA handheld terminal

Zebra RFD8500 handheld scanning gun, UHF RFID tag reader, PDA handheld terminalMay 04,2022

zebraRFD8500Handheld scanning gun,UHF RFIDLabel reader,PDAHandheld terminal To HarvestRFIDLabel or bar code,RFD8500Delivers unmatched performance - workers can capture labels and barcodes faster and easier, improving productivity, operational efficiency and customer service. Support for adoptionBluetooth2.1Or later for real-time wireless connectivity with your mobile or back-end systems. If a wireless connection is not available, batch mode supports the most500Bar code sum/or40000aRFIDTag. You can synchronize data fromRFD8500Upload to the host device.

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The Zebra MC3390XR - the king of handheld remote RFID readers

The Zebra MC3390XR - the king of handheld remote RFID readersMay 01,2022

MC3390XRisZebraThe latest one-piece handheldRFIDThe reader, it inheritsMC3390RTime-tested and advanced RFID Read performance and match future-oriented Android Mobile platform.

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Zebra MC3330XR RFID Collector RFID handheld data terminal

Zebra MC3330XR RFID Collector RFID handheld data terminalApr 28,2022

Zebra MC3330XR RFIDHandheld mobile data terminal RFIDThe collector, With the help of powerful Android Platform achieves first-class standard distance RFID Read performance.MC3330xR Feature-rich, providing greater efficiency and accuracy for inventory and asset management applications.MC3330xR Can scan as far as 19.7 feet/6 metric RFID Tag, therefore very suitable for standard distance RFID Application program You can develop intuitive Android Applications to utilize MC3330xR Powerful computing platform, large touch screen and physical keyboard.MC3330xR - UHF/RAIN RFID A new leap in the field of handheld readers. Use other Zebra RFID Handheld reader, using the same software development kit (SDK) Can be MC3330xR,MC3390xR,MC3330R,MC3390R,RFD2000 andRFD8500 RFID Sled Develop the application. MC3330xR Helps pinpoint the location of a specified item. Multiple barcodes and entire forms can be captured in one scan

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RFID2000 handheld stocktaking machine, UHF RFID reader, RFID handheld terminal

RFID2000 handheld stocktaking machine, UHF RFID reader, RFID handheld terminalApr 25,2022

RFID2000 It is a compact and lightweight oneRFIDReader and can be supported RFID the Zebra TC20Mobile data terminals are easily added UHF RFIDTag reading, writing and positioning functions. This ideal combination gives you a full range of retail solutions that make inventory management, consumer engagement and assisted sales a breeze. Use on demand RFID Shigeneral RFID2000 Slip into TC20. though RFID2000 Can be firmly fixed in TC20 On, but can also easily will RFID2000 Take off, make TC20 Restore the original natural, compact and portable size.

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